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  • Use multiple fonts in-game and attach them to different scenes or windows!
  • Set different fonts for Game Timer, Battler Names, Damage Pop-up, and Game Title! (PRO)
  • Store the font changes into a save file(PRO).
  • Set predefined settings for the fonts like text color, outline color, outline width, italic and bold! (PRO)

How to use / Help File

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Sample project


Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

In order to download this RPG Maker Plugin you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $8 USD. You will get access to the following files:

MZ - Font Manager Pro 1.2.2 4 kB

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MV - Font Manager Pro 5.0.1 4 kB

Development log


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Hey, I sent you a Discord message, but why no reply?

If you are busy, please at least let me know a possible time or date.

I am still waiting for your reply to solve the problem.

hi there!

I'm sorry, I've been very busy these days because I moved to another house and everything is messy around here. It may take a while but I will help you and check the discord. Sorry for the delay.

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I purchased this plugin to make font outlines bold.

When I install the plugin and run the game, I get the following error.

What did I miss?

Even if you turn off all plugins, the error appears.

Additionally, what does font face mean?

Hi there!

First make sure of the following:

1 - See if you are using the right plugin version for the right rpg maker. The plugins for MZ starts the filename with "EliMZ_". And for MV, starts with "Eli_".

2 - Make sure are you using my core plugin Eli_Book for MV or EliMZ_Book for MZ. And make sure that plugin is somewhere above all other Eli Plugins on the plugin manager.

3 - FontFace works like an ID for the font. You MUST fill it different for each font you creates. More info about that on the help file.

If the above does not work, when you trigger the error again, press F8 or F12 and go to the CONSOLE tab of the browser window that will open. Send me a screenshot of the error that is showing there.


Thank you for answer.

1 - Oh no, I made a mistake testing the plugin.

I put back the plugin I purchased.

2 - Moved the plugin order up.

3 - Is this a random name?

I have attached the error screen.

I hope this was helpful to you.


Now, according to this error, it seems to me that you are trying to load a previous save file that did not have the plugin when you saved.

In other words, some plugins add data into the save file. So when you install them, you will not be able to continue the playtest by loading a save. You will have to start a new game. Because on that previous save file you did not have the plugin installed.

1 - So, if you try start a new game, the game works?

2 - Are you also using the RPG Maker latest core files, right?

1 - Surprisingly, when I start a new game, the game runs normally without any error messages! However, the font's outline thickness was not applied.

2 - The core plugins I am using are the most recent versions.

Ok so we figured out the error and that is it. You will need to start a new game.

About the font outline, if you are not using any other plugin, then try put the alpha value to 1 instead of 0.5 to see if you will be able to see better the outline.

Otherwise, send me a sample project replicating the error on my discord: hakuenstudio

Hi, I've been using this in MV but noticed the font outline color parameter does not work unless your Global Text plugin (the one using "§") is applied additionally, which kind of makes changing the overall Window/Scene parameters a little pointless if I then have to individually modify each text field with § to change the outline anyway. I know you've said the MV version is no longer supported, and I'll admit I think Yanfly's Message Core may be getting in the way somehow, but I just don't understand how the § tag from Global Text manages to successfully override Yanfly's params as intended, yet Font Manager itself cannot. The order I have the plugins in is Eli Book, Font Manager, Global Text, Message Actions, and they all must be placed under YEP plugins or else Yanfly's stop working entirely.


The global text has nothing to do with the font manager outline. This is probably some issue of compatibility with another plugin.

Take a look at the help file, there is a instruction for it to work with yanfly plugins. Follow it and see if it will work.

If still it did not work, we must find what is causing this. First step is download my sample project amd test the plugin there without the Global Text. If it works, them it is really a plugin from your project that is conflicting. Try find out what is, maybe if it is easy, I can provide a patch.

I only mentioned the Global Text plugin because it seemed relevant that Yanfly wasn't overwriting *all* of the Eli plugins, which to me indicated there could be a solution that allowed Font Manager to not be overwritten either.  I can't find anything in the Font Manager help file at all that even mentions Yanfly... am I looking in the wrong place? A quick search of the Google docs page turns up 0 results...

