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** You need Eli Class Curves **


The default class change system of MZ/MV has too little customization. 

If you want a different thing, you have to event yourself. This plugin aims to make a class promotion feature, that when an actor change class, can receive some stats bonus.


• Apply stats bonus to actors when they change class for the first time.

How to use

It's almost plug-and-play.

You just have to config the bonus parameter on the Eli Class Curves plugin parameters.

Currently, it was made to when a battler change class, it will return to level 1 having the same stats from the previous class, but with a stats, bonus applied for each parameter. 

Actors can keep changing classes whatever they want, but the bonus will be only applied once.

If you want enemies to have this feature, you have to put a note tag on the enemy note field(Must use Eli Enemy Class):


Script Call

You can use this to check if an actor can promote to a class:


It will return true if the actor can promoted to this class, which means, he was never promoted to it before.

Can use the same for the enemy.

Update Log

Terms of use 5.0.0 and higher

Terms of use(Old)

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MZ - Class Promotion 5.0.2 2 kB
MV - Class Promotion 5.0.2 2 kB
MZ - Class Promotion 2.0.0 2 kB
MV - Class Promotion 1.1.1 2 kB

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I'm having problems - When the actor changes(/promotes] class, instead of retaining their stats + boost, their stats change to the 'initial' stats of the new class + boost

Is there a way for a character to retain their current stats on the class change, then get the boost?

Thank You!!!

Hi there!

If you are using any other plugins, please show me a screenshot of your plugin list on the RPG Maker plugin manager.

How are you trying to change class? With Event command? If yes, are you sure the initialize flag is off?

Thanks for the quick response!

With event command, yes. I'm not sure what you mean by the 'initialize flag?

My plugins are basically the Yanfly set!

Ops, my bad! I got confused with the Add Actor command that has the initialized flag.

I'm not sure what can be happening though. It should not use the initial stats of the new class. I guess maybe a plugin compatibility? I will have to ask you to do one of those things:

1 - Test my plugin on a blank project. Meaning, a project with only my plugins on. If it works there, then we will know it is a compatibility issue. 

So you may have to find what plugin is conflicting. A simple way is: Turn Off one plugin, hit playtest, and test the promotion. It works? Then the plugin you turned off is the one conflicting, so you can tell me that. If still does not work, repeat the process until you find the plugin.

2 - Send me a project replicating the issue, in a way that when I playtest the project, I can talk to an event, change the class, and replicate the problem.

Either way, if it was compatibility, I would not try to find what the plugin is. This wor I will leave for you. But once you find it, depending on what plugin, I can see if I can make a compatibility patch. But honestly, don't get too excited, because I'm not into MV anymore =/ So I can't promise anything.