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This plugin is designed to make the player allow to jump forward when you press a button. At first, it will only work to jump forward in the normal directions, not the diagonal ones.


  • Add a jump button!
  • Can choose a sound to play when jump.
  • Can use a variable value to define how far the player will jump.
  • Can set up the conditions that allow the player to jump or not, through a list of possible ones in plugin parameters.
  • Add impulse feature that changes the jump distance if the player is walking or dashing!
  • Can block Jump with the region, event note tag, or switch!
  • Can use a variable value to define a plus value to the jump height/peak.
  • Turn on a switch when the player is jumping.
  • Script calls to Jump Forward, Jump into coordinates, and jump on a character

How to use

Most parameters are self-explanatory, but the Jump Check needs an explanation.

♦ Jump Check ♦

● There is a Jump Check function that will check if the character can land on his jump destination, otherwise, it will jump in the closest destination possible or in the same place.

This is necessary for the character not to jump outside the screen or in places that he cannot move. But you still can choose some restrictions about this jumping behavior:

• Can Jump - The character will only be able to jump if the following conditions are true:

  • It is not inside a vehicle.
  • The X and Y land coordinates are valid map coordinate.
  • The X and Y land coordinates are passable through the direction it is facing.
  • There is no event on the X and Y land coordinates that is Normal priority(Same as characters).

• The others below, all include these conditions above, but also, plus ones:

  • Can jump only to the same regions
  • Can jump only to higher regions
  • Can jump only to lower regions
  • Can jump only to the same terrain tag
  • Can jump only to higher terrain tag
  • Can jump only to lower terrain tag

It will check the current region/terrain tag that the character has, and if it matches the condition of being equal, higher, or lower, it will be able to jump.

♦ Impulse ♦

● There is also the Impulse parameter. Once it is enabled, the jump value is changed by a value you chose when the player is walking or dashing. This only works for the player.

♦ Block/Prevent Jump ♦

• You can prevent the character from jump over things with a region id or using the event note tag(not case sensitive):


• You can disable the jump feature for the player using the block switch specified on the plugin parameter.

♦ Jump Height ♦

You can change the jump height of the player by changing the variable value with the ID defined on the plugin parameter.

You can also change the Event jump peak/height with the following script call:

  • $gameMap.event(ID).setPlusJumpPeak(value)

The value will be added to the current and static jump peak value from the player/event (10) defined by the engine.

♦ Activate Player touch events by jump ♦

If you have an event with the trigger Player Touch, you can simulate an effect that will only trigger this event when the player jumps on it.

By default, if you use a conditional branch in this event with the script call: 

  • "$gamePlayer.isJumping()" 

to check if the player is jumping at the moment he touches the event will always return false.

But with the Jumping Switch, I provided a feature that allows you to check if the player touches the event by walking on it or jumping on it.

You just need to put a conditional branch using the jumping switch. If it is ON, then the event will notice that it was activated by jumping.

♦ Script Calls ♦

Replace the character with:

  • $gamePlayer - Player
  • $gameMap.event(ID) - Map event
  • $gamePlayer.followers()._data[ID] - 0 is the first follower, 1 is the second, etc.
  • $gameMap.vehicles()[ID] - 0 for boat, 1 for ship, 2 for airship.

● Jump to a specific coordinate¹:

  • character.jumpTo(x, y)

● Jump to a character coordinate¹:

  • character.jumpToCharacter(charId)

Replace charId with:

  • -1 = Player
  • -2 = Follower 1 (etc)
  • 1, 2, 3 - Event Id
  • "ship", "boat", "airship" - Vehicle

● Jump forward

  • character.jumpForward(value)

Replace "value" with a number.

You can use these scripts on the move route too. And there is also an equivalent in plugin commands for MZ.

