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** Available only in early access for now. Wait for public release =) **


Currently, RPG Maker only lets you use a skill at the cost of two things: MP & TP.
This plugin will let you add to the cost HP, items, and variables!
(If using Eli Custom Parameters, this will also work for Hp/mp/tp type of custom parameters!)


Implements custom costs to use skills:

  • Custom Parameter cost
  • Variable costs
  • Item costs
  • Hp costs
  • Gold cost

Hot to use

♦ Plugin Parameters ♦

The parameter "Draw Custom Costs?" let you choose the behavior of drawing the skill cost on the right side of a skill name. It has 3 options:

Default - Drawn the skill costs, just like RPG Maker does.

Single - Drawn only one skill cost(according to the Draw order parameter that I will explain below)

Multiple - Drawn all skill costs.

It only regulates the costs to be drawn. This means, a skill can cost gold, mp, and tp, but still, only one of them will be drawn.


Let you choose the color that the variable cost will be drawn. If you choose none, it will be color index 0 of your window skin.

Draw Order:

With this parameter, you can control which order the plugin will draw the skill costs. What will comes first, HP, MP, Variable, etc.

♦ Note tags ♦

You can set the costs via the skill note field.

● Custom Parameters: 

First, it will only work for Custom Parameters that are HP/MP/TP-like. 

And of course, you will have to be using Eli Custom Parameters.

Use the note tag: 

<CParamCost: paramShortName:costValue>

● Variables:

<VarCost: varId:costValue>

● Items:

<ItemsCost: ItemId:costValue>

● Gold:

<GoldCost: value>

● Hp:

<HpCost: costValue, allowDeath>

The Hp cost is a little bit different to set up. Instead of using ":" to separate the arguments, you use a comma ",".

You can replace allowDeath with true or false. If true, even if you don't have enough HP to use the skill, it will use anyway and will kill the player.

For variables, items, and custom parameters, you can set as many as you like, as long you separate each of them with a ";".


<VarCost: 1:3; 5:10>

- This skill costs 3 points of variable id 3 and 10 points of variable id 5

It is important to know that the plugin will not override the default conditions/cost values that the engine requires it.

So if you want one skill to only costs you a variable value, for example, you need to set the MP and TP cost(in the RPG Maker Editor) to 0.

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