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Currently, RPG Maker only lets you use a skill at the cost of two things: MP & TP.
This plugin will let you add to the cost of HP, items, and variables!
(If using Eli Custom Parameters, this will also work for Hp/mp/tp type of custom parameters!)


  • Multiple skill costs via note tags:
    • Variables, items, Hp, and Gold!
    • Custom Parameters (HP/MP types, need Eli Custom Parameter)
  • Add text prefixes and suffixes to each cost to change colors or insert any escape code!

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MZ - Skill Cost 6.1.1 5 kB
MV - Skill Cost 6.1.0 4 kB

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str.replaceAll is not a function

I get this error on booting the game specifically when using a HP cost command.
Items work fine, to confirm I didn't simply fail to install the plugin properly.
I also know I did not write the tag wrong as I copied from the Skill Cost guide <HpCost: 10%, false>

Replacing it with <ItemsCost: 4:1> consumes one of the 4th items in the database and successfully performs the skill.
Same with <GoldCost: 1> consuming a single gold coin.
What did I do wrong?


Hi there!

Are you using the right version of the plugin acording to your RPG Maker version?

There are MV and MZ version of the plugin. So, once you make sure you are using the right one, tell me what RPG Maker version you are using.

Also, when the error happens, press F12 or F8 and show me a screenshot of the CONSOLE tab.

I do have EliMZ_Book and EliMZ_SkillCost for my RPG Maker MZ project.
But uh-update on testing: I considered the possibility that I should use a more up-to-date version of MZ so I loaded the project on my Steam copy and it works?? Why everything EXCEPT the HPCost tag works is beyond me, though.

As for pressing F8/12, itch is not letting me respond with the picture, so I hyperlinked it instead.


I believe itch io does not accept copy and paste. You should save a png file and then upload it to the itch io post.

By the screenshot, the error seems that the value passed into the meta tag HpCost is not a string. But I can't seem to find a reason for that. I believe I will need a sample project from you replicating the error so I can take a look and see what the problem is. I tested it here and it worked just fine. 

It is because I was using an older version of RPG Maker.
This was in 1.0.1 and it occurs up until 1.1.1 before fully working in 1.2.1

What was changed to make that specific part of the plugin work, I have no idea, but that's all the information I have.


So everything is working now that you updated the core files of the RPG maker?

It doesn't seem to work with Visustella's Skills/States core...

Hi there!

You need to tell me more information. How it is not working? What happens? An error message? 

Did you try to change the plugin order? Put mine above/below them?

Also, you know, their plugin is obfuscated. Meaning I can't take a look at their code to see what is happening. So, there is no way I can know what the problem is.

But maybe with more info, I can try to think of a solution.

Did you also try asking them?


Never mind, it was just above the visustella plugins! It works now after i moved it down!


Thanks for taking your time to tell me that! I will add this information to the plugin!