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If the actor has state id X he gains a +10 attack boost! 

But if the actor has class id X and is equipped with weapon Id X and also has state id X, then he will have a +50 ATK boost!
Not too complicated?

If an actor has a state id X, and his level is below 4, equipping a sword, using a class id X, and his name is Harold, then he will have an HP boost of 1000!!!
Got it?!

This plugin lets you implement dynamic parameter values to battlers(actor or enemies) through the weapons, armors, or state note tags!
You can use fixed values or check for a condition to apply the bonus!

*For the equipment feature, only work on enemies if you have the Eli_EnemyClass.js


● Dynamically add values to battler parameters through note tags!
● Support States, Weapons, Armor!
● Support all types of parameters!

How to use

● Inside the plugin parameter, you can create note tag templates to be used on the weapons/armor/state note fields.

So instead of putting everything messy on the note tags, you now can use the plugin parameter to better organize your game.

● First, choose a template name to be used later.

There, you can choose what type and the id of the parameter you want to insert a value.

  • Normal parameters
  • X Parameters
  • S Parameters
  • Custom parameters(If using Eli Custom Parameters)

The value can be a number or a valid Javascript formula.

● So, when you have done, use the following note tags in the note field of Weapons, Armors, or States:

<DynParams: TemplateName>

The template name must be the exactly same(case sensitive) set on the plugin parameter. 

♦ NOTE¹: You can use the "this" keyword to reference the battlers(actors and enemies).

♦ NOTE²: Param names and note tags are case sensitive!

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MV - Dynamic Parameters Versions 18 kB

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