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  • Create mini-maps from images or drawings!
  • Highly customizable selection of colors for drawing the minimap: 
  • Region Id, Terrain tags, Passable/Impassable, Ladder, Bush, Counter, and Damage Floor!
  • Use icons to represent characters on minimap!
  • Change icon zoom, hue, and much more!
  • Hide/Show the minimap with a switch.
  • Overlay image above the minimap! (PRO)
  • Use sprites to represent characters on minimap! (PRO)
  • Set 5 different shapes for mini-maps! (PRO)
  • Put a mini-map inside a window! (PRO)
  • See a full mini-map on a different scene! (PRO)
  • Create marker templates for quick use in events/actors! (PRO)
  • Add a noise filter to the minimap! (PRO)
  • Play common event when clicking/touch minimap (PRO)

Free Version:

Pro Version:

Char Sprites on the minimap

Noise filter

Minimap Fog of War

Full help file on google docs.

Future updates

  • Command on the option scene to enable/disable the minimap
  • Navigate through characters on the full minimap
  • Toll tips on characters or Description window for each character
  • Cancel button on the full minimap scene.
  • Visible cursor on the full minimap.
  • Integration with Eli Map Reveal

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Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

In order to download this RPG Maker Plugin you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $20 USD. You will get access to the following files:

MZ - Minimap Pro 4.1.3 15 kB
MV - Minimap Pro 6.1.3 (Unsupported) 15 kB

Download demo

MV - Minimap Free 6.0.5 (Unsuported) 12 kB
MZ - Minimap Free 4.0.5 (Unsuported) 12 kB

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possible to hide map with a button/key press instead of a mouse click?

Hi there!

Yes! You can download my button common event plugin, and assign a common event to a button that flips the switch that hides the minimap ON/OFF.



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I bought the pro version and I'm using it on MV and it's working greatly! However I have one question, how do I open the full minimap scene?

Hi there!

I guess I removed the help file for the MV version. Sorry about that. I will see if I can recover it.

But you can use the plugin command:


not case sensitive. You can also check the sample project if you have any more questions. Maybe you can solve them there ^^


Don't worry about that, thanks!

The border is coming out too large.
Can I check where the problem is?

i dont know why but i cant send img. it says

Please check the information you provided

  • post: body: expected text between 1 and 20480 characters

Hi there!

Send me a message on discord:

  • hakuenstudio

Or on the PM of the forums:

oh now i can send img!


That border is defined on the plugin parameters, "Window Pad". Change that value to reduce the border size.

(1 edit)

I have installed "EliMZ_Book" (Version 5.4.10) and "EliMZ_MinimapPro" (Version 4.1.3). I have activated both plugins. I created a folder named "minimap" in the "img" directory. I added "<TileMinimap><ImgMinimap: Map>" to the "note" section of my map. I placed an image named "Map.png" inside the "minimap" folder. However, my map isn't displaying in the game. Any ideas?

Hi there! ^^

You cannnot use both notetags at the same time. You either need to use <TileMinimap> or <ImgMinimap:Map>.

Take a look at the sample project, it can help you setup everything. There are example of both minimap types working.


Let me know if you manage to make it!

If I just put either one or the other (<TileMinimap> or <ImgMinimap: Map>), the map still doesn't display.

If you tried the Image minimap, it should display. Strange. Let's figure this out.

  1. If you remove the space on the <ImgMinimap: Map> to <ImgMinimap:Map> it works?
  2. When you start the game, press F8 or F12, and go to the CONSOLE tab of the browser window that will be opened. Send me a screenshot of what is in there.
  3. Did you check if it is plugin compatibility, by trying only with my plugins ON?
  4. Did you check if the Minimap hidden switch is not hidden the minimap?
  5. When using the Tile Minimap, did you set up the colors on the plugin parameters?
  6. Did you check the sample project?

If none of that works, upload a sample project for me replicating the error, so I can take a look. You can send me the link here or Discord, or on the forum PM.

