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Currently, RPG Maker has a very basic Jump mechanic. That also only works via move route or script calls commands.

This plugin implements several new features for jump mechanics! Using buttons, triggering events exclusively by jumping on them and other ones!


  • Add a jump button!
  • Can choose a sound to play when jumping.
  • Can use a variable value to define how far the player will jump.
  • Can set up the conditions that allow the player to jump or not, through a list of possible ones in plugin parameters.
  • Add an impulse feature that changes the jump distance if the player is walking or dashing!
  • Can block Jump with the region, event note tag, or switch!
  • Can use a variable value to define a plus value to the jump height/peak.
  • Turn on a switch when the player is jumping.
  • Script calls to Jump Forward, Jump into coordinates, and jump on a character

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AuthorHakuen Studio
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Tagseliaquim, hakuen-studio, jump, rmmv, rmmz, RPG Maker, RPG Maker MV, RPG Maker MZ, rpg-maker-plugin
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MZ - Jump System 2.5.0 5 kB
MV - Jump System 5.1.3(Unsupported) 7 kB

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I'm having problems trying to make an event that is solid but once you stomp on it it does a thing and then it remains solid.

Picture a chest that is not passable or anything, but once you jump and land on it it opens and turns on a self switch to remain open and solid like any other chest.

I know you can make an event that detects if you have jumped on it, but only if the event is already below characters, and that would make the event always passable.

If you use different pages, one for when it's solid and closed, one for when you are jumping and the event is below characters or is passable and another opened after having been jumped on the plugin will not see the event as a viable landing spot and the player will jump to only the tile before the event.

Does anyone know how to make this solid event that is 'jump-able'?

i will not be able to get into the engine for a while. But maybe what you can do is make a parallel event that checks if the player is jumping. If yes, you can set the event to through ON. 

You can also set Through ON on this parallel event if the player is on the same x and y position.

Also, Im not sure if I understood what do you say by "solid" event.

You could try creating a parallel event with this script 

const c1 = $gamePlayer, c2 = $gameMap.event(001); $gameMap.distance(c1.x, c1.y, c2.x, c2.y) < 1 

Let's say the chest was event 001, this would allow the parallel event to determine when the character is within one space of chest. You could then turn on a switch to temporarily change the state of the chests passibility.


does this clash with any visustella plugins?


I don't remember anyone complaining about that. But I myself, never tested.

Also, "any visustella plugins" I think they have 100+ plugins xD Only way to onow for sure is testing.

Hello, this is advertised to have compatibility with the dot movement system, but the jumping is jittery and all over the place and I can't jump over anything. I am using MV which I know is no longer supported, but is the compatibility actually only for MZ? I'd like to at least know even if you aren't planning to do any further updates for it.

Hi there!

Yeah, it was compatible with Dot Move system. But it was an old version of the Dot Move System and also an old version of my plugin. I have no idea how they will work together now. I guess it is best if I remove that info from the page and the plugin help file. My bad, sorry about that.

Do you have any idea which versions worked together? If so I may attempt to track down the old versions. Thanks for the quick reply.

I really don't remember =/


No problem. It seems the issue only occurs while I'm walking or dashing while jumping. I'll try and see if I can't fix it somehow. Thank you for the replies


Kind of a dumb question. Is there a way to make an event jump backwards with a plugin command? Like how you can make an event walk one step backwards but with a jump.

Maybe this will sound stupid but I tried using the plugin command 'jumpFordward' but with a negative number so it would go backwards, but it didn't work. The event just jump without moving a tile.

I want to have an event that 'flies' away if you charge at it and so to achieve that effect my aim was to make it jump very far in the opposite direction the player had interacted with it without having to check what direction it is facing.

It is just visual flair so it's not that important.


(1 edit)

Hi there!

Sorry for the delay. Currently, the only way you will be able to do something like that with my plugin is by using the Jump to Coordinates plugin command, and inserting a formula for the X and Y coordinates:

But still, I need to fix something on the plugin first to make formulas work properly on the arguments. I will do that in the next update[EDIT: Already done, working fine now].

