Hakuen Studio

Creates a sound test scene for your project! Unlock new sounds as you play!
Implement improvements in the choice system.
Add enhanced versions of the default event commands!
Add enhanced versions of the default event commands!
Show pictures of Items, Skills, or Equipment in the menu windows!
Create a book, a message log, in-game tutorials, and much more!
Automatically set a speaker name through face message or vice versa!
Use multiple fonts in your game!
The project used to build all Hakuen plugins
All Hakuen Studio Plugins inside one file!
Automatically add common events before and after every show text command!
Add several new escape codes to the windows!
Promote your actors to a different class and earn bonus points on each parameter!
Bitmap fonts for RPG Maker!
Add several new cost types to your skills!
Creates a minimap for your game!
Add responsive mobile controls for Rpg Maker MZ!
Essential plugin for all Eli plugins in RPG Maker MV/MZ!
What to say? It's self variables!
Bind keyboard keys to common events!
A plugin that let you cover a map and reveal it as player walks!
A new way to build class stats on RPG Maker MV & MZ!
Add more self switches to events!
Adds plugin commands to make complex events with pictures!
Add a map select scene for fast travel systems!
Adds new animations type for the move picture command!
Teleport the player when clicking on the screen
Add a plugin command to use the default zoom feature of MZ.
Set a static exp value for every level up.
Stops the automatically fade in when transfer maps.
Controls how the actor can overflow his max parameters! (Custom Parameter Curve Extension)
Show automatic pictures for each choice!
Colorful fade In/Out when transfer map!
Qol for some mappers but also good for retro graphics, like game boy!
Show almost everything from database using escape codes!
Gives you more control over your timer!
Choose a maximum quantity for each item through the notes field!
Let's you choose to add Help Windows to all scenes in RPG Maker MZ/MV!
Super customize your game font with as many as you want!
A jump system with flexible conditions for enable/disable the jump!
Use escape codes on every Window!
A plugin that replicates the feeling f the retro game's title screens!
Easily configure your balloon positions for custom characters!
Set up some configurations to the party according to their leader!
Pause your game like in the old retro games!
A plugin that let's you find the ID from anything of the database through it's name!
Play a common event every time the players close/exits the menu.
Rpg Maker Mv plugin that adds Autosave/Autoload feature.
Nice for working with evented intro's before title screen!
A RPG Maker MZ plugin that let's you move your choice window!
Global Switches and advanced Switch operations!
Adds an extra action button and a distance action button to activate events that can execute different commands!
Adds sliding confirmation windows for the checkpoint system!
Use escape codes on plugin commands! Works on every plugin!

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