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RPG Maker's choice system is cool. But it could be so much better!

This plugin gives more flexibility to the default functionality of the choices, as well as extends them by implementing new features!


  • Increase the number of choices.
  • Shuffle the choices.
  • Changes the number of columns in the choice window.
  • Activate, deactivate, show, and hide choices with regular switches or self-switches. Via plugin command or escape codes.
  • Set specific texts for disabled choices.
  • Show/Move the window to any position using easing animations!
  • Choices inside the message window.
  • Stores the chosen choice index in a variable.
  • Stores the text of the chosen choice in a variable.
  • Put a delay on frames to allow confirmation of a choice as soon as the window opens.
  • Change Choice Window Skin. 
  • Change the text/cursor color on the selected choice.
  • Define texts for the help window in each choice (Requires EliMZ_HelpWindows).
  • Set Choice text alignment. (Requires EliMZ_MessageActions)
  • Attach pictures to choices!
  • Auto-set picture movement for selected, unselected, and chosen pictures!
  • Choose to erase all pictures or erase only the Unchosen ones when the choice closes!
  • Custom Width/Height for each choice
  • Run a common event for each choice.
  • Turn on a specific switch for each choice.
  • Turn on a switch each time a new choice is selected.
  • Use background images for choices.
  • Optionally remove the dark rectangle background.
  • Put a time limit(countdown) for the player to confirm a choice.
  • Show/hide the cursor.
  • Invisible choice window.

Maybe Future features:

  • Choices with multiple lines. (PRO)
  • Attach events to choices! (PRO)
  • Individual choice windows (PRO)
  • Nested Choice Windows (PRO)

NOTE: Both plugin versions, free and pro, have the same file name. This is to make it easy to transition from the Free to the Pro version.

NOTE²: Due to MV does not have the complex plugin command structure from MZ, for now, you have to set up the plugin features using script calls. It's all on the sample project.

How To Use

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NOTE: "Unsupported" versions for MZ will only work with EliMZ Book 5.3.0 version.

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Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

In order to download this RPG Maker Plugin you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $20 USD. You will get access to the following files:

MZ - Choice Manager Pro 6.1.2 22 kB
MV - Choice Manager Pro 5.1.3(UNSUPPORTED) 19 kB

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Hello!  I'm interested in this plugin but I wanted to ask a feature question.

What I'm looking for is the ability to have the player choose a response to story questions, and show a little flavor dialog box upon hovering over each choice, as if to show the character thinking to themselves and pondering and exploring each choice more carefully when you hover over it, before you make your selection.  Something like this:

(Skip to about 0:32:50 or so, where the main character is arguing with a negative version of herself.)

See, you have a simple version of each choice, like "Who?" or "Home,"  and then when you hover over it then it shows another line at the bottom of the screen elaborating more on that choice, before you finally click one to make your selection.

I'm not  looking for mouse support or any of the fancier stuff like how this game implements it, but I just want something where you can tie another dialog box to each choice to give it more context like that on hover (bonus points if it could possibly be a full dialog box with options like showing character portraits and stuff, too.)  It looks from the video here that this plugin can sort of do something like that? with the way it's showing a help box on each choice in the very first demonstration of the video.  Would that be suitable, do you think?  Would this plugin meet that need?

Thank you so much!!

Hi there!

(I will assume that you are talking about the MZ version of the plugin)

So, yes, you can do something like that! For example, each time a choice is selected, you can show text on a help window created for the choices. So each choice can have its help text.

You cannot make it work exactly like the default Message Window. But, you may be able to achieve a similar result, by changing the help window size on the plugin command and combining it with Eli Global Text(To let the help window use any escape code) plus one of the below: 

1 - With the Choice Manager plugin, you can show a picture when a choice is selected. So you could use this to show an actor's face image. But you will need a single picture for that.

2 - Or, you can combine with Eli Message Actions and use the escape code \drawimg to draw a picture inside the help window.

Eli Global Text and Eli Message Actions are free plugins.

Another way would be using my Text Window plugin that indeed lets you show another Message Window on the screen(as many as you want), and combine it with the show choices. But the Text Window is not as free as the two above.

Hope I manage to clear your doubts!

Oh, something like combining the Text Window plugin with this one might just be exactly what we need, yes!

