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Do you ever want to give your enemies more complexity? Or even have more control over them?
That is your plugin! With this, you will be able to customize a lot of things!
Can give classes to enemies, level, exp, and equipment!


  • Enemies can have classes!
  • Enemies have levels!
  • Enemies have Exp!
  • Enemies can equip weapons/armor!
  • Enemies can learn Action Patterns/Skills!

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MZ - Enemy Class 5.1.0 5 kB
MV - Enemy Class 5.0.0 4 kB

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Is it possible to make that Enemy learn class skills depending on its level?

Hi there!

I think it is not possible now. But I guess I already have an idea to make that come true!

I will release an update when I can and will tag you here ^^

  • I'm eagerly awaiting it.

Hi there!

It's done! Get the new version of Eli Enemy Class and read the help file to understand how it works. You will also need to get an updated version of Eli Book. For now, I only did it for MZ. Hope is that one you are using xD


Great! It's so cool.

I appreciate it very much.

Have fun! :)

I'm having an issue with this plugin. It falters upon startup and says "Cannot read property 'createParameters' of undefined" 

I'm using RPG Maker MZ version version 1.1.1

Hi there!

It is probably because you are missing my Core plugin. Download here.

And make sure you are using my plugins that starts with "EliMZ_PluginName"

Can you make it so that the same enemy is different levels depending on the region the player finds them in?

Hi there!

I believe we can event this :)
In the troop event, we can store the player region id inside a variable.

Then we check if the value of this variable is equal to the region you want(in the example below, region id 3).

If yes, then we can either change the enemy levels according to their id or their position(index) on the game troop.

Change level for the enemies according to their id:

Get all enemies with a specific id:

const enemiesWithId_1 = $gameTroop.members().filter(member => member._enemyId === 1) // (replace 1 with the id you want).

for(const enemy of enemiesWithId_1){ // Iterate through all enemies with ID 1 found.
    enemy.changeLevel(10) // Change them to level 10.

Change level for all enemies independent of their id:

$gameTroop.members().forEach(member => {
    member.changeLevel(15) //  change them to level 15

Choose the way you want ^^

Can it also check for what map it is?

Yes! You can just set the map Id into a variable(Either when the player changes the map, or when he enters the battler, just like the region id) and check it in the conditional branch.