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If you ever tried to make mobile games, you know that can be challenging to put buttons on the screen, since there are a lot of mobile devices with different screen sizes and resolutions. So deciding the size and position of these buttons can be a pain.

This plugin implements buttons on-screen in a responsive way, meaning their sizes and positions will be automatically adjusted according to the client's screen size. It also can be rendered outside of the game canvas (on the black bars.)


  • Add responsive buttons on the screen for mobile games.
  • Hide/show buttons on message.
  • Special Button that can show/hide all other buttons.
  • Two types of movement buttons: Directional pad and Joystick.
  • Disable touch screen movement
  • Disable double touch menu
  • Work with diagonals
  • Assign buttons to any keyboard key or script call.
  • Cold and hot images for every button.
  • Set vibration for Regular buttons.

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Hello. Do these controls work in battle?


Yes, work on every scene.

Really? Wow! Thanks!

Have fun! :)

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Hello! I've been using this plug-in in my game and it seems to have some problems running with certain Android devices or versions. 

On certain devices/android versions the controls are unresponsive to the users inputs and they're unable to move. Do you know why this may be occurring?

(Using a Joystick and a button set-up.) 

Hi there!

Honestly, I have no idea. I never received a complain aboit that.

I did the plugin and only tested in two androids that I had. 

Bummer, it seems to be on devices that use Android 13 or something along those lines.


I can try confirm that when I manage to finish moving to my other house. Because I do have an Android with Android 13 version. But it may take a while.

I appreciate it, sorry for the inconvenience! 

Hello Hakuen!

It's really amazing that I can use it, but I do have problem is when I export to mobile, and play it to test mobile phone, it works everything, but when I use joystick and press attack button at the same time, joystick will return back and it will stop the movement of player (I used moghunter chrono abs), so I don't know the reason.

It's the normal behavior. It's the way RPG Maker works. By default, it does not support a multi-touch feature. I will see if there is a way to make the joystick not return to its default position, but the character will stop moving when you press another button together with the directional/joystick buttons.

After starting a new game, it crashes.

Hi there!

I'm still not sure what is causing this error. But seeing your log, could be a plugin compatibility or an event problem.

But let's clarify some things first:

  1. Eli Book is somewhere above my mobile controls plugin?
  2. Did you make any configurations on the Mobile plugin, or just put it in your project and try to playtest?
  3. Did you take a look into my sample project to compare how it is working there and in your project?
  4. Could you try use the plugin in a clean map(without any events), to see if it will work?
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Hello Hakuen!

I want to ask you something, It's about a map scene, how I can specific a map where I can use it control or not on the map id?

For example, I have map ID 33, and it's about cutscene with tutorial, and when I transfer to another map ID 34, it will start the game and show controls.

Is there way to make it? I don't want to make all maps id available controls, I want a specific map where I can use it

Hi there!

If I understand, you want to show/hide the controls according to the map ID, right? If yes, then you can use this:

You can specify a formula to only enable the controls on specific map ids, or even if a switch is on or off. But that condition is only evaluated when you refresh a scene(enter/leave a map or menu).

An example of allowing the button to show only on the map IDS 2,3,17,20:

  • return [2, 3, 17, 20].includes($gameMap.mapId())

Another example of allowing a button to show only if the switch 10 is on:

  • return $gameSwitches.value(10)

I don't remember, but I believe this is only available for MZ.

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If I want to hide control, what should I write?
I am using mv.

Also, I got an error when I tested of conditions

Edit: I just solve it problem, I didn't write condition correctly, so it works!


Have fun!

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Hello Hakuen!

My son is developing a game in Rpgmaker MV and asked me to help him with some problems he was having with your excellent plugin. The main one is that in his game, all the scenes are of the "Scene_Map" type, but he only needs controls in the minigames, the rest are screens with dialogues, questions and answers. I have allowed myself to modify his plugin to add a new parameter to the configuration. The parameter is called "Allowed Map IDs" and if it is left blank, the plugin works as in its original version, however if you put a list of Map IDs separated by commas, it works the same as the original, but only activates the controls if the current map id is in the list. This way, you only have to put the map ids of the minigame scenes to use the controls.

