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If the actor has state id X he gains a +10 attack boost! 


But if the actor has class id X and is equipped with weapon Id X and also has state id X, then he will have a +50 ATK boost! 

Not too complicated?

If an actor has a state id X, and his level is below 4, equipping a sword, using a class id X, and his name is Harold, then he will have an HP boost of 1000!!!

Got it?!

This plugin lets you implement dynamic parameter values to battlers(actors or enemies) through the weapons, armor, or state note tags!

You can use fixed values or check for a condition to apply the bonus!

*For the equipment feature, only work on enemies if you have the Eli_EnemyClass.js


  • Dynamically add values to battler parameters through note tags!
  • Support States, Weapons, and Armor!
  • Support all types of parameters!

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huh, i could've sworn this plugin used to cost money

haha! This one is free ^^

Hi there,

I'm not sure if I'm doing this incorrectly, but negative numbers don't work in this plugin. In a template, any param given a negative number sets it to -1, and only -1. If I set it to -3, -10, or -100, it simply reduces the param by 1. Positive number work correctly. Any idea why this might happen? Really need this to work for my game. Thanks.

Hi there!

What version of RPG Maker you are using?

Can you show to me a screenshot of the template you made?

Hi there and thanks for the quick response. I am using RPG Maker MZ version 1.5.0 on Mac. It's possible that I don't understand the template; however, I am able to get things working with positive values, just not negative values. 

Everything else besides the attack change is set to the default settings.

Thank you!

Hi there!

I think maybe something can be messing with my plugin on your end. Here, I did manage to make it work with negative values.

So, you are using any plugin that messes with the parameters of the actors? 

For example, my Class Curve plugin can set a minimum value for the actor to have on a chosen parameter.

Or maybe, what you are trying to say is, that you want to use the Dynamic Parameter Feature, to not just reduce a parameter, but also to make the actor himself, have a negative value. Is that it?

Like an actor with -10 atk. ?

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Hmm ok. The only other plugin I am using that isn't yours is the Card Game Combat plugin by MythAtelier. This shouldn't mess with parameters though. However, when I use a blank project with only your plugins, it works correctly. It must have something to do with this other plugin. Too bad because I really would love to use your plugin!

Did you try to change the plugin order? Put the Card Combat below or above the dynamic parameter?

How would I use 'this' to reference the holder of a weapon with dynamic params? I am trying to do it so the weapon will calculate the bonuses based off of custom params of the holder. So something like:


but instead of hard-coding $gameActors.actor(1) I want it to be dynamic. I dont have a full mastery of 'this', but that paired with how rpg maker calls events and objects makes me lost

Hi there! :D

It is very simple, in the example you showed to me, you just have to do this:


Just replace the $gameActors.actor(1) with this

Hope it helps!

<3 thank you!


This is an extremely useful plugin, thanks!

I am using this alongside Eli Extra Params and the VisuStella suite and seem to have encountered a compatibility issue; basically, Actors seem to properly detect their Dynamic States, but enemies do not.

I'm sure it's a plugin conflict as when I change the load order it behaves differently - for example with your plugins at the bottom of the load order a handful of VS features break.

Do you have any advice on troubleshooting this?

In any case, appreciate all the great stuff you're making for MV/MZ.


Hi there!

Glad you liked it!

I think that maybe this is not a compatibility issue. To enemies detect their Dynamic settings, you need to have my Eli Enemy Class plugin too:


So try that first and let me know if the problem of the enemies not detecting their dynamic settings will persist.

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Thanks for the reply!

I did try it with the Enemy Class plugin but it didn't seem to fix the issue. That said, let me do some more testing then since I now know this is the intended use case. Much appreciated!



So when you are done, if you didn't manage to find the problem, then we have to try to find the compatibility issue.
What will help, is that you find the Visu plugin that is causing the issue.

Like, create a project, but only with my plugins(Dynamic Parameters, Enemy Class, and Custom Parameters), test their functionality. 

When you manage to make them work alone, then you start to add the Visustella plugins one by one. 

Add one and test. Keep going until the problem appears again. When it does, you will know the plugin that is causing the conflict. So I can try to fix this.

When you are done with the project, upload it somewhere: Google drive, dropbox, etc.

But the big problem is, as you know, Visustella has obfuscated their code, so I can't open their plugins and take a look into it. So it makes things way harder and more time-consuming than it is supposed to be. Still, I will give it a try, but I can't guarantee that I will manage to find or even fix the problem, because of their terms of use.


I appreciate your input on this.

So, a bit of an update: The Enemy Class plugin worked, though not quite as I expected - I couldn't get Enemy Classes to detect Extra Params for some reason. However, since the Dynamic Params are now working, and I didn't really need Enemy Classes for my project scope anyway, I am pretty much happy with the result!


Nice! Glad you manage to make them work  :)