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There may be occasions or even systems where it is necessary to introduce certain commands or actions before and after each dialog in your game. Whether it's turning on a switch, playing a sound, changing a variable, showing an image, and so on. Doing this manually before and after each show text command can be cumbersome and error-prone. This plugin solves your problem!


  • Adds a common event before and after every show text command.
  • Control the common event ids through variable values.
  • Disable/Enable the plugin with a switch.

How to use

You need to set a switch Id on the plugin parameters in order to enable/disable the plugin.

After that, just select the variables on the plugin parameters that will hold the value of the common events ids.

The plugin will do the rest.

If you do not want to play a common event, just change the variable value to 0 or disable the switch.

You use this plugin in two ways:

It will, literally, add a common event before and after any Show text command.

Or, you can set the Smart Behavior parameter to on, that the plugin will consider a block of text, instead of just the show text command.

Update Log

Terms of use 5.0.0 and higher

Terms of use(Old)

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MZ - Message Common Event 5.0.0 2 kB
MV - Message Common Event 5.0.0 1 kB
MZ - Message Common Event 2.0.1 2 kB

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im confuse with the variables part, can you help me? what do i need to do with variables?


Cannot read property 'createParameters' of undefined

im receiving this error

Hi there!

The variable's value will determine the event ID that will play when opening/closing the message window.

If the chosen variable on the "Open Common Event Id" has a value of 3. Then, when the message window is opening, the common event that will play is the one with ID 3.

The same applies to the Close Common Event Id.

The error is throwing because you need to have the Eli Book(my core plugin) installed on your plugin manager(and above all my plugins).

(2 edits)

Right, I installed Eli_Book, and the error stopped, I created the variables ID 28 and 29 (open, close) and the common events ID 28 and 29, I created a test switch in a map, when I activate it and test, nothing happens , my understanding is compromised due to my main language not being English, maybe I'm interpreting the explanation wrong, I also don't know where to put values in the variable       

Opa! Então vamos falar em português! :D

Eu acho que você entendeu que os IDS das variáveis devem ser igual ao ID dos eventos comuns. E não é esse o caso.

O que vai determinar qual evento comum vai tocar, é o valor dessas variáveis.

Então por exemplo, você escolheu as variáveis de ID 28 e 29. Se você quiser executar o evento comum de ID 5 quando abrir a caixa de mensagens, você deve atribuir o valor 5 a sua variável 28.

No exemplo acima, eu escolhi a variável de ID 37 para quando a mensagem abrir. E a variável de ID 38, para quando a mensagem fechar.

A variável 37, eu atribuí o valor de 8. Significa, que o evento comum a ser executado, quando a mensagem abrir, será o de ID 8. A mesma lógica para a outra variável.

E depois eu ativei a switch, para "fazer o plugin funcionar".

Consegui explicar bem agora? xD

Olá, eu consegui graças a você, muito obrigado, esse plugin é ótimo!

Beleza! Se divirta :)

Very useful plugin as always, however there is a small error in the @desc of the 2.0.0 version :

@desc If this switch is on, the plugin will not add the common event.

It actually enable the common event when the switch is on! 

Hey! Thank you!

I fixed that! ^^