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Isn't strange that you have the same sound for drinking a potion or eating bread? 
Or wear armor to make the same sound as putting on a ring?
If you think so, this plugin is for you!
It lets you play unique sounds when you use different items or skills through the menu. 
You can define a sound for each type of equipment in the menu too. Like wearing armor or equip a sword can make different sounds!
It also works with skills!


  • Can play different sounds for each item or skill through his note tags when used on the menu.
  • Can play different sounds for equipping different pieces of equipment (Equip types)

How to use

First of all, you can choose if you want to play different sounds for equipping in the plugin parameters. 
If you choose, you will see a list that will match the equipment according to the Equipment Types tab on the "Type" item on the database.

As for the items and skills, you can put a note tag on them to play the SE you want:
<Se: Name, pan, pitch, volume>

<Se:Devil1, 0, 100, 100>
If you don't want to change any configuration for pan, pitch, and volume, it will be set a default value for them:

Pan = 0
Pitch = 100
Volume = ConfigManager.seVolume(Which is the value defined on options)

And you can put only the SE name:

*The note tag and the SE name are case-sensitive.

Update Log

Terms of use 5.0.0 and higher

Terms of use(Old)

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MZ - Item Sounds 5.0.0 2 kB
MV - Item Sounds 5.0.0 2 kB
MZ - Item Sounds 2.0.1 2 kB
MV - Item Sounds 1.0.0 2 kB

Development log


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I was just testing this and there seems to be not much of an indicator on how to establish equipping sounds in parameters, you are only given a choice of the sound file to use but it doesn't play out. There isn't much instruction on how to make use of the equiptment se but the item works fine.

Hi there! Thanks for using it!

There is a part on the help file as I remember. Or at least there is this one for sure on the Itch Io page:

"First of all, you can choose if you want to play different sounds for equipping in the plugin parameters. 

If you choose, you will see a list that will match the equipment according to the Equipment Types tab on the "Type" item on the database."

Now you just need to select the sounds you want to play for each piece of equip type(According to the database order they are created). And also set to TRUE the plugin parameters for enable equip sounds. 

Can you tell me what exactly you did not understand from there?

And maybe I can update this plugin to let each equip type have it's own sound, like the items.

Hi again, the thing I am having difficulty in is how to actually establish how to actually bind a sound effect to an equipment type, as far as I can the data base entries could be anything the user puts in but I feel there is a severe lack of instruction here, the item sound note tags seem self explanatory and I feel that perhaps the weapon and armor could be better with note tags for more variety? 

Currently, it is working like that:

As you can see, each database type is related to a sound on the plugin parameters.

  • So Weapon will play Attack1
  • Shield will play Bell3

And, since there are no other sounds set on the plugin parameters, the other equipment types: Head, Body, and Accessory will not play anything.

But I will update this plugin to handle it better, so instead of equipping types, you can set a note tag on the equipment itself, like the items.

Ah I think I understand it better now, although I do feel the update to individually set items,weapons and armors to have note tags would bring much variety.

Yes, I think that so!

I will update it whenever I get time.

Thanks for the feedback!! :D

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Do you take commissions? 


Yes, for sure. Send me a message on discord: Hakuen Studio#5661

Okay , just sent a Dm. thanks!

This plugin is really useful and really awesome!

Since you didn't specify is it possible for me to use this in a commercial game with just crediting you?

Hi there!

You can find the link for the terms of use in the help file, which is the same as this one:

Yes, you can use it commercially ^^


Thank you.