I have created a new (empty) project .I have installed "EliMZ_Book" (Version 5.4.10) and just after "EliMZ_MinimapPro" (Version 4.1.3). I have activated both plugins. Only these 2 plugins are installed. I created a folder named "minimap" in the "img" directory. I added <ImgMinimap:Map> to the "note" section of my map. I placed an image named "Map.png" inside the "minimap" folder. But doesn't work.

Found another (sorry). When I load a game that was saved before I put in the minimap I get 

"TypeError Cannot read property 'getMinimapRevealData' of undefined"

Line in question for debugger is:


If you install the minimap plugin, you need to start a new game. You can't load a save a file that previously did not have the minimap plugin.

I would appreciate a sample project replicating the issue! I will have to be out for maybe a week, but when I get back the sample project will make things easier for me to debug the error.

Awesome plugin. I found a small bug with the pro version. When I set the map to hide with the variable I set it hides, but if I then delete some image and show an image you get an ugly white square in the place of the map. Like it sort of matters what order you present images.

I'm using an overlay image, but it's more like an ugly white square.

To give an example, I've got it set to hide whenever the text window is there.

Ok! Lets figure this out.

  1. Are you using the <IMG> minimap, right?
  2. When you say "delete image" what you mean? Delete a default Rpg Maker Picture?
  3. Are you hiding the map with a variable? Or do you mean switch?

So, when you flip the switch to hide the minimap, the blank square is showing?

1, right

2, correct, it’s like it’s got a z index élément too

3, correct, i assign a var to hiding the map and alter based on circumstances 

The image is a full screen image. I’ve replicated with… 

fade out. flip the switch and delete the image. 

Fade out delete image flip switch 

Or show an image and flip the switch

ok! Will try to reproduce the problem and let you know!

let me know if you need me to mock up an example of it happening…

MZ Minimap Pro - "Cannot read property 'getHexOrName" of undefined. Did I do something wrong or missing something?

I see it. Need the base plugin.

Hi there!

Yes, you need Eli Book somewhere above it. I also have a Sample Project(link on the plugin page) in case you have any troubles. But let me know if you managed to get it to work! ^^

I'm still struggling. One thing I noticed is the minimap pro version reckons it's 4.13, but I tried downloading from itch app and website and I cannot get pro 6.1.3 version!


Sorry about that. I will exclude the other versions. 

  • The right version is the 4.1.3 for MZ.
  • For MV, is the 6.1.3

Although I worked out my problem - capital I on <Img...

Sorry, Khun Chuai, can I? I am a beginner. Thank you

Hi there!

I need more information.

Usually the map is all white because you:

1 - Either painted all the map with one terrain tag, and that same terrain tag is set to white on the plugin parameters.

2 - On the plugin parameters that you choose the colors for the map to use, the terrain tag or region Id 0 is set to white.

So open the plugin parameters and your map terrain tag configurations and make sure everything is properly set up.

Working with MV. Made sure the plugins I have downloaded are MV.

Nothing is showing up, not even the aformentioned white square that Zrei had brought up.

IDK what you need to see in the plugin setup itself, but here is everything else.

(1 edit)

Hi there!

So I can see the following:

1 - On your Map Note you have both <TileMinimap> and <ImgMinimap:Cityl>.

You need to choose what type of minimap you want. You cannot use both.

2 - When using the TileMinimap, did you set up the tileset colors on the plugin parameter?

Setup the TileMinimap Colors. Go into the plugin parameters > Common Settings > Tileset Colors

1- I got rid of <TileMinimap> and tried it, no change. Switched to getting rid of <ImgMinimap:Cityl> and putting in <TileMinimap>, and I now have a white square, so progress, but I need the tiled minimap, and not just what is passable/impassible. I had a map like that before, and given some things I got going on, the map didn't make any sense.

2- It LOOKS set up to me, but I am not sure-- I have tried referencing the help document, and I can't make heads or tails of it. (Note: it was a misunderstanding of the document that caused me to put both of the tags in the map notes)

Ok I see now that the  colored squares correspond to regions. Which is cool, but again, I am trying to make a detailed map, not a color map, so what am I doing wrong?