Another way to do this is to use the default move route command like this:

This will make the character jump backward (From right to left, 2 tiles).

I think there should be an option to make it so the player can jump to the same region, and also regions that are higher and lower by 1.

Hi there

This is too specific, I'm sorry but will not add an option like that. Maybe if you tell me what I'm trying to do, I can help you better. There are already several options to allow/prevent, enable/disable the player from jumping, including switches, events, regions and terrain tags.

So maybe if you tell me what you are trying to do, I can help you find a solution.

Well, isn't it just an extra jump check that's "Can Only Jump To Same/Higher/Lower Regions" at the same time?

No it's not.

But if you want to achieve the result of "Can Only Jump To Same/Higher/Lower Regions", just set the jump check to "Can Jump". This will be the same as your qoute. Player will be able to jump on any region, higher/same/lower.

That is why I asked what you are trying to do, because if I could know that, I may have better chance helping you, as so, you will have better chance being helped.

Hi! I am new to rpg maker and i was wondering if i can jump on the platform somehow. Looks like the regions block jump in general and if i put regions block a bit higher jump just ignores them. Looks like you did some kind of check with X position and jump just ending close to the wall, but what about vertical (Y) check from above? Thank you in advance. 

Hi there!

I'm not sure if I understood you correctly. When you say platform, what do you mean? It is an event? A specific tile?

Regions do not block the jump in general. You need to choose a specific behavior for the jump on the plugin parameter "Jump Check" and if you want somehow the regions to interfere with the ability of the player to jump or not, you can check the "Block Jump Regions" plugin parameter.

The help file explains each one of them.

About the check of the X and Y position, I really do not understand what you mean. What can I say, is that the rules for jump affect both vertical and horizontal jumps equally.

How can I commission you for a plugin?

Hi there!

Send me a msg on discord: hakuenstudio

Hello, I am still unfamiliar to JavaScript and scripting and I was wondering if you could halp me with my problem. What im trying to do is use the jump plugin but im trying to use it with a 3d camera mod, problem is I belive the plugin is coded so the jump activates according to the key you're pressing insteed of the way the charater is facing, I don't know how to modify the code accordingly thanks in advance ! Keep up the great work.

Hi there!

I think I do not understand what you want. Yes, the plugin make the character jump when pressing a button. But that will make the character jump forward, meaning, jumping in the direction he is facing.

Maybe It is a compatibility with the 3d plugin. Did you try to test without the 3d plugin to see if it behaves like you expected?

Hello Eli. I was just curious if you knew a way to implement sprite changes while a character is jumping with the Tomoaky jump plugin. 

Hi there!

I have a plugin that changes the character sprite when dashing, walking, jumping and etc.

But, I don't know if it will work with the Tomoaky. I know for sure that it works with my jump plugin.

Heya. I just tested it out and it seems to not work.
Thanks for the suggestion, i didn't think about it maybe working with a regular jump sprite plugin and i'm glad that you gavet the idea. I know there's like a Tomoaky addon plugin which adds this function but it leads to a domain that has shutdown so i can't get the download. Here's a forum that talked about this concern.

What did not work? My Pose plugin with the Tomoaky? Or My Pose plugin with my Jump Plugin?

I'm sorry, but regarding helping you with the Tomoaky plugin, I have no time for that. If you need help regarding my plugin I will spent some time to help you here ^^


Totally understandable. Sorry if i bothered in any kind of way. Take care Eli. With a smile i go off :)

Hey there I love your plugins! and I recently started using this one and its been working great! There does seem to be maybe a incompatibility with Galv's Map Projectiles unless I'm doing something wrong, Not sure if you are familiar with this plugin but it seems that whenever you jump the projectiles will no longer hit players anymore, I'm not sure if this has to do with the z value of the player after they land after jumping so I messed around with the z values of the projectiles and nothing really seems to get the projectiles to hit the player again after they've jumped.

Hi there!

  • I can't say for sure what is wrong. That plugin from Galv is a big and complex one. I guess GALV also has a jump plugin. Maybe you could try to use it for better compatibility?
  • Did you try to change the plugin order, and put mine above/below the Galv one?
  • Are you using MV or MZ?