On the other hand, while I was at it, I modified the plugin so that if a normal button is held down, it stays in that state until it is released. This way, the shift button is no longer disabled when moving the player and releasing the motion controls. It also solves the problem that when clicking on the screen in another place, the motion controls were released.

I have also solved a problem that there was, when hiding the controls, if the "screen movement" option was activated, when clicking on the screen where the hidden controls are, the click was not registered and therefore in that area you could not move to the character. I don't know if it is allowed, if not, please remove it and apologize, but here is the modified version in case it helps someone.


Hi there!

Totally fine what you did! ^^

I will just not update it because I'm not supporting MV plugins anymore, and soon enough will remove them from their pages and create a single page with all of them.

Best of luck to your kid on it's project ^^

Well, if it helps someone, I'll be satisfied. I don't know MV, in fact until two weeks ago I didn't even know what rpg maker was, but because I've been able to read MV and MZ they are very similar. If the MZ version has the same behavior with buttons that are released even if they are pressed, you just have to check when any handleup event is triggered, all the points currently pressed and if any are in the area of the button that has fired the event is still pressed, then the event will not execute and the button will remain pressed. For the "screen movement" problem, simply, before checking if the click is on a button to cancel the click, check if the controls are visible, if they are not, allow the click. You already have some suggestions for the next version of the plugin. Thanks again for your work, I have learned a lot by analyzing your code. If I can be of help to someone, I will be delighted.

Thanks!! I will try to implement these on the next update for mz! ^^

And welcome to the RPG Maker world xD

Hello Hakuen!

I am thankful you made for mobile, but there's something I really want to help me with moghunter chrono abs:

1) I am really happy that it's working for me, but when I press Correct mark icon (Z keyboard) it won't show me attack.
2) How I can add more buttons? since I know you made samples few things, but I want to add more like magic menu, item menu, cast magic, and use item.

Hi there!

1) Are you saying that, while my plugin is ON, when you press Z your character does not attack? If so, I believe the problem is that maybe Mog plugin changes the Z functionality when you have the abs mode on, I guess.

You need to find out the name of the abs button that performs the attack and create a regular button parameter to represent it.

2) To add more buttons you need to create more regular buttons(on that same screenshot you showed to me, just need to click on an empty space to create a new button). Just set the keyboard keys you want that do those things you want. 

If there is no keyboard key for what you want, for example, a keyboard key that casts magic, you need to figure out on the mog plugin the script call that does that and insert it on the script field of the regular buttons.

Ok, it will be difficult, but I will try.
One more thing, is there way to hide title menu control? like I want to use plugin command to hide for title, and press new game to show control.

On the title screen, there is no way to dynamically show and hide. Or you show the controls or you do not show.

But if you did a evented title screen(on the scene map), you will be able to hide/show the controls.

Good news! I finally solve it problem for real!

Now I can modify my project and publish it, thanks for wonderful plugin

Check the gameplay

Finally it took me 6 or 7 hours to figure out a script for moghunter abs.
But there's one thing I forgot to ask you, do you think I can publish as IOS for iphone? or it's only working on android?

I never did anything for IOS. But, this is html / web app. It should work on IOS.

Hi Hakuen! 

Can you maybe also provide the pictures of the buttons? 

Or can I just not find them in the download? thanks! <3

Hi there!

You can find the pictures on my sample project here on itch Io. It is free :)

Hi Hakuen!

thanks a lot! :)

Please help i keep getting this error when setting up regular buttons at MV

Hi there!

Make sure you have my core plugin installed above all eli plugins.

I already did install it before anything else

Hmm.. that is strange. Ok, so try make the error happen again, and when it does, press F8 or F12. A browser window will open. 

Go to the CONSOLE tab, and send me a screenshot of the error trace that will show there. Also send me a screenshot of your plugin list, on the plugin manager.

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I found the problem now nvm

hello again, is it possible to add a new scene or a function such as a button the can call the jump plugin?

Hi there!

I really do not understand what you mean. 

