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Showing the faces of the characters in the message window is cool!
But sometimes it can get in the way of calculating the size of the text we write.
Or perhaps, you may want to show the character's face elsewhere on your game screen.
This plugin will help you do that!


  • Show the character's face in a window apart from the message box.
  • Use any face size.
  • Show the window using "easing animations"!
  • Choose the tone and type of background!
  • Animated faces!
  • Different animations for when the message box is writing and when it is not (Idle and Talk animations).

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AuthorHakuen Studio
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MZ - FaceWindow 3.7.0 6 kB
MV - FaceWindow 5.1.1(UNSUPPORTED) 12 kB

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Is there a way to "clean cache" or something for the images?

I am using this plugin to show the faces during important events and the NameBox plugin for the rest. However, when a dialogue with NameBox is displayed, it also displays the last face that was used using the Face Windown plugin. So, is there a way to clean that "cache" or a way that this doesn't happen anymore?


I will take a look into this. But you are using MV, correctly?

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Yep, MV. Sorry, I also use NameBox, but the bug happens when I use GALV_MessageStyles plugin

If you remove the Galv Message Styles, the plugin works properly?

Apparently, yep. However, I want to use that plugin during normal gameplay and Face Window in cutscenes. So then, I am having this issue

You can try changing galv plugin position to see if it works. But this is a compatibility problem, and I'm not fixing this in MV.

I guess is very unlikely that both plugins will work together anyway.

There is a problem that the face comes out even when the face is not set. How do I solve this?

Hi there!

Can you show me the versions of the EliMZ Book and the Face window plugin?

book is 5.4.12 and facewindow is 3.5.2

I'm also buying and using your minimap. However, I don't think the face appears when there is a minimap.

Did you set up the Face Window positions on the plugin parameter, on the three different positions? 

If yes, make sure the minimap is not in the same position as the face window.

If it is still not showing, press F12/F8, go to the CONSOLE tab on the window that will appear, and send a screenshot of that window so I can see if there is any error there.

hi, i am encountering a problem with your plugins

whenever i start a battle, the game crashes and shows me a error message saying "TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of null" and when i've looked at the console, it shows that your plugin is making those errors (Image Below)

Hi there!

I see two problems on your screenshot, the first one is a silent error on EliMZ_WindowSkin, but you need to fix it in order for the plugin to work. This probably is related to a plugin parameter you didn't set up. So go into the plugin parameters of this plugin and make surre you have all properly filled.

The second error is the crash that happens in battle. I believe I fixed this issue yesterday. You need to download the latest version of my Eli Book plugin, which is the core plugin for all my plugins.

Thank you very much for your help!

You are welcome! ^^

( Did it fixed the issue? )

Yes it did!

Nice! Have fun! ^^

Is there a way to get the name window to appear on top of the face image? (In MZ)

The first one is what it actually looks like, the second is what I want it to look like (mocked up in an image editor)
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The only way I can see this now, is if you put the face window position on the name window position. By default, face window position is below the name window.

The issue is, the name window gets the same visibility option as the message window. If your message window is transparent, then you will be fine.

Otherwise, you can put this on a .txt file, save it. Then change it's extension to .js and add it as a plugin on the bottom of your plugin list.

Window_NameBox.prototype.updateBackground = function() {

This will make your window name box have the background according to a variable value of your choice. Change "id" to the variable id you want to use. Then, when changing the value of this variable, it will change the visibility settings according to the below:

  • 0 = Window
  • 1 = Dim
  • 2 = Transparent

This plugin is a life-saver! It really works seamlessly with my seperately-evented blinking and emoting HUD face.

But, if I may ask, would it be possible to add in an option to allow the message text to not be moved?

I've got everything perfectly measured out, but using the plugin causes the text to slam to the left to close up the space where the default face would have been..

I recorded a quick example vid with the plugin turned on then off:

(please ignore all the terrible place-holder art ;P)

(Also, I normally have the windowskin invisible so it doesn't cover the HUD face behind the Plugin's talking face, but for demonstrative purposes of the video I enabled it.)

If it's just not possible then no problem, fingers crossed though!

Hi there!

Nice you are enjoying it! And it is possible to do this! But, I will not implement it in the plugin officially.

So, to do that, open the plugin file with any text editor, and go to the line 994, specifically this one:

Just replace that line with "return false", without quotes. If perhaps you wish to enable and disable this option inside the game, you can also replace this with "return $gameSwitches.value(id)", without quotes. Replace the id with a switch id you want.

When this switch is ON, it will remove the margin(push the text to the left), and when it is off, will keep the text with the indentation.

Oh wow, you're an absolute livesaver! Things are looking good, I really appreciate it!


Have fun! :D

Hey uhm, I installed the MV version of your plugin and it doesn not change anything. It behaves just like normal. Is there a specific parameter I need to change? (I'm trying to get face windows) 

Hi there!

  • As soon as you open the game, press F12, go to the CONSOLE tab, and send me a screenshot of that screen.
  • Are you using Eli Book(my core plugin)?
  • Ensure you have the switches off, the ones you can configure on the plugin parameters.

yes i have eli book installed. i do not have any switches to disable things. 

