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This game was made as an entry for the event:

Let's Make a Scene: Sounds of Harmony Contest!

So it is just a tiny cutscene about memories and longing. Lasts less than 5 minutes. Enjoy!


Art & Game Engine

  • [Copyright](C) Gotcha Gotcha Games Inc (Resource Pack)
  • [Copyright](C) Degica, Co. LTD
  • [Copyright](C) Tyler Cline - The Voice of the Wind
  • MV RTP - Kadokawa
  • MV Monsters HIBIKI KATAKURA ver Vol.1 by: Katakura Hibiki
  • Elemental Dungeons Tiles by Sherman3D
  • RPG Maker MV Add on series by Gotcha Gotcha Games
  • RPG Maker MV Essentials Set by: Murray Atkinson, Michael Rookard, Archeia, Lunarea
  • Thumbstone, Dog: WthDragon
  • Parallax Map by: comshou


  • Hakuen Studio
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AuthorHakuen Studio
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Achei a ideia ótima. É uma excelente motivação para um herói. A forma como você escolheu demonstrar a memória é muito bonita e a parte do escorregador é bem fofa, o que carrega ainda mais o sentimento da cena. Eu ri do Spark se jogando no mar pra nadar, pensei que ela ia reclamar da idade dele kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

A escolha da música caiu muito bem no tema da cena. E essa parallax linda? Parabéns, Eli.

Valeu fera!! :D

Hello friend. Your game cutscene is very beautiful. It's pretty sad.
 I think you should definitely explore that emotion more. It was good. 
What I think you should have improved is in the mapping because the 
mountain has all the same measurements and a mountain doesn't have 
this egalitarian shape on the sides. It is very irregular in its edges.
And I would recommend adding more weeds, leaves, flowers, since it is a 
region with a lot of grass, and where there is a lot of grass, there is 
life, and where there is life, there are other species of plants. If in 
doubt, study landscape photos. That's a good one. And I wish you good 
luck, my friend. See you on the podium.

Hi there!!

Thank you so much for the feedback! And I definitely like to write/think using that kind of emotions ^^

Yeah I'm totally aware that the mountain map is not good. Unfortunately I was under a deadline and I did not have the time to improve it. :(

It makes me sad, because I know that detail would improve much more on the scene. 

I will try improve it after the contest is over!

Thank you so much for your kind words ^^


Sim, amigo. No entanto espero que ambos estejamos no pódio. See ya. 

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What a heavy atmosphere that emanates from this scene, in perfect adequacy with the music. Being a father myself, I was very touched by this little story.

Technically, it's a very good job... the "memory" effect especially! Well thought and mastered, bravo.

Hey there!!

Thank you for your words! I really put some effort into this! Thank you for playing! :)

The scene matches the music really well, and I really dig that memory scene. No idea how you'd do something like that XD

On a side note, regarding the cutscene: after the dad leaves, and Hamona tells Spark that she misses her dad, is it meant to just stop at a black screen? I tried playing the cutscene twice and it always seems to just hang at that point.


Hi there!

Thanks for playing!!! :D

Yeah, when comes the black screen at the end, it is supposed to end. Guess would be nice if I put something there that tells that the scene is over...

The memory scene was tough! But I stuck that into my head and wasn't able to think of any other thing xD

  • But the main thing I did is created extras parallax for the map, and use different events for each scene.
  • I used anime.js (which is inside one of my plugins) to animate them(fade in-out)

Oooh. Cool. Now that you explained it, I can see how you went about making the memory scene. Still though, you made it look easy, and so seamless that it seemed like magic! Great stuff XD


It was a pain in the ass at first hahahahah, but I'm glad I manage to make it happen. Testing that scenes and make sure everything was in place was even harder hahaha xD