Yes I use MZ and have checked out Galv's jump before yours, and yours is a lot better in terms of features and even has the dotmove compatibility which seems to work well with Cyclone movement, that could also be the issue, I'll try to messing around with it a little more but changing the order doesn't seem to do much.

(1 edit)

Just did some more testing and seems to be an issue with Cyclone movement actually, but putting Cyclone movement under your jump seems to have worked thanks so much haha! I did sub to your patreon btw and look forward to seeing more of your work, you're the best!

Oh, nice you managed to make them work! And those 3 plugins working together is kind of a miracle haha! But nice they worked!

I saw your Patreon sub yesterday, but I didn't manage to send you a message there, Patreon was not loading any pages for me! Will try now, thanks so much for the support! ^^

Can I make it so you can jump on enemies?

Hi there!

You can makes the player jump on other events and makes thos events detect if the player is just touching them or is jumping on them.

But it does not work on the default side view battle systems. So if by enemies, you mean events, yes.

Yes, I mean events! How could I do this?

(2 edits)

I think I was able to figure it out on my own. Thank you for letting me know it was possible.


hahaha did you manage to make It work?


Kind of;
I made it so the game checks to see if the "Jumping" switch is on, and if the player x,y is the same as the events x,y to defeat the enemy. However, this has some lag to it, and you have to jump while in the enemy to be 100% certain your attack will work.

Hey! I was wondering what the script equivalent is to just pressing the jump button when its assigned to 1? I want to tie it to a ButtonCommonEvent so the action is there visually and to have different jump heights based on actor states.

I think I've narrowed my problem. When I set the player jump height to say 10 and call the common event to jump, it will just use the default set in the plugin page. It isn't till I use the plugin assigned key, say setting it to 1 or A, that it updates. After that my common event jump goes to the correct height.

Hi there!

From my understanding, you assigned a button common event to make this whole thing, right?

On the plugin parameters, there is a variable value for the jump peak(height). You can change its value on your common event before you jump. Although, that will only work for the player.

For events, you can change the value by script call, listed on the plugin help file.

The script call .jumpForward(distance) is the equivalent one as you are pressing the "1" to make the player jump. So you can just assign whatever button you want for the common event, and let the event handle the jump by using the script calls.

For some reason, no matter how much i fiddle with the settings, my character will only ever jump one tile. I think I understand how the variable system works, but I don't understand what I'm missing. (This is in MV)

Here's what my settings look like, by the way. Maybe I'm missing something obvious?

Hi there!

It can be two things:

1 - The Region Restricts parameter is set to 0. So, every tile that does not have any region mapped to it, is by default region Id 0. So the player is not being able to jump on any tile. If you do not want to use that, put a number higher than 255. I will try to check this out later.

2 - Yout Jump Distance variable and Walk impulse variable are the same. They cannot be the same id. Must have a variable exclusively for Jump Distance and another one exclusive for Walk impulse.

After checking those two, and the error persists, try everything on a clean map, without any map event or parallel common event running, just to make sure your variable's values are not being changed somewhere else.

If still did not work, make sure it is not a compatibility problem with another plugin. If yet, not works, send me a sample project replicating the error so I can take a look.

Thank you, changing the 'region restricts' parameter fixed it! I appreciate the help :)

Have fun! ^^

(2 edits)

Hello, is it possible to make it so that the character at the moment of jumping does not go over the top of the tree? Despite the fact that these tiles are marked "star" at the moment of jumping the character is above them. 

Hi there!

Thanks for the report! I found a way to fix this and will add it as a plugin parameter later.

Oh, thank you! I'm looking forward to it!

Hi there!

Sorry for taking so long, but I fixed it! Take a look at version 5.1.2. I have added a new parameter that let the user customize the Z index of the character when jumping. By default, it is 1.4, which I believe solved this problem.

Hello there, I've always loved this plugin in my hobby projects. I seem to be having an issue where the region restriction for jumping is failing, and it's important to my project because there are places that shouldn't be jumped to...However, currently the player can jump to any region, and can also jump onto water and tiles marked with X....Is there anything that could most likely be causing this? I changed the region from 1 to 64.