Just to confirm... if we had both of those... what would the procedure be to set up an on-choice-hover text window like that?  I'm going through the How to Use files for each one and just trying to imagine the actual process... something like setting up some initial settings in the parameters in Choice Manager, then putting an escape code in the choice's help text to call another text window via the Text Window plugin?  Apologies for the confusion; just trying to feel out the process with two plugins we don't have yet before buying both of them, can be confusing. ^^;

Thank you so much for your help!  Very excited for these!

Hi there!

Hold a little bit, that I will answer you with a video of both working when I have time. But I may only be free after day 1 of january.


Oh, okay!  I'm aiming to pick them up before the sale ends, but it looks like we have a few days left on that, so we can wait. ^^  That's incredibly helpful... thank you!!


Hi there!

Using the Text Window as a help window with the Choice Manager will be something like this:

You can see that the Help WIndows are stacking. I already fixed that on the Text Window code, but will update it later.

Choice Manager

You need to set a Switch to activate every time a new choice is selected. And also set a variable to track the choice index:

Then, create a parallel or autorun event, that is only activated when the "Switch New Selection" is ON. Inside that event, create conditionals tracking the current selected choice index by using a variable, and create a Text Window for each one. At the end of the event, set the "Switch New Selection" to off, to stop the parallel/autorun loop.

Hope it helps!


I recently purchased your plugin and intended on using it in my project. However, I seem to have encountered an error when using just the default settings that came with the plugin that has the message: 

this._helpWindow.refreshSize is not a function

Below are the errors that the console is giving me:

rmmz_managers.js:2030 TypeError: this._helpWindow.refreshSize is not a function

    at Window_ChoiceList.refreshSize (EliMZ_ChoiceManager.js:2518)

    at Window_ChoiceList.makeCommandList (EliMZ_ChoiceManager.js:2583)

    at Window_ChoiceList.beforeStart (EliMZ_ChoiceManager.js:3298)

    at Window_ChoiceList.start (EliMZ_ChoiceManager.js:2477)

    at Window_Message.startInput (rmmz_windows.js:5019)

    at Window_Message.onEndOfText (rmmz_windows.js:5007)

    at Window_Message.updateMessage (rmmz_windows.js:4972)

    at Window_Message.update (rmmz_windows.js:4843)

    at WindowLayer.update (rmmz_core.js:4205)

    at Scene_Map.Scene_Base.updateChildren (rmmz_scenes.js:12

How do I go about fixing this issue? Thanks again.

P.S. Is there a tutorial on how to use your plugin anywhere? Do I simply just enable it in my plugin manager in RMMZ, or is there more things that I have to do?

Hi there!

My plugin creates a new window to be used as the Help Window of the Choice Window. This seems to me that another plugin is overwritting my help window. 

So, make sure you are using my Eli Book somewhere above all other Eli Plugins. If you are using any other plugin that mess with choices, put mine somewhere below them on the plugin manager(or disable them at all. It is unlikely my choice plugin will work with another choice plugin anyway).

But, about that:

P.S. Is there a tutorial on how to use your plugin anywhere? Do I simply just enable it in my plugin manager in RMMZ, or is there more things that I have to do?
  1. There is the sample project where you can test and compare the functionalities of the plugin.
  2. And also the help file. You cannot simple enable the plugin on the plugin manager and expect it to work. This is a powerful plugin, and so, it is complex. You need to use the plugin commands to make it work properly.
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Thank you for your reply! I'm using the entire Visustella plugin library, so should I be putting your plugins before it? 

Also, how would I go about achieving something like this?(see attached) It's similar to how HIME_ChoiceDisplayMode used to do it in MV where the choices would be embeded inside the textbox. For whatever reason, since I have the "Relative to message" feature set to true, it looks something like this where the choices seem to be off the text box:

Is there a way to fix it to be more in line with the first picture?Thanks again for your help!


Please, take your time to answer my previous question properly. I told you a lot of things, but the only answer you gave me was "I'm using the entire Visustella plugin library,  so should I be putting your plugins before it?" - I already answered this question on my previous one.

And about the screenshot you sent, you do that with my plugin. You can either read the help file to find how to do it, or download my sample project and check the Choice Manager map. There is an example doing exactly that.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be rude with you. The thing is, that is a powerful and complex plugin. You will need to learn how to do it. And for that, I can't simple keep giving you answers, because they are not simple. You need to take your time to study the plugin.

So, I will wait for you to give me a better answer to my previous comment. This way I will be able to help you better.

