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  • Displays a picture when selecting items on map, menu, and battle. [PRO]
  • Displays a picture when selecting equipment on the menu. [PRO]
  • Displays a picture when selecting skills on menu and battle.
  • You can adjust the picture position on each scene.

How to use

You can show pictures for each item, skill, and equipment anywhere on the screen on the following occasions:

  • On the Map scene, when selecting/hovering the items of the select item window.
  • On the Menu, in the item/skill/equip scene, when selecting/hovering the items/skills/equips.
  • On the battle scene, when selecting/hovering the items/skills.

You can optionally disable the visual images on any of these occasions in the plugin parameters.

There is a plugin parameter for each one of these options for you to set the position of the pictures on the screen.

After that, you need to set a note tag on the note field of the items, skills, and equipment you want to use a picture for:

<VisualImage: filename>

You can choose to put the images on any folder inside the img folder. 

Just make sure to type the path correctly in the plugin parameters.

Note¹: The note tag and the filename are case sensitive!

Update Log

Terms of use 5.0.0 and higher

Terms of use(Old)

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Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this RPG Maker Plugin you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

MZ - Visual Item Pro 5.0.1 3 kB
MV - Visual Item Pro 5.0.1 (UNSUPPORTED) 3 kB

Download demo

MZ - Visual Item Free 5.0.1 2 kB
MV - Visual Item Free 5.0.1 (UNSUPPORTED) 2 kB

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Hey I know I'm not quite right here, but I don't know the best way to contact you. So sorry for doing it this way. You have already made many great item plugins. How about a plugin with which you can make items destructible or let them spoil. Based on how many steps the player has taken, or how many times the item has been used etc. With a small indication of how long the item will last. I know there are plugins for the MV, but for the MZ that would be really nice :).

I apologize again for doing it this way. And thank you for your attention and time

Hi there!

Can you try to elaborate a little bit?

What I understand is that you want a plugin to:

  1. Items can break or spoil based on a condition.
  2. Something to indicate the "health" of the item, to let the player know when they will break/spoil.

Is that it?

Correctly :) if that does make sense ^^


It's a nice idea!

I put it on my list. But I can't know for sure when I will be able to do this =/

You can also send me a DM on the RPG Maker forums:


Hey I just bought the pro version and I can't get it to work. : (

Hi there!

Let's make it work. But you need to give me more information.  So let's try to figure out why it is not working.

  1. What version of RPG Maker you are using? MV or MZ?
  2. Do you have my core plugin installed anywhere above the visual item plugin?
  3. If an error is pop up on the screen, please do the following: Press F8 or F12, and a browser window should open. Go to the CONSOLE tab and send me a screenshot of the error log.
  4. if an error does not pop up, can you try on a clean project(Only Eli Book and Visual Items) to see if it will work?
  5. Can you show me a screenshot of how you set up the plugin(Plugin parameters, note tags, and the folder names of the Visual images)?

Answer that questions so I can better help you.

Thank you for getting back to me!
1. I'm using MV
2. I wasn't aware of the Core Plugin, but I added it and it still won't work, in fact it triggered an error. :(

4. On a fresh project with only Eli Book and Visual Items I don't get the error, but Visual Items is still not working

5. i can't post a lot of screen shot here but the plugin parameters are left the default, my folder name is "visual_items" in the picture folder, here's the note tag

Hi there!

If you are using MV, you are using the wrong versions of the plugins. On the error screenshot I can see that you are using the EliMZ_VisualItems. 

The MV plugins do not have the prefix EliMZ.

They have only Eli_PluginName.

So please, for both Eli Book and Visual Items, make sure you are using the right plugin for the right rpg maker version.

After that, if still doesn't work, I will build a sample project for you testing the plugin.

i could facepalm myself aaaah
i think its from screwing around to figure what would work and testing if i the MZ verison would SOMEHOW work from desperation and then I forgot to switch it back over. :')
but it seems that little fix along with the core plugin worked!! thank you very much, you saved my project! haha

hahahaha xD

Glad it's working now! ^^