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Keeping track of a lot of different variables can let you more sensitive to making a mistake. That's why self variables come in handy!
It works like self switches, but you can use numbers instead of just true/false(ON/OFF). And just use one variable in a lot of events!


  • Add self variables to events.
  • These self variables are persistent across the map.
  • Can use plugin command to change the self variable of other events/maps.
  • Integration with the default event commands!
  • Work on the conditions tab of an event page.

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MZ - Self Variables 2.1.2 4 kB
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How comfortable it is working with this plugin? Looks so advanced


One of the ideas of this plugin, is to let the developer use self variables, the same way the default variables are used. So I would say, pretty comfortable!

This page is a little outdated. I will try to update it. But here is a steam guide I did a while ago about this plugin:



Hello again. I've been learning a lot of script call related stuff, a lot of them have been through your comments on the rpg maker forum, wanted to say thanks for those comments. But specifically commenting to ask if these self variables work the way I'm thinking they might which would be super helpful.

For example, I'm using a lot of tracker variables, can I use the self variables in place of that and it'll be unique to that event only? So if I have a crafting table that uses variable 10 to see what item it has in it, then put that same one down, both tables change off that 10. But if I have a self variable as that 10 variable, would they be doing their own things instead? Hopefully I explained that well, it's always confusing to wrap my head around it lol.


Hi there!

Yes, they will do their own things using the Self Variables plugin. It is like inside their events, they will be different variables, even sharing the same ID.



Hey, i always get the error "Cannot read property '[object Array]' of undefined. When i try to set the self variable with the plug in command in MZ. Also if i use this.setSelfVariableValue(0032,3) there is nothing happend and changes in the variable. It always stay on "0"

Hi there!

Can you show me a screenshot of your plugin command?

Also, about the script call, the right way will be using only "32", and not "0032":

this.setSelfVariableValue(32, 3)

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Thx for your fast answer =)
When i use 32 only then the error "Cannot read property '[object Array]' of undefined" appers. only with the 0032 the function is ok.  (in both functions, this.Sv(32,3) will also call an error
If i use if 0032 == 0 its always true.

(i am using RPG MZ 1.4.2 and your 3.1.1, i tryed everything with the "00" and without, with map id = 0 and so on)

This will also show the error (from another try of your SV with 0022^^):

Hi there!

I tried to replicate the error, but I can't seem to trigger it.

But first, I know for sure, that your Map Id, Event Id, and Variable Id must be like this image below, without "00ID":


  1. Make sure your Eli Book version is 4.1.8
  2. Make sure my Self Variable plugin is below Eli Book
  3. Can be plugin compatibility. When the error happens again, press F8 or F12, and a window will pop up. Go to the CONSOLE tab of it, and send me that screenshot.

If none of this works, I will have to ask for you to build a sample project, with the error happening, upload it somewhere and send it to me so I can take a look.

You can send the link of the project here for me or through my discord:

Hakuen Studio#5661

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maybe this helps you?


Unfortunately, I still can't find why the error is happening. 

So I will really need the sample project to see the error happening and try to find it. Can you upload it somewhere and send me the link? I'm very curious about that o.O

Hey, I'm using an mmo plugin for MZ called MMOMZ.  I want to be able to use your self variable systems to store self vars on NPC but whenever I try them together I get an array error.  I was wondering if you'd be interested in helping me trouble shoot the compatibility issue.  I posted a screenshot of the lines that are having issue.  I believe it's something with how the MMOMZ accesses and saves from the same variable array that your system uses. If you think you have an idea and it wouldn't be too much work I'd be happy to work with you to make these systems work together. If you're interested please contact me on Discord. Mordayn#6934

As a side note, they seem to be compatible until you try to read the variables.  Writing the values of the vars seems to work fine but as soon as you call the value of the self variable it has the object array issue. I've tried calling the variables in both default conditional branch as well as the script form, both methods seem to have the same incompatibility issue.

For anyone that will see that we talked on discord and unfortunately, the MMO plugin and my Self Variables are not compatible.

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Thanks for sharing / making it! :D

It's nice to have it as a standalone plugin.

EDIT: BUT... Unfortunately it doesn't work for me. I have the newest version of "EliMZ_SelfVariables" (2.0.0) and "EliMZ_Book" (3.2.0) + I use the newest Core of MZ (1.2.0).

I named the variables like this: "SV: Test" & "SV: 1". 

The variables stays at 0, even in a new blank project.

Hey there! Thanks for the report! It seems that I made a big mess around here. For some reason, the help file was pointing to 2.0.0 version, but the code still was 1.0.0!
But now I fixed it, download the plugin again and see if everything is working!