Do you want a mobile control button to execute the jump function, from my Jump System plugin?

yes, is it possible and how can i do it?

just choose a keyboard key in the Jump System plugin to make the jump.

Then set this same Keyboard key to the mobile button you want to execute the jump. Set it to appear only on the Scene_Map

just wondering on what parameter does it called on the mobile control plugin that ill be putting the key board key on?

wait i think i get it now xD

Hello can i ask for a help? it says PluginManagerEX not defined is there a way to fix this?

Hi there!

Make sure you are using my core plugin, Eli Book, somewhere above all my plugins.

And also make sure you are using the plugins that match your RPG Maker version.


thankyou! i fixed it now 

Hi can you make it possible to disable a "control button" from specify screen ? Because I don't want player using any button during a title screen and if they accident hit the button too fast with a default plugin from RPGmaker name "MadeWithMV" will cause this error

And since a new update I keep plugin alway on and just realize that a "control button" appear on a device not using mobile button

Hi there!

I can see what I can do to make the control button only appear in specific scenes.

And since a new update I keep plugin alway on and just realize that a "control button" appear on a device not using mobile button

- But about that, can you be a little more specific? Like, can you show a screenshot of your plugin settings, regarding what platforms you are enabling the plugin? And also tell me, on what platform/device the mobile buttons are being shown. 

My plugin settings


And I was try to run game in playtest and I thing playtest mean Desktop platform right ?


Tecnically, playtest is desktop. But on the plugin, I check if the game is on playtest or deployed. Meaning when playtest, the plugin is always active.

But when the deployed, the plugin will check the platform against the plugin parameters.

Your issue is that It was working on playtest? And you are afraid that it will work on deployed desktop?


My project is being compiled to run from itch's Browser feature, so the same game at the same URL will be accessible from both PC and Mobile. Is there any way I could make this plugin only active if the game is being run on a Mobile Browser?


Hi there!

Yes, there is. I will add it as a parameter in the next update!

great plugin! was this added as a new parameter? or atleast a plugin command to turn it off and on?

Just want a way for the player to turn it off or on at the start of the game if playing it through the browser.


Hi there!

Not, I totally forgot. Will see if I manage to do this tomorrow!

Hello. Is there a way to keep the Dpad/Joystick active when it's still pressed even when I simultaneously press on another screen spot? As of now, if I hold my left thumb on the Dpad/Joystick and use my right thumb to press on the screen, it just cancels the Dpad/Joystick with my left thumb still pressing on it, making my character stop moving.

Hi there!

Not for now. And that is because of how RPG Maker handles the input system. 

If you notice on my plugin, and also are using the _hot images, you will see that as long you still press the button, the hot image will still show.  But the characters will stop moving anyway. This is due to how the RPG Maker works on the Input system.


So there's no way to fix it. :( Thank you, regardless.

I think this is solved. When the handleup event of any button or pad or joystick is received, you must check all the current touch points on the screen and if any are in the area of the button that receives the event, it means that it is still pressed, so you do not have to execute the event and that's it.

I've just sent you a message on Twitter. I hope you received it.

Will take a look! I don't see twitter very often ^^'

Hi do you create custom plugins at a price? I wouldn't mind paying if your willing. Thanks in advance

Hi, there friend!

Yes, I create! We can talk better on discord?

Hakuen Studio#5661

Thnk you. I sent a request. Immortal Amar.

Hi Hakuen Studio, do you have a sample project file for MV? I downloaded the sample, but its only or MZ? Thanks in advance.

Hi there!

No, I don't have one for MV =/


I am a Chinese game maker. Thank you very much for the plugin! My game is on TapTap app. It means a lot to me.

Glad you liked it!

Have fun!! All success to you ^^

Hello! Your plugin is a godsend!

However, i have a strange issue. I'm using Mog's LMBS Plugin, and in the battle screen regular buttons appear and actually swap between hot and cold images, but there's no action done. Say i changed the normal attack button to "a", and i create a button for "a", i press it and it works as if i pressed it, but the character doesn't attack. Is there a way to fix it?

Hi there!

