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Either by using a side view battle system, or mostly using a front view system, the actor battle status window can see a little static during the battle scene.

That plugin changes this behavior by having the actor face changes when they perform specific actions or are afflicted by a state!


  • Add face reactions to actors in battle!
  • Change the face of the actor when he Attacks, uses magic, is being attacked, and when it does have a state!
  • Works inside and outside the battle.

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Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

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Hi! I just bought this plugin and really loving it so far. I was just wondering if it would be possible for the 'Actor uses Magic', if it would be possible to change the face depending on the Skill/Magic that is being used. For example: Fire 1, Ice 1, Earth 1 would all 3 use different faces based on which skill is used.

Hope to hear from you if it would be possible!

Hi there!

That would be basically a way to change the face according to the skill. I will take a look at the code and see if it is possible! I will let you know! ^^


Thank you for checking to see if it's possible!

I hope it's not a bother to ask another question about this plugin, but I was wondering if it would be also possible to add a small animation to the faces to make them loop 3 frames. I've also been using your Animated Faces plugin which works perfect, so I was wondering it something like this would also be possible to add for battles.

Hope to hear from you when you have the time!

Hello, I think the version 1.1.0 update might not have gone through?  We just re-downloaded it from our account and the one we downloaded still claims to be 5.0.2....


Thanks for the heads up! The plugin was updated, but I just forgot to change the version on the plugin description. I fixed it now, you can download again! ^^

Hi, this plugin looks great. I'd like to purchase this plugin but I wanted to ask something before I did.

Is it possible to set multiple face changes per condition? For example,  if the actor takes damage, can I set it to change to one face and then a second face soon after, like an animation? I've been looking for a plugin just like this, it's pretty much perfect but the one thing I can't seem to find out is if you can change faces to play an animation.

Thanks in advance for answering! Have a good day/evening/night!

Hi there!

No, unfortunatelly the plugin does not work that way. Sorry =/


Thanks for responding! I got it anyway because it's close enough to what I need. I'm liking it so far, thanks for such a fun plugin!

This looks awesome. Any chance you'd make a MV version?

Thanks ^^

Unfortunately, no =/

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Hello! I bought the plugin, but it seems to conflict with VisuStella's Battle Core? Could there be a fix for this?

EDIT: NOPE WAIT Nevermind! Just had to place this plugin below that one, and it works!
Good plugin btw, I'll look at more of your stuff

Hi there!

Thanks for letting me know! I will add this to the help file! ^^

Hello! I bought this plugin and it's pretty nice!

But I found two bugs:

- When I enable the plugin, regardless of configuration, Actors whose portrait's index is not 0 will change their face to the 0 index of their portrait's file when they attack, use magic or are hurt.

- When I use the plugin to change the face of a Dead actor, their face is not reset to normal when raised.

Can you fix these issues? Contact me if you need more info to reproduce them.

PS: Sou BR também! HUEHUEHUE

Fala fera!

Estou dando uma olhada nisso agora. Acredito que isso não deveria acontecer. Por padrão, quando o ator é criado no jogo(quando ele entra no grupo) ou quando você manualmente(por eventos, ou usando a script call $gameActors.actor(ID).setFaceImage), o plugin define um face file e face index para ser o padrão do ator. Mas estou investigando isso agora!

Como você está mudando a face do ator morto com o plugin? Através dos "States" ? Quando ele está com estado morto, você configurou uma face para ele?

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Salve salve!

Isso mesmo, no caso, configurei pra quando ocorrer o state ID 1 (dead) ele trocar para uma face específica. Isso funciona, mas quando remove-se o state dead, o Actor permanece com a mesma face, não voltando para a original. Outros status, até onde testei, não apresentam o problema.

Se não conseguir reproduzir, me avisa que te mando a minha configuração!

Valeu, um abraço!


Eu consegui sim e acho que já consertei. Só to fazendo uns testes aqui, pq encontrei outros bugs também! Mas eu te aviso por aqui quando eu lançar a update!

Olá amigo!

Eu resolvi o problema faz uns 10 dias, mas esqueci de te avisar aqui... então passei pra avisar!


Hey, thanks for letting me know! I tried out the new version and the problems are fixed, nice work!

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The video demonstrates a pretty weird and impractical scenario that I can't imagine anyone would actually use this for, but I get the intended purpose... So just to clarify: Using this, I could make it to where the actor's portrait changes to a hurt face for as long as he's poisoned, and then have it automatically change back to normal as soon as he's cured?


Hi there!

Well, in fact, this plugin was built as a commission for someone to work exactly like that.

And yes, when the actor Attacks, Use Magic, Is being attacked or does have any state, the face of the actor will change according to the configuration settings on the plugin parameter for each behavior.

So if an actor is poisoned, it will change his face. When he is cured, his face will change back to his normal face.