The tile minimap is for the colored minimap. As you assign colors for each tile. The minimap will paint the tiles according to the settings on the Color parameters, and also according to their priority.

See, the Region is priority 1, so its color will prevail above everything else.

Next to it is the Terrain Tag colors. And so on.

By default, all tiles are set to terrain tag ID 0. Which by default is white. That's why your TileMinimap is just all white.

If you do not want that, just leave the Terrain Id 0 a blank value on the plugin parameters.

Img Minimap

Now, when you say Detailed Minimap, you say the ImgMinimap, it should be straightforward. Just make an image, of the same size as your game map(if your map is 20x15, then the file size must be 960x720), and put it in the folder. The name of the file must match the one set on the map note. And it is case-sensitive.

If still nothing is working, send me a link to the sample project replicating the issue and I will take a look. You can send it here or on my discord:

Hakuen Studio#5661

Hey I just have a question, as this minimap might fit my project.
Is the fog of war reveal adjustable, or is it fixed?

Hi there!

You can adjust the range of the tiles that will be revealed on the minimap by using a variable value. And also what minimaps have this feature or not.

But the fog of war only works on the minimap.

(1 edit)

Hello! I recently purchased the pro version of this plugin and I can't seem to get the tilemap to work. I have the note in my map, I have the minimap settings configured but every time I load up the scene it is just a plain white square for the minimap. The map does not update or show icons. It does not show any walls or other things. Do you have any advice for me?

Hi there! :)

So, if you are creating the minimap using the tilemap, you need to have two things set properly:

1 - The <TileMinimap> note tag on the map's note. It is case-sensitive. Show me a screenshot so I know that you did it right.

2 - Setup the TileMinimap Colors. Go into the plugin parameters > Common Settings > Tileset Colors

Take a look at the help file to understand the priority of each section. Basically, the Minimap will always be painted with the color of the highest priority. 

In the case above, if you are on a BUSH tile, the minimap will paint it green. But, if on that same Bush tile, you have a terrain Id as 0 or 1. it will paint the terrain tag colors(White or DarkRed).

If you do not want to use a color for something, just leave it empty.

But I also just find a bug while testing this, leaving the terrain tag colors empty, resulting in a crash. I will be fixing this issue tomorrow.


Now, about the icons, you need to show me how you setup them up. By using the templates on the plugin parameters or by note tags/comments.

Let's find that problem :)

Alright I figured it out and got it fixed, for others who may have had a similar problem I will explain.

I did not set up the terrain tags for my tileset so everything was acting as tiletag 0. Setting those up easily fixed that. The reason I did not have a player Icon work for the minimap is because I did not have a character image for the player actor. (the reason for this was because I am creating a first person dungeon crawler so I did not have a character sprite on the actor.)

Thank you for your help and great plugins Hakuen.

Nice you manage  to make everything work!

Have fun!

Hey, so I downloaded the pro version and I seem to be having difficulties figuring out how to use the Full Minimap scene. How would I do that? Is there a way to make it so you click the map and it expands? Not sure what I should be doing. 

Hi there! Thanks for the purchase! ^^

Well, you can open the Full Minimap Scene using a plugin command:

But, if you want to click on the minimap and then open the minimap scene, you can just create a common event and put the plugin command on that common event.

After that, assign that common event to a plugin parameter:

I answered your previous report, but you didn't answer me back. So I will copy and paste my previous answer, with the addition of some new:

I believe the plugin is trying to get the data from a specific event and page index that does not exist. I need more information to understand how this can be happening. Because the event itself could not exist, or just the page index could not be a valid one.

1 - Are you using my core plugin(Eli Book) somewhere above the minimap plugin?

2 - Are you using any template/spawn event plugins?

3 - Where did it exactly happen? What you are doing for this error happens?

4 - How do you is creating the minimap marker? note tags? comments?

5 - If you try on another map, to create a minimap marker, with only one event on the map, it still happens?