I don't really know if I understand, because I do not know how the Mog plugin works.

What you are saying is:

    • The mobile buttons appear on the screen.
    • When you press the mobile buttons, they change to a cold/hot image, leaving us to think that the buttons are really pressed.
    • On the Mog plugin, you changed the normal attack button to work with "a".
    • On my plugin, you created a mobile button with "a", to use for the attack.
    • But in the end, the attack does not work.
    1. So, if that is alright, first, let's check for a compatibility issue. Disable my plugin on the plugin manager, and make sure the mog plugin is working WHILE my plugin is off.
    2. When you manage to make it work, you install my plugin and test it again. If it did not work, show me a screenshot of the plugin parameter that you used to set up the "a" button.
    3. Maybe also, press F12 to open the dev tools and go to the CONSOLE tab to see if there is some error log there(send me a screenshot of it).

    Thank you for answering!

    1. Mog's plugin works with and without your plugin.


    •  {"scenes":"[\"Scene_Battle\"]"
    • ,"img":"Attack_Battle",
    • "width":"7",
    • "horizontalOrientation":"right",
    • "padX":"24",
    • "verticalOrientation":"bottom",
    • "padY":"2","key":"a",
    • "scriptIn":"\"\"",
    • "scriptOut":"\"\"",
    • "vibration":"0"}

    3. There are no error logs. (Can't upload image)

    In any case i'll record a small video and link it to you. I tried to post images but itch.io gives me an error.

    I also forgot to mention something that may be the key to solve this. All other buttons work: Control Button and Pads work, except regular buttons.

    Hi there!

    What I was trying to say with 

    1. So, if that is alright, first, let's check for a compatibility issue. Disable my plugin on the plugin manager, and make sure the mog plugin is working WHILE my plugin is off.

    Is it if you are able to attack using the "a" button, without my plugin.

    But, It's best if you send me a sample project, replicating the issue. A video will not help me  =/

    Sorry for the delay. Here is the project.


    Hi there!

    Sorry for the delay. It was a compatibility problem, but now is fixed! Thanks for the report!

    Good afternoon. The plugin works like a charm! is there anyway to make the joystick appear anywhere you click on the screen(apart from other buttons), instead in the fixed position?

    Hi there!

    No, currently not. It's a nice feature though, I already see this on some mobile games. Will see if someday I can implement this.


    Thank you! That would make you legendary 🙏🏿

    (1 edit) (+1)

    It's a perfect work! 

    However, in RMMV, the D-pad works normally, but even if add regular buttons, all functions of the plugin do not work. 

    I would like some advice on resolving this issue. thank you.

    here is log,

    Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input

        at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)

        at Object.parseRegularButtonParameters (Eli_MobileControls.js:1458)

        at Object.initParameters (Eli_MobileControls.js:1394)

        at Object.initialize (Eli_MobileControls.js:1379)

        at Eli_MobileControls.js:1665

    Hi there!

    That seems to be something wrong with your plugin parameters. Can you show me a screenshot of them for me? Or send a sample project replicating the issue?

    I uploaded the project file. thanks



    Hi there!

    These fields cannot be empty/blank:

    They need to be like this if you do not want to use them:

    Will fix this in the next update!


    Holy Molly! Thanks to you, the problem has been completely resolved. Thanks for making such a great plugin! Thank you!

    Have fun!! ^^

    (2 edits)

    The controls don't show for some reason on mobile. Im getting a broken image symbol. everything works on rpg maker though. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

    Hi there!

    1. Did you perhaps encrypt your files?
    2. After you made the deployment on android, did you check if the image files were in the android deployed folder?

    yes I encrypted the files for deployment. And I've checked and files were there in the deployment folder. Should I have not encrypted it?

    I guess that could be the problem. Try to put only the mobile files there, not encrypted, and see if they will work.

    Meaning, you can encrypt your game files just fine, but only on the www folder, go to the screen_controls folder and replace them with the not encrypted versions.


    Thank you! everything works fine. Im only having an issue with the joystick size going back down to the default size when going in and out of the menu screen. Rarely happens though.