I have Yanfly's region restrict and event region trigger but there's no help when I turn them off and as far as I know they are my only other plugins affecting regions.

Hi there!

There are several reasons that this can be happening. So I guess the best way for me to take a look at this is to have a sample project replicating the issue.

So I can better test and find the error. Can you try to provide me with that? Upload a sample project somewhere and send me the link so I can download it.

I made the sample project and just tested it. It works as intended there, leading me to believe the issue is another one of my plugins but there are many, and I already mentioned the ones that specifically work with regions afaik. Would it help to list my plugins? Or would it be better to send a project with all of them running at once, so the issue is replicated? I just thought that it was bad to send whole projects full of people's plugins even with a credit list.

I will try turning some off and on to see if I can locate the conflict. In the meantime here are the plugins.





Yanfly Core, Yanfly Battle


mv3D (I am keeping it off to test, and it isn't working right with it off either)

-many battle screen plugins-

YEP : Item Core, Move Route Core, Synthesis, Region Restrictions, Event Region Trigger, Event Chase Player, Event Chase Stealth (it may be move route core or event chase stealth?)

GALV: Puzzle Functions, Cam Control

SilverEngine Dash Stamina

Gimmer TimerControl

-a bunch of message plugins-

I guess it's better if you try to locate the plugin that is conflicting so I can try to understand the problem and see if there is a way to create a patch.

But if you are using the Yep regions, maybe try to set te jump regions to an ID that does not conflict with the Yep region Ids you listed on the plugin parameters.

Otherwise will wait for you to find the plugin that is conflicting.

(1 edit)

Thank you for responding, by the way! I think I found the culprit: the region restrictions for jumping work fine with "YEP_MoveRouteCore" turned off. They are set up to be different regions. It's not a plugin I'd die without, but if there were a way to get it compatible I'd love to try. Idk if you would want to bother, but I'll put the sample project with the MoveRouteCore added. It replicated the issue.


My Windows Defender is accusing a virus on your sample. Can you try putting it into a .zip file instead of 7z ?

Also, it doesn't need to have 250 MB. I just need a single map, with the plugins installed, so I can take a look.

Hay, is it possible to assign a sprite for the jump animation?

Hi there!

Not with this plugin. But with this one you can:



Thank you! I'll have to bookmark it for now, but I'll buy it soon!

i found an issue... if you have a moving event with the <BlockJump> tag you can still jump over it. it works fine on stationary events, but not moving ones.

Hi there! Thanks for the report.

But as I can see the plugin works fine. If you set an event priority to "Below Character" and make it moves, it will get below the player(while it is not jumping), because the collision is not related to the event movement but with the player jumping. So at a certain time the engine updates the movement for player and event, you may be able to jump over it or even right above it.

If you set that event priority to the Same as Characters, and try to jump above it when the event is moving, you will see that you will not be able to jump over the event.

So if you want a moving event that you cannot jump over it when it moves, set the event priority type to "Same as Character".

See if that can help you!

i'm an idiot. I had through checked. everything works perfectly, thanks for the reply

haha! It can happen!

Have fun! ^^

(1 edit)

Me again :) 
I seem to have an issue where once I've used the jump plugin I appear in front of objects that I should be behind.

I use the command;


I then appear in front of anything in my tileset that is labelled with the * rather than the X or O


Fixed, had to move some plugins about *facepalm*

Glad you fixed it!

Have fun! ^^

I put a plugin into my project.

I don't understand how to use it

help me

Hi there!

You need my core plugin to be installed above it, for it to work.


i bought  it. But it doesn't work well. Is there a way to use it?


Hi there!

You need to give me more information. How am I supposed to understand with only "it doesn't work well" ? So please, try to answer my questions below:

  1. What exactly is happening?
  2. What RPG Maker version are you using?
  3. Are you using my core plugin (Eli Book)installed above the Jump plugin?
  4. If an error occurs, send me the error log: Press F12 when the error occurs, go to the CONSOLE tab and send me a screenshot.
  5. Did you try on a clean project or a project with a lot of other plugins?

i can do it. 