(1 edit)

Hello again,

Very well. To answer your question, I've went ahead and disabled each and every plugin I have, one by one, to figure out which one it seems to not want to co-operate with and I think it might be Visustella's Message Core: Message Core VisuStella MZ - Yanfly.moe Wiki . (There could be more incompatibilities with their other plugins that I haven't encountered yet).

Whenever I place your plugin before or after it, I still get the same error message from my first response. I kind of need the Message Core enabled for other aspects of the project I'm working on. You can read more about it on the wiki link I provided and see what it does since it's a very complex plugin. I think it might even have a free version you can look into too from their sample project that should explain what it does to see what's causing the error to occur with your plugin. 

I apologize if I come across as a nuisance, I just really wanted to get this plugin working and have unfortunately encountered these obstacles in my way that I thought I could get some help for. Hope to hear from you soon.


No, it was not a nuisance. I just jeed better info, that is all.

Well, Visustella is complicated. Any patches I made that uses his plugin code, I need to set them for free on their website or something like that(At least that is what I remember from their terms of use).

They also have a obfuscated code(encrypted). So that also makes everything harder.

Beside the two above, still a big plugin code, a big help file.

Honestly, not willing to do a compatibility with any Visustella plugin because of the above.

If they want to make a compatibility with mine, is fine, I give my plugin for free to them. 

BUT I will give it a try. I have a guess that maybe I can manage to solve this issue without the need to take a look at their code. So hang on, I will be in touch.

No luck friend. It really seems to involve use their code to fix that. And for the reasons I told you on the last answer, I'm not willing to do it.

I di have a Message Manager plugin. You may try use him or try to combine other message plugins from other authors to see if they will work with the choice manager.

How does your plugin compare to this one? https://winterdreamgamescreator.itch.io/rpg-maker-mz-script-hide-or-disable-choi...


By just reading both plugins itch io pages you can already have an idea :)

amigo, eu estou atrás do eli move choice position para mv, mas na sua página do rpg maker forums está indisponível 

Fala fera!

Vê se vc consegue acessar por aqui. Mas eu não estou mais dando suporte pra esse plugin =/

Nem sei se ele vai funcionar com a versão mais recente do meu plugin core (Eli Book).


Deboa, valeu

Hello! I'm having trouble getting this to work with VisuMZ_1_MessageCore. 

I've tried rearranging the order of the plugins; yours first, then VisuMZ_1_MessageCore first. 

It has something to do with the choice window.

The problem is the <Show Switch: 12>  which hides a choice. I know you can do it with the choice manager, but the way it works in Visu makes more sense in my head to me. Also, there are some other things in the Visu Plugin I want to use, anyway.

Can you please help? Thank you.

Hi there!

I will address your question one by one, in the order below:

1 - It is unlikely that both plugins will work together. Because both plugins have the same features, they have a higher probability of compatibility issues and cause errors or strange behaviors.

2 - My plugin also has an "escape code" like the <Show Switch: 12> version to put on choice: 

3 - Visustella plugins are obfuscated(kind of an encryption). This means that although this one is free, I can't take a look at the code and see what the compatibility problem is, and try to fix it. Even if it was not obfuscated, there are also their terms of use that depending on the case, could be in the way: http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/VisuStella_MZ_Terms_of_Use_Article_7

4 - There is a slight chance that I could provide a fix, without the need to take a look at their code. But for that, I will need you to do something: When the error happens, press F8 or F12, and a browser window will open, go to the CONSOLE tab, and send me a screenshot of the error trace that will show there. Depending on what is there, I can try one thing or two.

5 - You could tell me what other things you need from their plugin, and I can see if I have other plugins that can cover that.

Thanks! I appreciate your response! Sorry it took me a while to reply; I've been traveling.

Here's the screenshot you asked for, please let me know if I misunderstood what you needed.

There's some quality of life things I really like in the Visustella plugin: I like that you can randomize the text, I like the way the "escape code" works better, but mostly the reason I grabbed it was because it changes the size of the text window.

Ultimately, what I'm trying to do is this:

resizing the text window to be between two portraits

resizing the choice window to be between two portraits(the choice window looks exactly like the text window, because I want it to look like the character is speaking, and you're choosing what they say)

allowing a picture to show when you change between choices

I really appreciate your help on trying to figure this out.

Hello there.

I'm sorry that the sentence is awkward because I used a translator.