I just tested the SetWindowFont plugin command in a blank project and it only seems to apply the change after the window is closed; for example, if the default GameFont is set to black and the plugin command tells the event to call one that's set to purple, the dialogue will at first display completely unchanged (black, GameFont) but if you engage with that dialogue a second time, it will then show properly as purple. The same was happening in my main project where menu tabs would only adopt the SetSceneFont change once a different tab in that menu had been clicked on, prompting the first tab to then show the change properly. There are no other plugins in the blank test file besides Eli Book and FontManager (and the RMMV default ones) so this can't be a conflict issue.

My mistake about the help file! I think what I said only applies to the Bitmap Font plugin, not this one.

I *think* that this window and scene font command is how it is supposed to work. This means the Window/Scene must be closed/open for it to work, so they will be refreshed and apply the changes.

But, the Yanfly overwritting or not, depends on the plugin order. If my plugin is below yanfly ones, then they will not be overwritten.

I don't know if I will take a look into this. But if I do, I will tell you here.

You've made a lot of helpful plugins, it's easy to mix up what the help files say, no worries! And yeah, I have yours below Yanfly's, but RMMV still seems to prioritize Yanfly's Core/Message Core plugin settings when it comes to outline width & color. That's why I've had to use the escape codes from Global Text to remedy this, but a few other plugins I've used don't process it as a code and show it as text rather than applying the change to the text...

I also had a question about the way changing font color works for Windows and Scenes: is it possible to change *just* the font colors for parameters on the Status page (Atk/Def/Spd etc) or does it require changing the entire Status page to the same font setting? Currently, the options offered from Font Manager seem to suggest certain individual Windows can be changed, but instead it requires changing the entire scene just to get those Windows within it to honor the change.  I'm too unfamiliar with the program to know if this is just a limitation of RMMV, or if I'm doing something wrong. I've tried changing the font order, but Windows within Scenes don't seem to change no matter what. If you don't know either, don't worry about it, just figured I'd ask in case there was a definite answer from someone more familiar with how it works.

As I see on the code, the Window font takes priority over the scene font. So if you attach a font to Scene_Status and another font to Window_Status(or whatever name the status window has), the Window_Status will take his font and not the scene one. I guess. It's been a while since I looked at this code for MV.

But, to give you a little try, take a look at the yanfly message core and try to remove or comment on these lines:

It may solve the outline width and color issue.

Hello! Can I use this plugin to change the font size within the menu? For instance, I'd like to be able to modify some parameters such as the size of HP, MP in the main menu or the size of attributes like attack, speed, etc. in the status, equipment, and other scenes. Thanks in advance for your response.

Hi there!

As you can see on the cover screenshot, the HP/MP/TP of the menu is with a different font and color. As such, you can also change the font size.

On the side screenshots of the page, you can also see the plugin parameters. You can attach different fonts(each one with a proper configuration), to different windows, scenes, and some sprites. 

You also have the How To Use / Help file link on the plugin page to let you know what and how the plugin works.

So in other words, yes you can.

Another way to do what you want is to use my Global Text plugin(free) that lets you use escape codes on any window. As such, you can change colors and font size using the escape codes. Just write them on the Database/terms.

Can someone tell me why is this happening? i think i placed the fonts correctly like it was supossed to, so i don't know what is wrong 

Hi there!

Why are you using \FF[1] ? Where did you get that escape code with two FF in a row?

oh, it was from a yt video teaching how to use the plugin, tho i already tried \F[1] and nothing :/

Well, that YouTube video is probably wrong. This plugin does not provide any escape code to change the font. It is best if you learn how to use the plugin, by reading it's help file. Quoted from the help file:

"● Changing Font

You can change the fonts with plugin commands or use escape codes (Requires Eli Message Action)"

Either for MV or MZ, you need Eli Message Actions to change the font using escape codes. Otherwise, you will need plugin commands to change the font.

Hi there! Big fan of what you're doing :)

Question from me is: can you use this in custom scenes? Is it just a case of naming the custom scene for it to work? Many thanks

Hi there!

Thanks, friend! ^^

Yes, it is created to use on custom scenes and custom windows!  You just need to know the constructor's name of the window or scene. An example would be the Menu scene. Its constructor name is Scene_Menu.

If you don't know the Scene Constructor name, open the game, enter the scene, press F12, and on the console tab, write down the following:

  • SceneManager._scene

Alternatively, you can open the plugin file with any text editor and look for the scene name inside the code.

Thank you, that's going to be really transformative for my minigames!

Does this allow the player to choose a font/color of their liking?

Hi there!

Yes, it does! You can set any color you want by looking into the plugin parameters:

You can also change it by using the default escape codes.


