Version 6.0.0 - Big update!

Version 6.0.0 - 08/28/2022

  • Added a new argument on the plugin command that let you customize how the choice window will open/close.
  • Added a new argument on the plugin command under Active Settings, that let you open a choice window and remember the last choice selected on that window.
  • Added a new argument on the plugin command that let you customize the help window.
  • Added a new plugin parameter that let you create Choice Settings templates to be used by a new plugin command that let you use these templates.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Eli Message Actions. When trying to change text color using \Color and at the same time the choice is set to highlight the current choice, it was drawing the text wrong.
  • Fixed an issue where when you have the Cancel Type set to a choice index, the Variable Index was not storing that choice index.
  • Fixed an issue that the player was being able to cancel a choice even when it is still opening/moving to its target position.
  • Fixed a crash that happens when setting a default choice index that can be a hidden choice.
  • Fixed an issue that the choice cancel button sprite was not being positioned correctly.
  • Improved performance of the plugin commands.
  • The Open/Close behavior parameter has changed. Please, refresh your plugin parameters/commands.
  • Remove dependency from Eli Help Windows in order to use the help window.
  • Need Eli Book 5.4.0 now.
  • The free version will not receive support/updates anymore.


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Aug 29, 2022

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