6 - To ensure is no a compatibility problem, if you try on a clean project, with only my plugins, the error still happens?

7 - What is the version of the Eli Book and Minimap?

1) Eli Book is above the minimap plugin. 

2) I am not using a build event plugin. 

3) The mistake. I have noticed that it occurs in events with many conditional branches.

4) I have checked and the labels of the map and events are correct. 

5) I have tried on other maps, but the error is replicated on some occasions "data" error. 

6) I have tried in new projects, and disabling all plugins and still the error is replicated. 

7) Eli Book = 5.4.3 EliMZ Minimap free = 6.0.3

Thanks for the reply!

Send me the new project you tried replicating the error that I will take a look.

I would like to send privately, where can I send

send me a pm on the forum:



Cannot read property 'data' of undefined

Hi there!

I believe the plugin is trying to get the data from a specific event and page index that does not exist. I need more information to understand how this can be happening. Because the event itself could not exist, or just the page index could not be a valid one.

1 - Are you using my core plugin(Eli Book) somewhere above the minimap plugin?

2 - Are you using any template/spawn event plugins?

3 - Where did it exactly happen? What you are doing for this error happens?

4 - How do you is creating the minimap marker? note tags? comments?

5 - If you try on another map, to create a minimap marker, with only one event on the map, it still happens?

6 - To ensure is not a compatibility problem, if you try on a clean project, with only my plugins, the error still happens?

Deleted 1 year ago

Will this also work with a parallax map or no, if we have the image up as a parallax for the full map or something maybe? :o


Hi there!

The plugin generates the minimap in two ways:

1 - By colors. You can set up these colors on the plugin parameters:

2 - By a custom image. So, any image you want. You can have a screenshot of your map, and use it as a minimap.

So yes, it can work wit parallax in this way, since you can use any image you want.

HELL YES THANK YOU HAKUEN TwT I appreciate it. When I'm doing the map stuff I will grab this down the road tysm <3



Nice, have fun! ^^

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Mano esse plugin é muito bom!


Valeu fera! 

Eu to devendo uma melhorada nele faz tempo.... xD

Mas que bom que tu gostou!

Hiya I put this plugin in my mz project to test it but it claims I need a core something thing where can I get that?

Hi there!

You can find it here:


So do I use the plugin in the demo project and how do I put them in the plugin window in rpg maker mz or mv? 
I was excited to test this but no banana when I put the plugin there.. Im sure I had put the demo plugin too btw so can you please explain further for me thank you!

Hi there!

You need to make sure of some things first:

  1. Make sure you are using the right plugin for the right engine. The ones that started with EliMZ are for RPG Maker MZ. The others are for MV.
  2. You need to have my core plugin installed somewhere above all Eli plugins.
  3. Show to me the versions of the plugin you are using.
  4. If you try and it does not work, you need to tell me exactly what you are doing and what is happening.
  5. If an error is happening, press F12, go to the CONSOLE tab, and send me a screenshot of the error log.
  6. If no error is happening, upload the project replicating the problem so I can take a look.
(1 edit)

How do i use the <TileMinimap>  ?

I can't seem to make the minimap show?

-I bought the Pro. Version... But i can't seem to make any window show up...

Hi there!

First, make sure you have the note tag on the map and also have set the colors that will generate the Tile Minimap:

Note tag:

Plugin Parameters > Common Settings > Tileset Colors

Then you should be able to see your minimap on the Map Scene. If it will be inside a window or not, you need to set the proper plugin parameter to what you want(Plugin Parameter > Minimap > Window > Enable):

The plugin command will only work if you are on a map that does have the minimap.

And check if you have both plugins up to date:

  • EliMZ_Book = 5.3.0
  • Minimap = 6.0.3

If you did everything above and it still not showing/working, upload a sample project somewhere,  replicate the error, and send the link to me on Discord:

Hakuen Studio#5661


(2 edits)

I had several worries about the setup and how it would function in game. I have to say I was blown away how easy the setup was, and how easy it is to use. Anyone that has any doubts, it is worth the price for the amount of time that it saves from doing maps by hand.