Here is a list of the default keys of RPG Maker(Keyboard/Gamepad):

  • "tab",      ■ Keyboard: tab
  • "ok",       ■ Keyboard: enter, space, Z ■ Gamepad: A
  • "shift",    ■ Keyboard: shift ■ Gamepad: X
  • "control",  ■ Keyboard: control, alt
  • "escape",   ■ Keyboard: escape, numpad0, insert, x
  • "pageup",   ■ Keyboard: Q, pageup ■ Gamepad: LB
  • "pagedown", ■ Keyboard: W, pagedown ■ Gamepad: RB
  • "left",     ■ Keyboard: left arrow, numpad4 ■ Gamepad: D-pad left
  • "up",       ■ Keyboard: up arrow, numpad8 ■ Gamepad: D-pad up
  • "right",    ■ Keyboard: right arrow, numpad6 ■ Gamepad: D-pad right
  • "down",     ■ Keyboard: down arrow, numpad2 ■ Gamepad: D-pad down
  • "debug"     ■ Keyboard: F9
  • "cancel"    ■ Gamepad: B
  • "menu"      ■ Gamepad: Y

NOTE 1: These two commands work like the default jump command(from the move route). Meaning that they will not follow the jump check conditions. Only the jump forward will follow the jump check plugin parameter.

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MZ - Jump System 3.3.0 7 kB
Dot Move System Compatibility Patch 1.0.0 1 kB
MV - Jump System 1.3.2 4 kB
MZ - Jump System Versions 36 kB

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Does the whole jumping on event with player touch thing work on the MV version or just the MZ one?


Unfortunately not, the MV and MZ versions are a little different. But I do plan to do it someday...

This I had in mind, but the basic action to add your Jumpsystem as an skill is unclear! Because jump is on or not, I couldn't find any parameter which would work as an trigger/key..., but I am new to this and maybe I am not able to see the soluition

By default, the plugin itself does not add the jump system as a skill. What you can do is work your way out either by events or others plugins to change the variable value or the switch that allow the player to jump or not:

You can turn this switch on by default, on the first map of your game. The player will not be able to jump.
When the player learns the skill, you turn the switch off. Now the player will be able to jump.

The solution was to place the switch on the first map..., I had it on the tutorial map and there it doesn't work! Thank you so much! 

Nice!!! :)


First of all this is a handy little tool for mz and I love it, but unfortunately I can't use it like I would love to..., as an learnable skill..., or am I wrong???

Hi! Thanks ^^

When you say, learnable skill, you mean that the player must have a skill for him be able to jump on the map? Like a skill condition to jump?

Yep..., in my case, the Actor is an young wolf and I wanted to start the story with some natural skills which can be alter during his journey...

Well, there is a variable that holds the Jump Distance value. 
You just need to set it to zero. Whenever your wolf learns a specific skill, you change the variable value to the one you want. With that you can control the jump distance.


This is absolutely wonderful. 

I was about to give up on Rpg Maker and just happened to spot this plugin. It's by far the best jump system ever created for this engine. Anyone who decides to use it should try pairing it with the MV3D/MZ3D  plugin as their combination is seamless and in case you desire to make a platformer in the style of games such as Crash Bandicoot, you can do so very easily. 

My only suggestion is the implementation of the double jump.

Amazing job.

Hey there!

Thank you so much!!! I'm glad you really liked it!! 

I will for sure try to implement the double jump! It seems a nice feature ^^

(2 edits) (+1)

Nice, simple plugin that works like a charm in MZ.

One small suggestion. Would it be possible to set, within the plugin, an option for the character to jump different distances if they're standing still, simply walking, and if they're running? I tried eventing a solution with unfortunately less than ideal results.

Edit: It also occurs to me that being able to set a region the character can't jump over would also be nice way to do things like keep the player from jumping through trees.

Nice suggestions! I will add them ^^


Well that's fantastic to hear, thank you.
Not being able to jump in games is one of those things that always low-key bothers me and anything that makes it easier to add jumping into games I make is a great relief.


Agreed, having the ability to tag Region IDs, Terrain Tag IDs, and add a comment into events to block you from jumping over them would be amazing.

Ok! You got it ^^

Hi friend! I have added your suggestion to the plugin. Thank you :)

Hi friend! I have added your suggestion to the plugin. Thank you :)

I saw and it works fantastically. Thanks so much.