I just purchased the Pro MZ version and it works as advertised right out of the box! Another amazing plugin by Hakuen Studio! Great job buddy! 5/5 Stars

Thank you, friend! :D

Have fun!!


It perfectly works

You saved my life

Glad you liked it!!! Have fun!! :D

im so sorry to bother you once more but im having trouble with the plugin, I have everything shoved into the spot i want but i can't seem to change this page is there any advice you could give me? thank you again for all your help... im just a little slow lol 

You need to give me more info and explain more. What do you want to achieve and how did you did it.

  • "I have everything shoved into the spot" - Instead of saying it, you need to show me what you have done.
  • " i can't seem to change this page" - What do you mean? Change the window position? Or change the font of the options window?

Show me a screenshot of how many fonts you have set up on the plugin parameter. And show me if any of those fonts are assigned to the Window_Options.

I can't change the page of icons, i only have one font for every window screen this is the one where the window_options

You didn't answer my previous questions. And I don't understand what does mean the "page of icons".

If you just have one font to be used on all windows and scenes, on the scene list and window list parameters, leave them empty: "[]" (without quotes).

Otherwise, you will need to explain to me better what you want and what you are trying to do.

Okay i'll try that and sorry i have a hard time explaining things 

okay that's not what i want. I have two fonts, one for the title screen and the other one i want to use for all other things in the game. it works for all of them but the option screen even though i have listed every window even the options menu. My first font is hard to read that's why im using a second to make my game more readable. 

On my understanding, you want to use two fonts: One exclusively for the title screen and another one for the rest of the things on the game.

The first font on the plugin parameters is the default font for all things.

So, let the first font be your default. You don't need to assign any window or scene into it. If it is the first, it will be the default for all.

Now, on your second font, apply that exclusively for the Title Screen. If you want to change the font for all things on the title screen, just apply it into the Scene_Title. If you want just for the Game Title, apply it just for it.

hi sorry to bother you again but for some reason I can't get the font size to change. I was wondering if you could help me 

Hi there!

Yes, let's see what is happening. 

But you need to tell me more information. How are you trying to change the font size? If through plugin parameter, show me a screenshot of your font list and the font parameter that is not taking the font size.

If it was by escape code, show me the escape code you are using.

You just need to show me what you are doing so we can try fix it out.

im trying to do it straight from the plugin here are my parameters and stuff 

The parâmetro "FontFace" cannot be empty. You need to set a name there. Otherwise the game will not find that font.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh okay i'll try that thank you 

Hi I was wondering how to change the gold currency color. It's a different color from everything else

Hi there!

Well, you can kind of achieve this with this plugin, by assigning an exclusive font to the Window_Gold and using a different color for it.

But I don't believe this is the best way to do that. Because both the Gold currency and the Gold value would be the same color. So I guess if you want to change that, you can use my Global Text plugin, and just change its color by using an escape code on the database.


thank you so much i will try this 

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Does this work with visustella?

Also can I use this to change the font for the damage number font?

That would be cool

Hi there!

I don't know if it works with Visustella, even with the free ones, I can't say for sure. As you know they obfuscate the code, so even the free ones, I can't say it will work. But there is a free version of my plugin that you can use to test. Testing, it always the best way to know.

You can change the damage number font only in the pro version.

Just to jump in here. I'm using Visustella's menu core plugin and this font plugin plays very nicely with it. I can even still change font size, outline, bold, etc... in Visu's script parameters and they Overwrite the font plugin which is awesome. Note: I'm using the Pro version, I haven't tested on the free one.

Nice to know that!

Hi this is a great plugin im just having some trouble with it. It's overwritting my title font and i don't know why it's doing that when i only have the parameters set for messages 

Hi there!

First of all, if you want to report a problem, choose just one method to report it.

You send me three messages:

  • On PM via forum.
  • Created a thread on the forum
  • And here too

Next time, just choose one channel to report a problem, and be patient. I answered you on the forum thread:


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Can I make a specific character speak with a different font using this plugin? I'm using the free MZ version.

Hi there!

Sorry, it seems that I miss this one :(

Yes, you can do that. But not in automatically way. You will need my message action plugin to be able to change the font on the message window using escape codes.

So you just need to set up the fonts you want on the plugin parameter of the Font Manager, then on the message window, use the escape code from the Message Action plugin, to change the font of the message whenever you want.

I tried adding it into my project and I got an error, so I tried it In a new project I kept getting the same error. Cannot read property 'createParameters' of undefined

Hi there!

