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Terms of use / Termos de uso


It adds the possibility of using escape codes in plugin commands, as well as some commands that replicate other event commands.


• Adds option to use escape codes on plugin commands( \V[ID] etc...)!
• Adds new plugin commands:
• Operate variables, switches and self switches.
• Compatibility with Eli Find Id By Name. With that you can reference the switches and variables by their names as well.

How to use

Just plug and play, and every plugin can benefit of this features.

• Operate Variables:
SetVar VarId operator value
Change operator to one of these: = , +, -, *, /

• Operate Switches:
SetSw SwId value
Change value to true or false

• Operate Self Switches:
SetSelfSw MapId EventId Switch value
You can use 'this' on MapId or EventId to refer to the current map and current event.
Replace Switch with a, b, c, d.
Replace value with true or false.

NOTE¹: It's not case sensitive.
NOTE²: If your switch or variable, or any name has space, like "Test Var", when you type the plugin command you should replace with __ (double underline) "Test__Var".
(Only works with Eli_FindIdByName.js)


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MV - Plugin Commands 1.1.0 2 kB

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Any chance this can be updated for MZ? I'm trying to figure out how I can use a Variable in a Plugin Command, which it turns out is very hard to do... This would be so helpful though.

Hi there!

MZ plugin command structure is different. I will take a look, but don't know if it is possible. I guess that the way it is structured, the plugin maker need to implement the use on the command.

But I will confirm it later.


So I did make some tests, and unfortunately, it does not work as expected.  I didn't manage to automate this process as I did for MV, enabling the user to use variables in all plugin command arguments, of any plugin.

So the author of the plugin needs to implement this feature individually on his Plugin Commands, to let you use the variables anywhere.

But, maybe you can tell me what plugin do you need to apply a variable on the command and I can see if I manage to implement it for you as a patch.

Thanks for testing! I will shoot you a message with what I'm trying to accomplish if I don't find another way to do it, possibly without passing a variable.