    Disregard. Lol I think you fixed it with your last update

    Amazing work, this is exactly what i was looking for, but i have one question.

    I have some other plugins which creates extra menus screens. How can i add those menus as allowed scenes inside the plugin?


    Hi there! Thank you :)

    To add these extra menus, you need to know their Scene Names.

    You can do that in two ways:

    1. Open the plugin file with any text editor, and try to search for the text, without quotes, "Scene_". If you find it, it probably will be something like that: Scene_Something.
    2. This way is a little advanced but is easier to get. When you are playtesting, open the custom scene you want. While inside it, press F8 or F12, and a browser window will be opened. Go to the console tab, and type: SceneManager._scene, and you will be able to see the scene name.

    I was able to find it really quick with the second option and works perfectly now. Thanks ;)

    Have Fun! :)

    (1 edit)

    Hi, I have another question. I had to completely disable mouse/touch click  because otherwise it would have issues with the touch controllers in some parts. This means "Hide on message" must be "false", because if the HUD hides in a message while playing in phone the game can't progress without touch.

    But keeping the HUD all the time covers the text in conversations like in this picture (That's not good for user experience). During messages, the control button can't hide the HUD because the config must be "false".

    My question is, Is there a way to still be able to hide the HUD with the control button during messages even if "Hide on message" is false? (I'm using MV) This way, the player can hide the HUD to read and show it again to progress the text. Maybe is confusing, but i hope i could explain myself well :(

    Hi there!

    I'M not on my computer right now, but if I understood you right, you want for the player to be able to manually hide the controls while the message is opening?

    If it is that, I can see what I can do. But I believe the main problem is how did you disable the mouse/touch interaction on ROG Maker. Because I believe there is safe ways for doing that, without remove the feature of the player progress the messages by pressing on the message window.

    Can you tell me more about that?

    (2 edits)

    https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/eli-mobile-controls-responsive-...I used this plugin and it worked fine when invoked from the RPG Maker MZ as playtest but when deployed in any way, including in Windows mode with ALL files copied, the buttons did not show. i added a comment with details in some RPG Maker thread on this.
    See https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/eli-mobile-controls-responsive-...

    Hi there!

    I have answered you on the rpg maker forum.

    (6 edits)

    is there a way:

    - to get the control button to hide during all scenes except scene_map ?
    - to have the MobileControl button to be enabled at the start, and then when the user pressed the control button it shows?

    - have the control button appear behind map display names and text windows?

    - also is there a way for it to apply to the game windows x,y rather than the screen x,y as it messes with my website :) lol

    - Can you hold down two buttons at the same time so that the player can sprint?

    Happy birthday by the way you incredible human being you.

    Figured some stuff out :) need a pretty high Z-frame don't ya :)

    Bit of a weird one but guy whose tested my game is using a OnePlus Nord N10 5G, with a screen resolution of 1080*2400 which is ridiculous in my book but when he goes into full screen mode... don't seem to like it.

    Video attached for your viewing pleasure

    (1 edit)

    Hi there!

    The video is set as private, so I can't see it.

    About your previous questions:

    1 - I created a patchto only show the control button on the scene map.

    2 - About that one, you can play with the following script calls:

    • Eli.MobileControls.controlButton.setInput() - It will toggle the visibility of the buttons on screen(except for the control button).

    3 - That is not possible, because the buttons are HTML elements and they are not inside the Pixi App to be organized with the scene layers. Or they will be above the game canvas or they will be below.

    4 - That is possible, but that is something I will not do with this plugin. The purpose of the plugin is to let the developer place the buttons on the screen, including on the "black bars". Meaning, not tied to the game canvas, but on the screen itself. Someone else already asked me about this, someday I will do one that can be tied to the game screen X, Y.

    5 - Unfortunately my plugin only adds the buttons on the screen. You can press two buttons at the same time, and they will show as pressed(visually), but for them to work RPG maker code needs to make that happen.

    Thanks for the birthday message! ^^


    1 - That is awesomesauce thank you very much, I came to realise that the buttons only show themselves on the mobile version of the game anyways :) Is there a way to get it to work on Tablets as well?