It has nothing to do with this plugin However, is there a plugin that opens Windows to select weapons or armor other than the Select Item event that RPG Maker provides by default? I think I saw it somewhere back in the day but I don't remember if it was a plugin you made. If you don't have such a plugin, could you please make it?

Thank you.

Hi there!

Indeed I believe someone make it. But I can't remember.

But yes, I'm doing one that will have these features!


Thanks for reply!

wow! I really need it.

But I can wait until you can afford to make it. :)

Hello, I am intending to buy the plugin, but I downloaded the free version to try out most of its features, however, the feature I like the most (Choices inside the textbox) is not working. I'm using MV and playing the Demo, this is what happens (I haven't touched anything):

Hi there!

I updated the MV sample project with the latest versions of the plugin and now it is working properly.

Thanks for the feedback!

Hello, thanks for responding. Now it works in your Demo! Now, I wonder why when I try to have the same result in my game, instead of showing the choices in the same dialogue box, they do in the next one. For example: If I add a text "Who are you?" The options are not displayed below that text but on the next box. Images below:


It's because you have the script between the text box and choice. Put the script above the text message, and put the choice right after the show text command. So, the command order would be:

  • Script Call
  • Text
  • Choice

Just a heads up: I'm using the free version and it doesn't seem to work anymore. I'm not sure if the paid version still works or not. I keep getting an error about a reference to "anime". I have gotten it to work, kind of, by deleting every instance where anime or animation is used in the code. The only bad thing is that the window now opens on the left side of the screen instead of in the middle, but I'm just going to use a plugin to full screen the game as a fix for this. (I do plan on purchasing the paid version, if it works, but only when I've finished making the game.) I just thought you'd like to know about this issue just in case. (The pic is after I deleted the first line with an error, sorry. There are still several references that I had to delete after this to get the plugin to work.)

Hi there!

I need to fix that. The thing is, the free version only works with a previous version of Eli Book. Which is on the download list:

I still didn't have the time to make another free version to keep up with the last updated Eli Book. I will do when I had the time. But the Pro version works fine.

OK I gotcha, I didn't know the problem was needing to use an older Eli Book. I'll test that out and see if it doesn't break anything. XD (I'm using four of your plugins plus Eli Book.) Thanks!

(1 edit)

I just bought this and tried adding it above my choices. For some reason while using the default "Full Setup", when I trigger the text dialogue box, the text and character portrait both disappear and no options are displayed. I have EliBook 5.4.3 (MZ).

Basically, all I want to do is relocate my choice window, that's all. Any advice?

Hi there!

That shouldn't be happening. My guess is a plugin compatibility issue. If you can upload a sample project, I can take a look at it(you can send the sample to my PM on the forums).


  1. Show me a screenshot of your event
  2. Show me a screenshot of your plugin manager

Then we will proceed step by step.

Well, I have good news and bad news. I couldn't get it working but the good news is that I figured out the code to raise the choice window higher or lower. 

Since I don't need this plugin right now, do you still want to troubleshoot it? Perhaps your time is better spent elsewhere. :)

Yeah, If you don't mind, I would want to take a look to see why it is not working ^^''

Do you think you could release a free version that includes the bug fixes? Having bug fixes as a pro feature doesn't really make sense.

I don't know. The plugin was supposed to have only a pro version, without a free version. 

For a long time, I keep supporting both versions(Free and Pro), for both RPG Makers(MV and MZ), so 4 plugins. But in the end, it was not doable to keep up with this workflow. It was too time-consuming and I'm an indie developer working alone.

Maybe I should just rename it to "demo version" instead of "free version". Because that is what it is supposed to mean. Just a way for people to test the plugin before buying and see if they like it.

But I do have plans, in the distant future, to make free demo versions of all my pro plugins, at least when I believe I had all bug fixes and all features implemented, so I will not need to keep bug fixing and implementing features on both versions.

I keep getting an error undefined when I try to hover over a choice. Please, can you tell me how to set this up properly so I don't get that issue?

I reread the post below several times and realized what I had to do was make one of the choices the default choice in the choice event itself. I don't really want to do that as I'd prefer it not having the cursor on any choice to start with, but if that's the only way the plugin works I guess I can live with it. Thanks!


Hi there!

I see from your screenshot that you are using the Free version. Unfortunately, I'm not supporting the free version anymore.

But that is a bug that needs a default choice selected for it not to happen. But is no longer present on the pro version.

OK gotcha, thanks!