I switched the wrong plugin location. 

thank you 


Have fun! :)

(1 edit)

Thank you so much for working on this plugin! Do you have a little demo of this? I tried testing this plugin in a blank, new MZ project but the player only jumps 1 tile, I believe. I changed the plugin parameters, but the player only jumps 1 tile no matter what parameters I use. Is there something else needed to do besides just changing the parameters within the plugin fields?

Hi there! ^^

The jump distance value is equal to a variable value.

You define that variable id on the plugin parameter:

After you set this on the plugin parameter, you just need to raise this variable value inside the game.

(2 edits)

What do you mean "raise this variable value inside the game"? Do you mean to make an event with a script call or plugin command?

I mean using the Control Variable event command, select the variable with the ID you set on the plugin parameters. And put whatever value you want for that variable.

That value will be the jump distance.


I got it, thanks. I was a bit rusty coming back to the editor after a year break.

Nice! ^^

Does the whole jumping on event with player touch thing work on the MV version or just the MZ one?


Unfortunately not, the MV and MZ versions are a little different. But I do plan to do it someday...

It is working with MV now! ^^


Super dope, I already support you on Patreon, so I was just waiting for it to be ported over lol.  You da best

Nice! Thank you!
Have fun! ^^

This I had in mind, but the basic action to add your Jumpsystem as an skill is unclear! Because jump is on or not, I couldn't find any parameter which would work as an trigger/key..., but I am new to this and maybe I am not able to see the soluition

By default, the plugin itself does not add the jump system as a skill. What you can do is work your way out either by events or others plugins to change the variable value or the switch that allow the player to jump or not:

You can turn this switch on by default, on the first map of your game. The player will not be able to jump.
When the player learns the skill, you turn the switch off. Now the player will be able to jump.

The solution was to place the switch on the first map..., I had it on the tutorial map and there it doesn't work! Thank you so much! 

Nice!!! :)


First of all this is a handy little tool for mz and I love it, but unfortunately I can't use it like I would love to..., as an learnable skill..., or am I wrong???

Hi! Thanks ^^

When you say, learnable skill, you mean that the player must have a skill for him be able to jump on the map? Like a skill condition to jump?

Yep..., in my case, the Actor is an young wolf and I wanted to start the story with some natural skills which can be alter during his journey...

Well, there is a variable that holds the Jump Distance value. 
You just need to set it to zero. Whenever your wolf learns a specific skill, you change the variable value to the one you want. With that you can control the jump distance.


This is absolutely wonderful. 

I was about to give up on Rpg Maker and just happened to spot this plugin. It's by far the best jump system ever created for this engine. Anyone who decides to use it should try pairing it with the MV3D/MZ3D  plugin as their combination is seamless and in case you desire to make a platformer in the style of games such as Crash Bandicoot, you can do so very easily. 

My only suggestion is the implementation of the double jump.

Amazing job.

Hey there!

Thank you so much!!! I'm glad you really liked it!! 

I will for sure try to implement the double jump! It seems a nice feature ^^

(2 edits) (+1)

Nice, simple plugin that works like a charm in MZ.

One small suggestion. Would it be possible to set, within the plugin, an option for the character to jump different distances if they're standing still, simply walking, and if they're running? I tried eventing a solution with unfortunately less than ideal results.

Edit: It also occurs to me that being able to set a region the character can't jump over would also be nice way to do things like keep the player from jumping through trees.

Nice suggestions! I will add them ^^


Well that's fantastic to hear, thank you.
Not being able to jump in games is one of those things that always low-key bothers me and anything that makes it easier to add jumping into games I make is a great relief.


Agreed, having the ability to tag Region IDs, Terrain Tag IDs, and add a comment into events to block you from jumping over them would be amazing.

Ok! You got it ^^

Hi friend! I have added your suggestion to the plugin. Thank you :)

Hi friend! I have added your suggestion to the plugin. Thank you :)

I saw and it works fantastically. Thanks so much.