    2 - I just have the controls on permanently now, since I found out it's on mobile only :) very cushty.

    3 & 4 - I learned this after delving deeper into your code and found out that it has a z-index of 11, so I just put the other buttons on the website above z-index 11 and all is cushty

    5 - Any idea on how to make it so sprint is toggled by the shift key rather than hold to sprint? Or perhaps you could have the button act as if it's held down in _hot mode until it's pressed again?

    I hope you had an amazing birthday buddy, and insane to see you're back at this again. Absolutely love the new character poses plugin I'll have to have a think on how I implement it into my game :)

    1 - Hm... I don't know about tablets. They should work the same way as they work on mobile, I guess.

    5 - That needs a custom plugin. I will make a dash manager plugin someday, maybe I can cover it there. But I guess you can find a plugin that does that. Maybe even an MV one should work on MZ.

    I'll put it on the to do list, thanks for replying so quickly buddy. Appreciate it.

    hey bro, i don't see "REGULAR BUTTON" option in plugin manager, or do i have to edit img,key,... in the code? Or this option is not used in MV ?

    Hi there!

    It's on the first page.

    Did you see my last message from your previous question?

    Damn bro. I'd love to know how your plugin works, that's why I'm looking into it. Is it the "button" option?

    Hi there. 

    You are using an older version of the RPG Maker MV. You need to update it.

    And it is like I said before:

    "If you are using only RPG maker for a week, stay away from plugins.

    Go and learn the engine, the event commands, etc.

    When you have more experience, you download and read the plugin help file. It has all instructions you need.

    Then, if you do not understand something on the help file, tell me what it is and I will try to help you out."

    how to set up on mv, i've only been using rpgmv for a week so i don't have much experience.

    Hi there!

    If you are using only rpg maker for a week, stay away from plugins.

    Go and learn the engine, the event commands, etc.

    When you have more experience, you download the plugin and read the plugin help file. It has all instructions you need.

    Then, if you do not understand something on the help file, you tell me what it is and I will try help you out.

    Bro, I'm looking for a way to remove and appear the Joystick by events not by the control button
    How can I remove the Joystick and show it by event?


    Hi there!

    You can use the following script calls:

    To hide:

    • Eli.MobileControls.controlButton.parameters.enable = false
    • Eli.MobileControls.controlButton.removeFromScene()

    To show:

    • Eli.MobileControls.controlButton.parameters.enable = true
    • Eli.MobileControls.controlButton.addOnScene()

    I'm trying to use it on RMMV 1.6.1 but the controls don't show up on the screen even after configuring, what should I do?

    Hi there!

    I need more information to help you:

    • Are you using Eli Book above it?
    • If you press F12 and go to the CONSOLE tab, are there any errors?
    • Show me a screenshot of your plugin manager.
    • Show me screenshots of how you set up the plugin parameters.

    Mobile double click doesn't work =\

    Hi there!

    Mobile double click? What do you mean it does not work? 

    Do you mean touching the screen with two fingers to open the menu? If yes, there is a plugin parameter for you to adjust that. 

    Otherwise you need to give me more information. BY only saying "it does not work" will not help me figure out what is the problem and also not help you at all.

    The problem persist on a clean project? What the double click is supposed to do? It's on mobile or through web browser?

    Sorry not to be more clear. My project is based on ABS, so I have to walk and attack, so far I haven't been able to get around this, as only one click on the screen is allowed in the RMZ. In short, I need to walk with my left finger and with my right finger to use skills, items, attack, etc. In my project the option to open menu with fingers is disabled by default.

    One problem I noticed is that the buttons are not positioned on the project's screen size but on the screen size where the game is being played, this can be good in some cases, but the correct thing would be for the buttons to be positioned with based on the screen size configured in the project.

    Deleted 1 year ago
    (1 edit)

    See in the image what I mean by the placement problem. There should be an option for the buttons to stay within the size of the map instead of floating in the corners of the screen.

    Hi there! Thanks for the reply!

    About it works with multiple touch screen, with I believe is what you are talking about when you said walk with left and use skills with right, this is an RPG Maker "problem". 