(4 edits) (+1)

Bought the plugin. Seems too useful. :)) But I'm having a small problem here. How do you stop a choice command from getting added to the above list of choices in an event. For example: if you want to have 2-3 layers of choices like say: choice > choice > choice

Hi there! 

To do that you just need to insert any command between the choice blocks:

The main instruction for the plugin merge choices is that they are set together, following each other. So if you insert any command between them, the plugin will understand each choice block individually

(7 edits) (+1)

Oh thank you. Another issue I have is that it crashes and causes these errors (when hovering over a choice):
I have some trouble interpreting them. Is it perhaps compatibility with that multiplayer plugin or did i do something silly haha

(1 edit) (+1)

Oh, apparently it had something to do with the default choice. ahah
You need to have it defined in an event.

So, you solved it?

yes sir

(1 edit)

Hello, I just got the free version of the MZ plugin but it seems like I can't get the 'Relative to Message' feature working. I've set InMessage to true inside the script but it instead of embedding the choices it does this:

Hi there!

  • Are you using EliMZ Book?
  • Can you show me a screenshot of your event?
  • Can you show me a screenshot of your plugin manager, so I can see the versions of my plugins?

E aí brother, sou de novo rsrs


deu certo com o plugin choice managers, mas agora está dando esse conflito com orange custom event.

Tem alguma ideia de como resolver?

Os dois plugins são mt importantes pra mim.

O console está apontando pra cá:

Game_Event.prototype.beforeSetupPage = function(){

if(this.needBuildMetaData && this.event().note.length > 0){


this.needBuildMetaData = false


Antes de atualizar o plugin não estava dando esse erro

ei brother, rapaz ainda to em dúvida rsrs

sou eu de novo.

Então eu tirei o plugin hime large choices e estou usando só o seu.

Eu fiz várias opções pra testar e fica desse jeito, passa do limite da tela.

Pode me ajudar?

Fala aí!

Tem um script call no MV pra deixar vc definir o número máximo de escolhas que você quer deixar visível.

No MZ tem um comando de plugin.

Eu não estou em casa agora pra ver, mas é algo relacionado a "visible rows".

Se tu não achar te respondo na segunda.

Blz, vou esperar vc responder na segunda, realmente não encontrei.
valeu man

Opa! Então, você pode usar esse script:
Eli.ChoiceManager.settings.visibleRows = value

Substitua a palavra value por:

  • "auto" -  O plugin vai calcular sozinho (tem que ter as aspas).
  • "default" - O mesmo que o RPG Maker usa por padrão(tem que ter as aspas).
  • número - Qualquer número que você queira.

Obrigado pela orientação.
Então mano, fiz de várias maneiras aqui, mas não deu em nada.

Aqui estão as versões que estou usando, caso seja problema com atualização dos plugin:

(1 edit)

O script call é só no MV. No MZ vc vai fazer isso por comando de plugin mesmo, lá na parte de "Initial Settings".

Se você não encontrar nada de Visible rows na parte de Initial Settings, então vc tem que atualizar o plugin.

O seu Choice Manager tá 5.0.1. O atual é 5.1.2. Então vc tem que atualizar. Inclusive o Eli Book TB.

hi , great mod. can you tell me how to fix this or can you update mod please . its in  the Demo and the Pro version. When its a custom background the first time you show the choice box the color is missing! let me know what can be done please. thanks! 

Hi there!

First of all, make sure you have the latest versions of the Choice Manager and Eli Book plugin. The demo sample project is just a sample project, so maybe it does not have the latest versions.

Normally that can happen because the window image is not fully loaded and the \c[] escape character gets the color from the window file. So since the window is not loaded, it "returns" black.

But I also need to see how you are doing this. Can you show a screenshot of the plugin command?

I tried this below and it worked just fine:

i tried what you said it is not working plugins are updated . can you please post your working project. i even tried to load Window3 with a Cache mod as shown below.  Always on a new game test the choice color dissapears. i opened a new project. got the latest eli book. only used eli choice plugin. the only thing that seems to work is naming the skin to the default "Window" instead of "Window3" but that just defeats the purpose of being able to change the window skin.

Ok! I will try replicate it on my side on a clean project with only Eli book and Eli choice. I will let you know when I find a solution!

ok thanks. let me know!

Hi there!

Sorry for taking so long, but it is fixed now on the new version 5.1.1! Please download it ^^

And thanks again for finding and reporting this issue! :D