So I went to update the pro version of this plugin from 5.0.2 to 6.0.2 and anytime I go to play test the game it crashes immediately .

Hi there!

Can you send me a screenshot of the error, when it happens? (Press F8 or F12 when the error happens, go to the "console" tab, and take a screenshot)

Also, did you refresh your plugin parameters? They are changed a little bit in this version. So you probably need to take a look at them and fill some of them again.

Free version no maps are displayed even with all plugins active and configured.

Hi there!

    1. You need to give me more info. 
    2. You said that is configured, but how you did do it? 
    3. What RPG Maker Version?
    4. Did you try on a clean project or in the Demo project? Because in the demo project it works. So it is something else.
    5. Did you set the map note tags? Are you using image or tile minimap?
    6. The game shows an error or it only does not work?

    Hey Eli, just grabbed the pro version of this plugin, got it to work and solved a major crash issue I was having with the free version. I have a few ideas I'd love to see added in future releases.

    - Mouse hover descriptions for the Full Map scene icons would be nice. Even if just for the templates.

    - Separate tile sizes for the Minimap and full size Map Scene. My maps that don't fill the Map Scene at the adjusted tile size look small and have huge borders. Even an option to show map images at full size in the Map Scene would be a great help.

    - I also think this may be contributing to another glitch I'm having. When I open a small(as mentioned above) map it moves my char and Icon to the center of the map whenever I open the larger Map scene. Then when I close it my character comes floating in from offscreen. The Minimap is showing the correct position at all times, even when I float back in. I had this issue with another, larger map. When I raised the tile size so the Map Scene was larger than the displayed map it fixed it.

    - I'm also having an issue with spawned events showing on the Minimap, which wasn't really a surprise to me.  They will show on the Map Scene when I open it and THEN will show on the Minimap so I'm wondering if there's a script call I can use after a spawn to make the Minimap refresh. 

    Either way, great plugin and very simple to use.

    Hi there!

    Thank you so much for the great feedback! :D

    - The mouse hover descriptions are already a thing that I plan to do! So hold on to that I will make this someday!

    - Separate Tile sizes can be an easy update to make if the map is made using Tiles. But if it is an image, the user will have to create another minimap image for the Full Minimap Scene. So I will think about how I will set up that!

    - About the Spawned events, I can take a look at it depending on what plugin you are using for that.

    But It will be more viable for me if you can make a tiny sample project replicating the Spawn event issue and the glitch using small maps on the larger scene. So I can take a look and understand better what is happening.

    I can't seem to get any of your plugins to work. I have the Book of Eli installed.
    I just now noticed you did a small .01 update, however I'm also having trouble with your button common events plugin.
    Both Minimap Pro and Button Common Events act as if they aren't installed - as far as I can tell. Launching the game, there are no crashes, however, the functions of these plugins are also not present. For example, using button common events with a common event assigned to F, I press F in game but nothing happens. I can manually trigger the common event (by activating an item) and the common event runs normally. However it doesn't run using the key press.
    As for the Minimap, I've set up the folder, exported the map to a png and used the note tags for the map, but still, nothing shows up in game.

    I have tried turning off every single plugin except for just the Eli plugins, but they still do not function. Any idea?

    Hi there!

    I'm working on a update on the Button common event plugin. So let's wait a little bit about that.

    But, for the Minimap plugin, it does have a sample project for you to test. So you can compare what you are doing with the sample project.

    Otherwise, if you do not manage to find the problem, build a project with only my plugins like you said you did, and send me so I can take a look. You can upload it anywhere like google drive, one drive, Dropbox etc. And send me the link here.

    Hey, thanks for the reply. I tested it in a new project and made more progress than previously: I at least got the window to show up, but the minimap never displayed inside the window. I've read over your instructions probably 3 or 4 times, and I am clueless as to what I could be doing wrong. I compiled this project for you to check. (The project is using the ImgMinimap, but I also tested it with TileMinimap)


    Hi there!

