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  • A new scene that can show any kind of information with text and images.
  • Unlock new information as the game goes on!
  • Show a toast window when new information is unlocked!
  • Call the scene through the keyboard, gamepad, or screen button.
  • Commands can have categories to better separate different information!
  • Can add a menu command to call the Info Scene from the Scene Menu!

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AuthorHakuen Studio
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Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

In order to download this RPG Maker Plugin you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $15 USD. You will get access to the following files:

MZ - Info Menu Pro 4.0.0 14 kB
MZ - Info Menu Pro 3-1-0 (Old) 13 kB
MV - Info Menu Pro 5.0.3 (UNSUPPORTED) 11 kB

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Hello!  Thank you so much for this plugin ^^

Is there a way to update the information in certain entries, or perhaps replace them?

Like, say we were making a codex that keeps track of the characters of the game--something you can open to review the names of each major character and read their biographies.  Perhaps the main character you start with doesn't remember his past, so there's an entry unlocked from the very start of the game that has his name and just says "An amnesiac swordsman from an unknown land" or something.

Then, say, later on in the game, it's revealed that he was the missing prince all along!  Now you want his biography entry to reflect that--from this point on, when you look at his entry it should say "The crown prince of the kingdom, who went missing and lost his memory until he got it back" or something like that.  Obviously you don't want this version of the biography unlocked until the plot has reached this point, but once it's unlocked, you don't really need the first version anymore--you want the second version to replace the first.

What would be the best way to do this?  Can the content of an existing entry be changed with a command in-game?  Or if you unlock the second version of an entry later (when the plot reveals it,) can the first one be deleted (or re-locked, I suppose?)  Or, what would be the best way to go about this?

Thank you so much for yet another incredible plugin ^^


Hi there!

This is a nice catch from you! I will add this a feature on the next update.

But for now, you can do this with script calls. The information are stored on an array, into the save file. If you use the script: Eli.InfoMenu.getData()

As you can see above, this is a list of all menu informations. So to access the first information you created on the plugin parameter, you need to type: Eli.InfoMenu.getData()[0]

The second information: Eli.InfoMenu.getData()[1], etc...

If you want to disable an entire information: Eli.InfoMenu.getData()[index].main = false

If you want to disable a sub information from a main information: Eli.InfoMenu.getData()[index].subs[subIndex] = false

But honestly, if you are not in a hurry, I will provide the proper plugin commands for this. And it is better to use plugin commands, just in case I change the plugin code, and those script calls trigger you any error.

Oh my goodness, you are far too kind!  It's not every day you ask an asset creator about something their product currently can't do, and their response is that they'll just make and add that feature in the next update.  Wow.  O_O  Yes, we will be happy to wait for the plugin command.  Thank you so much!!  ^^

Thanks ^^

Nice then, will reply this comment when I manage to update it!

Excellent!  Thank you again!! ^^

Hi there!

Sorry for taking so long, but I have added the plugin command you requested! And also a lot of changes on the new version. Thanks for the feedback!

Got it to work and it's great! A bit disappointed tho that you can't use switches or plugin commands for it to automatically open, unless I'm missing something! Let me know :)

Nice it is working!

I never saw any plugin that lets you open a new scene by flipping a switch to ON/OFF. Usually, the switches are used, in that case, to let the developer tells the game if the menu is enabled or disabled. Pretty much like the default event commands do with the "Change Save Access..."  kind of command. In that case, you have a switch that can prevent the player to open the Info Menu when it is ON on the plugin parameters.

It indeed does not have a plugin command, but you can use the script call: 

  • SceneManager.push(Scene_MenuInfo)

Hope it helps!

Hi! Thanks for the reply! When I put in the script:

  • SceneManager.push(Scene_MenuInfo)

It says "Scene_MenuInfo is not defined" any way to fix that?

Hmm!! Try this onde instead:




SceneManager.push(Eli.InfoMenu.Scene_MenuInfo) worked!! Thank you ^-^

Deleted 293 days ago

Hi there!

Of course not. If a black screen is showing, there is something wrong that we need to figure out.

1 - What plugin version are you using? MV or MZ?

2 - Do you have Eli Book installed too?

3 - Did you take a look at the plugin parameters?

4 - If you press F12 or F8 and go to the CONSOLE tab, do you see any errors?

Could this be used as a journal or books obtained from areas?

Yeah, for sure!

Hi, I recently purchased this plugin but I seem to have encountered a problem. I followed the instructions guide, got the EliMZ_Book and EliMZ_InfoMenuPro added to my plugin list in the correct order.

I go into this plugin and in the Command Window I add a command into the Command List section, using the Info Text and Name options as well as Enabled = true. I have debug mode set to false so no Toast appears.

Once I launch a playtest of my game and open the Info Menu it appears with: Cannot read property '0' of undefined.

This error appears only when I've added a category in the Command List but cannot pinpoint what causes it within. Would you be able to help?

Hi there!

Yes, for sure I can help!

That seems to me a plugin parameter error. I would need to check it. 

So things you can do:

  1. When the error happens again, press F12. A browser will be opened. On that browser, go into the CONSOLE tab, and send me a print of that window that contains the error trace.
  2. Show me a screenshot of your plugin parameter. Just the Command Window part.
  3. Make sure you are using EliMZ Book 5.4.3 and Info Menu Pro 6.0.0

If after that we cannot solve this issue, you can add me on discord so you can upload a sample project replicating the error and send it to me there(You can do this right away if you want too).

My discord: Hakuen Studio#5661

Hey, thank you for your response.

So the plugin appears to work now, as in when I select the Info Menu from either the Button press or the Main Menu it pops up fine. All the windows are appearing compared to the black screen from before.

Even the error no longer shows. Not sure how it fixed itself, may have been from me tweaking something else before I reactivated your plugin.

Sorry for the trouble but I will definitely follow what you've listed above if I encounter any other trouble. Thanks again, truly!

It's fine!

Glad it is working now ^^

Have fun! :)

I'm interested in using this plugin for a faction database, I was curious if there is a way to display gauges inside the info? I'm looking at something that can display a level of friend/foe. Was curious what can be done with this.

Hi there!

You can draw a static image using my Message Action plugin, but not a gauge like the menus.

The idea is that you can use any escape code there.  Maybe it is a feature that I can add to my Message Action plugin on a future update.

If your idea is to have a dynamic gauge, like the ones from HP/MP/TP that has a max value and a current value, for now, you can't do that with that plugin.

Maybe you can take a look into the Casper Gaming plugins and figure out something with them. I think they are free too.

Deleted 116 days ago

Hi there!

Yeah, it does have an option to create sub commands inside the main commands.

I made an update a while ago, and created a video showing it:

Deleted 116 days ago

Nice!! :D