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By default, the choice window can only be in three positions:
                    Left | Center | Right.
But what if you wanted to give her a more dynamic position?
With this plugin, you can choose the position you want for the choice window.


The plugin offers the following:
• Enable or disable the custom position with plugin commands.
• Set the choice position on the screen using custom values or using 9 different predefined positions.
• You can set a delay to the choice to prevent the players from accidentally choosing a choice when pressing the ok button too quickly.

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AuthorHakuen Studio
Made withRPG Maker
Tagseliaquim, hakuen-studio, move-choice, rmmv, rmmz, RPG Maker, RPG Maker MV, RPG Maker MZ, rpg-maker-plugin
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MZ - Move Choices 5.0.0 3 kB
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MZ - Move Choices 2.1.0 5 kB
MV - Move Choices 1.7.0 5 kB

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Opa, e porque e assim,o plugin estar mudando a posicao original da show choices mesmo sem usar o comando de plugin, queria saber como mudar. Posso falar com voce pelo discord?

Sim, chama lá no discord, de boa!


Whenever I enable this, I get the error, "Anime is not defined". I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong as all I've done is enabled it, I haven't started using it yet.

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Hi there!

That is probably because you are using the free version, that is not suported anymore.

That plugin only works with a previous version of Eli Book version. Download it here.

But with this Eli Book Version, other plugins of mine may not work. If you still want to move your choice and have the latest updates from my plugins, use the Eli Choice Manager with the latest version of Eli Book, instead of the one I sent you above.


Wow, this is great! I didn't even know this better one existed. I figured out how to get what I wanted without having to use a plugin, but when I start developing the text heavy part of my game, I'll probably buy this. :)

I keep getting this error. Anime is not define

Hi there!

It's because you need to use my core plugin somewhere above it:


(2 edits)

I tried this out so I could reposition the "game start" menu on my title screen, and it works PERFECTLY for that... But when I went back to other maps in my game that had normal choice options, it broke them all by making the choice menu completely disappear; It's still there, but it's invisible so I can't tell what's being selected. I need all of my other choice menu options to appear while the text box above it is still displayed -- such as when NPC is asking a question the player needs to respond to -- but with this plugin active, it seems like I can only get it to display one or the other (text box or choice box), and not both at the same time. I don't like the thought of having choices on screen while the player can no longer see what they're responding to, as that could lead to some confusion, and it just looks weird. Is there a way around this that I'm not seeing? 


Hi there!

I really don't know, with that info you are telling me, I can't think of a reason. Did you try it on a clean project?

Also, maybe you should consider using this plugin instead?


It has the move choice functionality plus another one. I believe the free version will already help you out. This is more updated than this one.

Otherwise, I will need a sample project, but will only be able to take a look after 5th August.

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Thanks, I may end up that instead but I just figured out what was going on: I tried putting this plugin into the demo project for your ChoiceManager plugin, and it worked just fine in there -- but I noticed that the choice box aligned waaaaaaay over on the far right edge of the screen, even with your project's extremely wide resolution... In my project (which also uses a pretty wide resolution), the default alignment setting causes it to "appear" completely outside of the That obviously explains why I could hear the cursor moving without seeing anything, lol. So I simply changed the alignment to "center" and that reeled it in to where I could actually see it, but it was STILL a good ways towards the right side of the screen for some reason, rather than in the center. 


Don't know if I understood you correctly, but the Move Choices plugin and Choice manager plugin will not work well together. You need one or another.

Are you sure that there is no offset value parameter for the choice? What resolution did you use? 

My resolution is 1280x720.  There are no offset values in the plugin to start with, but whatever default settings it has seem to override the few alignment options that the plain old MZ editor gives me, so I have to play around with the plugin's offset values to get the choice window where I want it. Some values still don't seem to move it where I expect it too, as if changing the numbers within a certain range doesn't seem to the window at all, until I reach a certain value where the window jumps past where I was trying to put it. Whether that's a new issue or a plugin conflict or just me doing something wrong, I can still manage to make it come close enough to doing what I want... But I guess I'll go ahead and ditch the Move Choices plugin altogether anyways, since you said the other one is more updated.

Yeah got it. Indeed I will have to take a look at a project to see this and try to find the problem.

But try the other one first, maybe it will help you out.


Super useful, not sure why this isn't a thing built in lol.


Seriously, we shouldn't even need a plugin for this; I'm trying to make my own Title Screen menu using choice events, and the window is placed right where I want my title text / logo to appear, and by default there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. It's almost infuriating how they managed to leave out so many little quality-of-life options like that, even after releasing dozens of plugins for everything else.

(2 edits)

Obrigado pelo código, Eli. Infelizmente, estou tendo problemas de compatibilidade. O jogo está crashando quando carrego uma cena com seus plugin commands. Tenho uma sopa funcional de YEP, GALV, hIME, iRINA, Olivia, SRD, e muitos outros coders aqui. Pode ter dado algum bug com algum deles. Mas eu precisava tanto reorganizar as escolhas da loja no Dino Hazard...


Vamos ver se da pra resolver, realmente são muitos outros plugins. Algum deles já modifica algo da janela de escolhas?

Experimentou mudar a posição no plugin manager?

Qual o erro que aparece? 

Aperta F8 ou F12 na hora do erro, e me manda um print do console.