    I have downloaded it(3 times) but when I tried to extract the project from the zip file I got an error resulting in the project not working. Can you try to upload it again?

    Hey, thanks for taking a look at it.

    Actually, don't worry about it. I tried another one of your plugins (the gold icon one) and it also didn't work for me. I have also installed new plugins from other developers, but it's only your plugins here that seem to disagree with my game/computer/my own incompetence, whatever the problem may stem from. I've just decided I'm not going to use them since troubleshooting these plugins is just not how I want to spend my game development time. I hope you understand.

    If you have other people reporting similar problems, I'll be happy to repackage the test game to help you find the source of the problem to help others improve their games, but if I am the only person having the problem, then don't worry about it.

    Hi there!

    It's fine, don't worry! Good luck with your game development! ^^

    Error using multiple maps. Tried to set a second map, but when i switch map it through the "Cannot read property list of undefined error. Attached the screen. Thank you

    *throw not through ahah sorry

    Correction, is not for the new map, but the problem it seems to be the events inside the map

    Hi there!

    Thanks for the report. Can you try to see if this error happens on a clean project? Only with my plugins?

    Like, on your current project, disable all plugins and leave only Eli Book and Eli Minimap below Eli book. 

    Then try switching between maps and see if the error happens.

    Hey there! The plugin got an update. Did you try to see if it works now?

    Hey! I just bought this a little while ago, I can't seem to get it to display on my end. I used the appropriate <TileMinimap> etc but when I boot up the game I get this error on my end. These are with the default settings. Maybe you might be able to shed some light here lol


    Hi there!

    Sorry about that. On the last update I accidentally removed a warning saying that it needs my core plugin(Free):

    Download it and put somewhere above all my plugins on the Plugin manager.

    You may want to take a look at the Minimap plugin parameters too, specifically on the Tileminimap settings.

    Thanks, it works perfectly now!

    (1 edit)

    Everything is perfect, except one thing. I can't seem to find the list of plugin commands , specifically the one that makes the mini map full screen like in the above videos

    I'm a bit of a scrub at this, I tried running a SceneManager.push(Scene_fullMinimap); script, but that wasn't right either. 

    Hi there!

    On MZ you just have to use the event command "Plugin Command" and select my plugin from the list.

    On MV, I forgot to add it to the help file. Will do it on the next update. But for now, you can use this script call:

    • Eli.Minimap.cmd_fullMinimap()

    But it only works on the Pro Version.


    Heyo, I think I might be having some compatibility issues. Perhaps you could tell me if there is something that could be done about it. Thanks in advance!

    Hi there!

    Thanks for the screenshot!

    I will take a look at it tomorrow :)

    Hey! Any news regarding the issue?


    No not yet. I didn't forget! But I've been busy with other stuff. But I will see it for sure!

    I took a quick look here. But I didn't manage to trigger the error. I put the SRD Camera Core plugin above and below mine. The error didn't happen. So I used some plugin commands, but still, no error shows up.

    Can you try to build a sample project replicating the error so I can try to fix it?

    I've tried to replicate it to no avail. I did however somehow fix it by pretty much doing nothing..? There does seem to be a red dot that I can't get rid of though. It's always in the top left, maybe I am blind but I couldn't figure it out myself, haha.

    Well, ok then!

    If the error happens again, try to remember what you are doing at the time that the error happens!

    This red dot on the top left is probably an event or a vehicle.

    These icons are representing Events, vehicles, and the player. So is one of them.

    So double-check if you have an event on the top left of your map, or a vehicle.

    Hello .. I've been lusting over this plugin for a while now .. however I cant seem to get the demo to work on my game . every time I play test it crashes . one of my dev's said its clashing with my VisuStella plugins . Is there any way to remedy the compatibility problem I'm having ?

    Thank you .

    Hi there!

    So the demo is just a showcase of the plugin. It probably don't have the latest versions of my plugins.

    So, try open the demo, see what plugins are there, update them to latest versions and test again.

    If you still get an error, I will need more information. So when the error happens, press F12, go the console tab, and send me a screenshot of the error.

