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For MV you will need Eli Name Box


  • Set message speaker name automatically according to the face image selected.
  • Set message face automatically according to the speaker name chosen.

How to use

You can use this plugin in two ways:

Auto Speaker Mode

This will automatically set a speaker name according to the face image selected.

Through the plugin parameters, you can choose the name you want for the message box to show when using a specific face file and face indexes.

You can separate the face indexes by a comma.

Auto Face Mode

This will do the opposite as above. It will automatically select a face image to be on the message box, according to the speaker name chosen.

Update Log

Terms of use 5.0.0 and higher

Terms of use(Old)


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

In order to download this RPG Maker Plugin you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3 USD. You will get access to the following files:

MZ - Smart Speaker Pro 5.0.0 2 kB
MV - Smart Speaker Pro 5.0.0 (UNSUPPORTED) 2 kB

Development log


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After filling everything in for each character I'm getting the error 

"Type Error

Cannot read property 'create parameters' of undefined.

Any help?

Hi there!

You need my Core plugin for it to work:


It seems I forgot to add an alert saying that when the game starts. I will add it in the next update. Sorry about that.

I actually saw that alert in the plugin luckily enough. However, your core plugin is giving me a specific error as well.

Uncaught Type Error: this.playtest(...).nwindowPos.split is not a function at Object.onWindowLoad

It gives me this both on default settings and if I change the position.

It also says "DevTools failed to parse SoueceMap


See if you can answer these questions so we can figure this out:

  • Are you using MV or MZ?
  • What is the plugin version of Eli Book and Smart Speaker?
  • When the error happens, right after you start the game?

It will also help if:

  • Send me a screenshot of your plugin parameter.
  • Send me a screenshot of the console log error: When the error happens press F12 or F8 and go to the "console" tab and send me a screenshot of it.
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I'm using MZ, all plug-ins downloaded are the latest.

The first image happens after I do any input past the start menu, the second is immediate after game Launch.

Hi there!

The problem is that you are using the MV version of my plugin on the MZ engine.

Download the "EliMZ_Book".

All my MZ plugins start with "EliMZ_PluginName"

hello I would like to reproduce via a plugin all the mechanics of the pokemon games white and black version and I want everything to be fully customizable graphics interfaces etc ..., how much will it cost me please? finally if you created it for me of course

Hi there!

I'm sorry, but this is a big request, that will take a lot of time. Even for the right price, I don't do big commissions like that. 

Plus, I will probably have to play Pokemon White/Black to understand all the mechanics and do it right. So I'm sorry, but I will pass this one. ^^''

Hi, I've just started to use this plugin and I am trying to get it to assign the same name to more than one face index.  It works beautifully if I just put in a single number but the instruction to add indexes says to "Separate each one with a" and does not indicate what symbol to use.  I have tried a comma, full stop, back slash, forward slash and a space.  None of these work.  Please help!

Hi there!

Sorry about that, I think the description is too long and it has been cut by the editor. You are supposed to use a comma to separate each index.

But it seems I made a mistake and the code is only working for a single index. I will fix that and the description tomorrow!

I Will let you know here about the changes!


I fixed the issue! Please download version 1.0.1!

Now you can properly use the Auto Speaker mode and assign multiple indexes of a face image to show a specific speaker name.

Thanks for the report!


Thanks so much for replying so quickly.  This plugin is going to be very useful and save heaps of time.  Thanks again.

Nice!!! :D