    The way it is designed in code give that results. My plugin by itself can operate two or more button touch at the same time, but the way RPG Maker updates the input that is the problem. 

    Like you can walk. But when you press Z to interact with an event, you need to press the walk button again to keep walking.

    That need another plugin to handle the multiple touch the way you want.

    About the button position on screen, it is already working correctly, because that is the intended behavior. If you take a look on the introduction section on the itch Io page it explains.

    The intention is that the plugin works responsive according to the client/user screen size not the game canvas, taking advantage of the unused space of the black bars on the sides, when available.

    Since a lot of mobile devices has different screen sizes, including tablets, this plugins aims to create that buttons according to it. So their sizes and positions are "the same" across different devices.

    All good! It would be interesting to have an option for the buttons to stay within the project area, because in my case the buttons are on top of the HUD with important information, and as you just said, each device has its own resolution, it's not possible control or know what will be affected by the buttons. Anyway, thanks, this plugin can be useful in some projects, but in my case it ended up not working because of that. I can get around the problem of the two clicks, but it is not feasible to use the buttons in a fixed position on the screen.

    Got it!

    Maybe you should try the Aloe Guvner Mobile buttons then. I can't promise, but maybe I will add this way fr setting buttons in the future, I mean, on the Game canvas like you want it to be.

    Oi Eli, na opção: Botões de Controle teria como colocar um comando para ativar e desativar esse botão através de uma Switch ou se tem algum comando por Script via Eventos que ativam e desativam esse botão de chave principal. Observação: Encontrei pelo Script do Botão Regular, mas precisava do Botão de Controle... RPG Maker MZ. Obrigado desde já.

    Olá amigo!

    Vou ver isso pra você!

    Obrigado amigo, fico no aguardo!

    Fala fera!

    Então, tem dois jeitos aqui usando script calls:

    Para esconder:

    • Eli.MobileControls.controlButton.parameters.enable = false
    • Eli.MobileControls.controlButton.removeFromScene()

    Para mostrar:

    • Eli.MobileControls.controlButton.parameters.enable = true
    • Eli.MobileControls.controlButton.addOnScene()

    Muito obrigado mesmo parceiro! 

    Hi Eli, is there any way to switch Joystick Button to Regular Button on scene message/dialog? like on Main Menu it automatically changes to Regular Button.

    Hi there!

    Not at all. Because the Scene Message is "inside" Scene Map. The message happens on the Scene Map. And you can only assign buttons to appear according to their scenes.

    What is the function for call Regular Button? I'm trying to add it on line 844 

    so, it goes like this, if $gameMessage.isBusy return function regular button.

    What do you mean by calling Regular Button? Do you want to show/hide it? Or do you want to trigger what the button does?

    Also, I'm seeing that your Mobile Control plugin is outdated. Because either MV and MZ versions here does not have this code on line 844.

    yeah, show/hide script call for Regular Button.

    like this script call Eli.MobileControls.hideButtons()  but for Regular Button


    Hi there!

    Sorry for the late answer.

    Currently, if you use this script call, it will return an array with all available buttons, except for the Control Button:

    • Eli.MobileControls.buttonList

    As you can see, the first button is always the directional button. So if you want to hide the regular buttons only, you use that script call:

    const scene = SceneManager._scene.constructor.name

    for(const button of Eli.MobileControls.buttonList){

        if(button instanceof Eli.MobileControls.RegularButton && button.parameters.scenes.includes(scene)){




    But if you want to also hide the Dpad/Joystick, you use the same script call, but remove this:

    button instanceof Eli.MobileControls.RegularButton &&

    Hey can you share the padding values for the Z and X buttons as the one you have on your android sample? I don't have a good system and it crashes during emulation on android.

    Hi there!

    I believe it is the default ones set on the plugin parameter.

    Thank you for your reply , I just got one issue remaining and I am unable to fix it. I can use and see the controls in Playtest  (Rpg maker MZ) perfectly without any issues but when I export it for windows I cannot see the controls (like the plugin is gone) i have eli mz book 5.0.8 and elimz mobile control 5.0.6 . Tried following your tutorial and deleting and adding the plugin again.