I cannot send the screenshot here
But, it says
Unexpected Token for Book
unexpected number for face window

I need those screenshots, otherwise I can't help.

Will be waiting for you to be able to send when you can.

i genuinely cant send them, itch.io prompts me that theres a character limit

Can you try send me through PM on the forum? Or upload on imgur or any other cloud system and send me the link?

Hello, sorry to bother ya. 

I keep getting the ReferenceError "anime not defined" when I try to use this plugin. Any clue on how to fix it?

I'm using the MZ version. Error persists on a clean project with or without other plugins. I am trying to use this, core, and animated faces. Error persists in isolation with or without core/animated faces as well.

The bug reporter throws me these two issues: 
line 636: " showAnime: anime({autoplay: false}), "

" DevTools failed to load SourceMap: Could not load content for chrome-extension://njgcanhfjdabfmnlmpmdedalocpafnhl/js/libs/pixi.js.map: System error: net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND "

Any help is appreciated. I really like the look of this plugin and want to try it out!

Hi there!

I believe you are using the wrong version of the plugin on your project. I guess on the .zip download I included a version that is not supposed to use anymore. Use the one that starts with "Eli_MVZ" instead of just "Eli_MZ"

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Oh yeah, that was it. Easy mistake to make on my part. Thank you for correcting me! Though for some reason the edge of the window is still just barely visible at the end of the animation once the window tries to leave the screen. Opening the menu seems to make it go away completely. But when starting the next dialog the face window glitches out, has to go back to it's original off screen position, then eases into the place it's supposed to be.

I also noticed that if you re-trigger the dialog too soon while the window is in the corner like that it get's stuck and won't come back out until I reset it using the main menu. This is happening on a clean project without any other plugins as well.

I also had a question about the face animations. Can we set separate start indexes for idle and for talking animations? A random range for the framerate instead of a stable constant would to make blinking and talking look more natural. It's super easy to see the pattern now and the full loop is a bit distracting. Right now it looks like the full loop will play and I can't get it to go back to the blinking animation with larger face sheet sets (2 rows of 10 faces.)

There's another animated faces plugin that has those features by lordvalinar and it looks pretty good but isn't compatible with your face window plugin.

Do you take commissions for this sort of thing? I don't have a ton of money but I'd be willing to pay for those kinds of additions and would love for everyone else to be able to use them as well if you have time to make them.

Hi there!

Nice, it's working. I remember having this issue of the window not being completely out of the screen. I will take a look into it when I had the time.

And about the animated faces, I answered you on the animated faces page.

Yeah, I do take commissions, but I'm already full by now =/

(1 edit)

Ah I see that response now. I'll keep an eye out in case you update this plugin more. For now it's not quite what I'm looking for.

But, regardless thank you for your time and for helping me troubleshoot! If there's a way to let me know when you're open for commissions please keep me in mind.


Thank you so much for this. My project desperately needed this. 

Have fun!!! :D

(2 edits)

I wish I could change positioning based on name length, because I can't really center the window directly above the character name, it will center over only ones I specifically set it for.

Also, I'm not sure why, but when I have a different character with no portrait talking, the last portrait just sits partially in the corner.

Hi there!

I think I can create a way for you to center the window based on the name length. I just need to let the plugin evaluate a formula on the offset arguments of the plugin parameter related to the window position.

But honestly, I think it can be strange because it will lose symmetry with the Message window. But I will add it anyway because it can be used for multiple stuff.

About this one:

"Also, I'm not sure why, but when I have a different character with no portrait talking, the last portrait just sits partially in the corner."

  • Are you using MV or MZ?
  • The problem also happens on a clean project, meaning only with my plugins?
  • If yes, let me know and I will try to reproduce and fix it.
  • If not, then it is a compatibility problem. I will need you to track down the plugin doing this. So, disable one plugin and test the game again. When the problem is gone, the last disabled plugin can be the culprit. Let me know what the plugin is and I will try to make a compatibility.

Can't seem to get this to activate, is there a specific scriptcall to have the face window appear? Added your CoreEliBook plugin just incase, and using on a new project, still can't get it to work sadly..

Not sure if I'm being stupid or not :p

Hi there!

Thank you so much for the screenshots!

Can you take a look at the plugin parameters and take a screenshot for me?

I'm guessing that maybe the error is that is a plugin parameter that is not the right setup. Maybe I can have also made a mistake putting the default parameter value wrong, so it can be triggering a silent error.

You can also press F12, it will open a browser, then you go to the Console tab and send me a screenshot of it.

Sure! Here is the popup for top parameter and bottom parameter.

Haven't altered anything so far.

Thank you for your time so far, again, sorry for the bother!

Yeah, that is what I thought. The parameters are empty and that is causing the issue. I will fix this in the next update.

But if you just open those parameters, pressed OK, and close the plugin manager applying the changes it will work.

Those fields cannot be empty.

You're right, that solved it completely!

(heads up, i think the default values have the face window pop up and sit to the left almost completely off-screen. Not an issue since I can just mess with x and y to have it show up on-screen, but that may be something to adjust as ppl may think it's not working).

Thank you so much for the awseome script! def going to be looking at your other works!

Oh, nice! Thanks for the heads up, I will take a look into that!

Glad you liked it! Have fun :)