    As I can see from the log error, you are probably using an old version of the Minimap Plugin.

    Please, do as I told you before in my last comment:

    So, try opening the demo, see what plugins are there, update them to the latest versions, and test again.

    Update the plugins to their latest versions:

    • EliMZ_Book 5.0.6
    • EliMZ_Minimap 5.0.1

    Then you test it again. If an error appear, send it to me again.

    So I had my dev update to the latest version and it still didn't work . This is what he said and the error report . 


    Thanks for the nice plugin!

    Currently, the center position of player on the mini-map seems to be off.

    Will this be corrected?

    Hi there!

    Thanks for the report, I will fix that! :)

    Fixed on the 5.0.1 version!

    Please download it! And thanks again! ^^


    Thanks for the speedy fix!

    Downloaded it right away!

    I get a syntax error when ever I try to open up this program, is there something I need to do? I got eli's book and I still have the syntax error.

    oh I need an rpg maker, the ones that this app supports cost a decent amount of money, any rpg makers that this supports that are free?

    Hi there!

    This is a plugin created specifically for RPG Maker Engines. In that case, RPG Maker MV and MZ.

    Unfortunately, both RPG Makers are not free. Although MV is cheaper(and older) than MZ. 

    MV - https://store.steampowered.com/app/363890/RPG_Maker_MV/

    MZ - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1096900/RPG_Maker_MZ/

    I see, thank you

    (1 edit)

    maybe you should add, that there are (big) sales or bundles several times a year - that's their (stupid) "sales" concept ...

    Hi there!

    Sorry, I didn't understand. ^^'' What you are trying to say?

    No matter what I do. 

    TypeError. Cannot read property 'createPerameter' of undefined.....

    HI there!

    This error is because you didn't have the Eli Book installed, above the minimap plugin.


    Sorry about that, I will put a warning on the next update!

    I really love your plugins, but they're not compatible with MogBattleHud - or at least, I get errors when I enable this plugin when BattleHud is on, and no errors when the hud is off. Do you have plans to add compatibility? I haven't bought this minimap yet but plan to if everything works nicely together in my game. Thanks so much!!

    (1 edit)

    Hi there!

    Thanks for the comment!

    About the compatibility issue with Mog Plugins, let's work this out! Can you show to me a screenshot of the error? And your plugin manager list?

    Are you using MV or MZ?

    That's so nice of you, thanks for the help!! I am using MZ. Here is the console error:

    My plugin list is a bit large, but it is almost entirely VisuStella wave plugins. I have tried putting your plugins above and below BattleHud but they come up with the same error.

    Ok, thanks! Will take a look into this. But just to be sure, my plugins are updated? Make sure they have a version 5.0.0 or higher.

    I will only be able to do something on thursday!

    (3 edits)

    Nice plugin, can you add that instead of use different colors for different terrain tags, it is generated by collision O or X in two colors? This would help all of us a lot. I think would be also cool to let us draw it by both, Collision and Terrain Tag, so we can color specific tiles to another different color if we want.

    Willing to purchase the PRO version but this is important for me since I have a lot of tilesets already.

    Thank you.

    Hi there!

    Thanks for trying it out! I believe I can make this. :)

    But just clarify something for me: The reason you want this feature, is that will be a lot of work for you to set up the terrain tags in all your tilesets, right?

    (1 edit)

    Yes! That's right, if we have over 60 tilesets, it can end being over 1000 clicks to be placed. So that is a quickest way to generate a map in two colors, and if we want to show an specific color for specific tiles like for example blue color for water, we only need define the water terrain tag on the water tiles. This is such a incredible Quality of Life upgrade for everyone :D

    Of course, such new feature should be optional  (parameter = true/false) since I believe there are already many people with the plugin that already placed many terrain tags.

    Thank you very much for the answer :D will be waiting for this upgrade ;)


    Ok then! Thanks for the answer! I will add that :)


    Hi there! 

    I manage to add the new feature you want. It is available on the free version too. Thanks for the suggestion! ^^