    Didn't select the checkbox for exclude unused files during deployment.

    is there any other troubleshooting available.

    Short: Works in Playtest without errors. Disables /Doesn't working in the .exe after deployment 

    So I managed to fix it.. I did some experiments and this is what helped my show those images:
    1. When the image files for buttons were encrypted they were not rendering on screen. The plugin was working but the images were not showing up.
    2. So I encrypted the game but I didn't encrypt the files for button(image files). This worked and now my app has the accessibility to buttons!!

    Hmm!! Nice to know that! I will see what I can do about this encryption. Thanks for letting me know!

    Deleted 1 year ago

    Hi there! :)

    You can try this script calls:

    • Eli.MobileControls.hideButtons()
    • Eli.MobileControls.showButtons()

    If you experiment with any strange behavior, try that one instead:

    • Eli.MobileControls.controlButtons.setInput()

    Let me know if this helped!

    Hi there! Thank you for provide such a nice plugin. I just found a bug: I enabled the screen movement(set the “Disable screen movement” to false), and then I tested the game. And I found that I can click/touch the screen when I drag the joystick. Can I disable the screen touch when I am dragging the joystick? Thank you!

    Hi there!

    Thanks for the report! I manage to fix the issue on the new version 5.0.4! Please download it and see if everything is fine ^^


    It works very well. Thanks for your support!

    (2 edits)

    Hello, it tells me that I need EliMZ_Book plugin

    Do I really need it ? And where to find it?

    Edit : nvm I found it, but now it tells me the error "Cannot read property 'createParameters' of undefined" when I start the game

    Hi there!

    You can find it here:

    It needs to be somewhere above the Mobile Controls on the Plugin Manager. Both need to be on version 5 or higher.
    Make sure both plugins are for the MZ version.

    Because this error happens when you are not using EliMZ Book.


    (2 edits)

    Hi ! I found some kind of annoying bug in version 5.0.2. So when a player have a button if they hit the hide all button they will hide the button and also turn on touch screen and accident hit a torch screen in the place have hide button.

    I using RPGmaker MV v1.6.2

    Here is sample video for the bug:



    Hi there!

    Thank you so much for the video! It makes thing a lot easier ^^

    I fixed the issue on 5.0.3!

    :D thanks you for quick fix !

    I found the bug that if you hide the button and move to another map the button will appear all again and we can also use button and both touch screen to move.


    Hi there!

    What RPG Maker version you are using?

    I using RPGmaker MV v1.6.2


    thanks! I will make a fix ^^



    Thanks for the report! Please download the new version 5.0.2! :)

    (1 edit)

    I found a bug, when Padding Y over 25 the button not clickable anymore

    But when Padding X over 25 it's still clickable 

    I tested on MZ and MV, it only happen on MV version. Also there is no error log on console

    Hi there!

    I give it a try here, and on my side, everything is working just fine.

    So I will need that you build a sample project, replicating the error, so I can test it here and try to find the problem.  You can upload it anywhere you want, like Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, etc.

    here for demo


    I think it's not compatibility with YEP_CoreEngine  if use custom resolution, I tested on default resolution (816x624) and everything is working. 

    There is no problem in MZ even though it using custom resolution. Can you make it compatible like MZ ? it's feel weird playing game 816 x 624 on 2022 xd

    Thank you so much for the project! That makes things a lot easier!

    After a long time, I manage to find the problem. The thing is that the Error Printer element was being resized and repositioned by the Yanfly plugin. Because of that, he and the button were colliding, making the button not receive the click/touch input.

    So I updated my plugin to version 5.0.1, which removes the "feature" of the error printer receiving clicks/touch. And that solved the problem.

    Please download the new version :)

    Thank you! now its clickable, also sorry :( for request compatibility for other people plugin, I know it very hard. But you still fixed it, you are awesome man!! :)


    No need to be sorry, I'm glad I can help! Fix compatibilities with other plugins is the minimum I can do to contribute to a health community :)

    If I can do, I will do it! ^^

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