It's because you need to use my core plugin somewhere above it:


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Got the Pro version but the outline width setting doesn't seem to be working. Tried it in Message Window and Name Scene, big fat outlines not going away even though the setting is 0. (It is definitely assigning the correct font... just not outline width) Any idea what I might be missing?

Hi there!

Let's try to figure this out.

  1. Are you using MV or MZ?
  2. Are you using any other plugin that can mess with font or message settings? If yes, can you try to change their order on the plugin manager? If it still doesn't work, can you send me a screenshot of your plugin manager?
  3. Did you try to change the outline through escape codes or through the plugin parameter?
(1 edit)

1) MZ, 2) I'm troubleshooting/testing with all non-Eli plugins disabled. (Just Book, Font Manager Pro, and Message Actions.) 3) The plugin parameters.

Thanks for the info! So, I tested it here, and it seems to work fine. 

  • With Outline Width = 6
  • With Outline Width = 0

Since you are using Message Actions, maybe you can use the Font Manager plugin above it? At last, this is how it is here. At least for now, I'm not aware that the position of these two plugins matters, but who knows, maybe I will discover this now xD

The version of the plugins:

  • Eli Book 5.1.1
  • Font Manager Pro 5.0.1
  • Message Actions 5.0.3

Another thing that comes to my mind is: Do you have more than one font assigned to be used on the Message Window? Because maybe you are changing the parameters of one font, but another one is that was being used after all. So maybe you can check this too?

If everything fails, can you send me a test project reproducing the problem?

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks! I answered you on your other comment. Can you take a look at it, and if everything fails, can you send me a project reproducing the issue so I can take a look?

Ok, thank you, it may not be the "outline width" but some other "shadow/blur" effect going on or something with PIXI. You can see how large the "blur" is on the other screenshot.


Yes, I saw the Blur on this other screenshot. That Blur on the fonts of RPG Maker is a nightmare. There is a lot of complaint about that on the forums. I once struggled with it, and honestly, I did not find a solution for it. I used some plugins to sharpen the text, but they ended up causing performance issues or other problems. Also, I notice that happens with some fonts and others not.

In the end, the only solution I could find is to create a bitmap font plugin, so the letters are rendered just like the bitmap font is. Bitmap = png.

So, I can think of we can do two things here:

  1. Send me a sample project reproducing this error, this blur thing. So I can take a look at it and see if I manage to figure this out.
  2. I can give you a free key for the Bitmap Font Pro plugin so you can test it and see if it will solve your problem instead. It has a little bit more setup to do though.

In-game shot

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Great plugin, very versatile! Just being able to set so many options without messing with the css file is great.

<spoiler>Edit: user error :p   For some reason, version 5.0.1 for MV has problem updating the fonts... changing font parameters like color sometimes doesn't change them on the game after close and open. Also, if you delete a font slot the game crashes ("can't read 'face' of undefined").</spoiler>

Hi there!

  • These errors also happen on a clean project, only with my plugins?
  • About the color stuff, did you mean that when you make some change on the font parameter color after you close the game and open it again, it does not change inside the game?
  • The delete problem is probably that the game is making a reference for that font parameter, but since the user deleted it, it causes a crash. If you deleted the font parameter, make sure you remove the reference in-game(plugin commands, escape codes, etc...)

It would be nice if you can send to me a sample project replicating the error.

(1 edit) (+1)

I think I found it, I got the default font index wrong (starts at 0, I thought it started at one), it's working, thanks! The thing not updating was because I was looking at the wrong font, as above...

I also noticed it doesn't override system colors (the kinds you can change inside YEP CoreEngine) but that may be a feature, idk. Anything more specific like changing HP MP TP font would need a purpose-built plugin anyway :3


Nice you manage to solve it! ^^


Thanks to this plugin and a few others, I can now have Mr. Saturn in MZ and be able to have a unique font for them, ZOOM!

haha! Glad you liked it! ^^

What all plugins did you use to do this?

Hi there!

I don't understand your question. Did you mean, if this plugin needs another plugin to work? If yes, it does need my core plugin, Eli Book.


It was a question for SirTophamHakurei asking them what plugins they used to make a character have text boxes that used a unique font. I already managed to solve this on my own with Eli Book, Eli Font Manager, and Eli Message Actions.

Got it!

Have fun! ^^

Deleted 2 years ago

Thanks! ^^