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Terms of use / Termos de uso


This plugin optimizes all of my other plugins, making them less code and easier to maintain and implement improvements. 

Also, add some little things to playtest games.


  • Provide methods and code that add a better performance on all Eli plugins.
  • Optionally let you use MV animations with all MV features.
  • Optionally set Pixel Perfect to your game.
  • Optionally Disable Effekseer.
  • Optionally remove scroll bars for games with low resolution.
  • Add playtest settings to automatically open Dev Tools.
  • Set dev tools and game window positions.
  • Quickly debug your game with the Dev Tools Focus option.
  • A quick restart of your playtest using F5.

How to use

Put above all other Eli plugins.

♦ MV Animation ♦

Although you can already use MV animation without a plugin, some little things need to be adjusted for it to work better, and this plugin does it.

♦ Disable Effekseer ♦

This is an experimental attempt to disable Effekseer from the core codes.

But to completely disable it, you need to replace the Main.js with the one provided with this plugin.

♦ Pixel Perfect ♦

Setting this to true will make your game pixel perfect.

♦ Window Scroll Bars ♦

If you ever used low resolutions on your game, you may have encountered an issue that the game window was showing the system scroll bars on the side.

Setting this to true will remove the scroll bars.

♦ Dev Tools Focus ♦

If you use the Dev tools(F12), you will notice that when it is open, your game stops running. With this setting on, your game will still run even with the Dev Tools opened.

♦ Quick F5 ♦

Press F5 to restart the game application no longer closes the game window and opens again. I just restart your game without closing it.

Happy Rpg Making!


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

MZ - Eli Book 4.1.8 21 kB
MV - Eli Book 2.0.0 6 kB
MZ - Eli Book Versions 217 kB
MV - Eli Book Versions 6 kB

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I found an error, the battle starts normal, but when I attack an enemy the game stops and shows an incompatibility problem with Mog_BattleHud version 1.0, and my EliMZ_Book version is 4.1.7<img src="https://img.itch.zone/aW1nLzc4NzQ4NTMucG5n/original/3xKfIW.png">

Thanks for the report! I will take a look at this as soon as I can!

But first, did you try swapping the plugin positions to see if this solves the problem?

Yes, I tried to change the position but it still shows the same error

Hi there!

I try to make a fix with the new Book version. Please try now the 4.1.8.

But I have to say, I tested it with the Mog Sample project, with all his plugins, and I didn't manage to replicate the error. 

I see that you use the MOG Battle Hud 1.0. The sample project I tried, has version 1.1. So I believe it is best if you update your Mog plugins.

the 4.1.8 update solved it without needing to update the Mog plugin, you answered me very quickly, thank you

Nice to hear that!

Have fun! :D

After upgrade book to new version i got info: "EliPluginManager is undefined"

Hi there!

Are you using MV or MZ ? Either one, make sure you have the right Eli Book version for your RPG Maker version.

When the error pops up in RPG Maker, press F8 or F12(a window will pop up), go to the console tab, take a screenshot, and send it here for me to see the error.

I was using the correct version for MZ, it turned out that I had the old version of Eli_Max_Items and when I updated it the bug fixed.

Thank you :)

Nice!! :)

(2 edits) (+1)

Every time I use the plugin it says: this.animationSpritesMz

Could someone help me with this?

Edit: I figured out how to fix it, but I don't know if it interferes with something (I just deleted everything that had MZ)

Hi there!

Can you please tell me in what situation the error has been triggered?

Or send me a screenshot of the console log? (Press F12 or F8 when the error pops up and send a print of the console tab)

So with the new MZ update, which is 1.4.0, they brought back the Animation spritesheet system from MV to MZ. The default framerate was so slow tho so I tried the Book plugin but even with the parameter setting to 1, it still doesn't make any changes. :(

Hi there!

I didn't test the plugin with the new version 1.4.0. I will test it and see what I can do :)

Hi there!

I'm sorry, I didn't manage to replicate the issue. Both animations for MZ and MV seem to work just fine here, regardless of how the plugin parameters are set up. Can you try to explain to me a little bit more what is happening and when? Maybe with a sample project?

(2 edits)

So here is the animation. It runs fine with the Animation Framerate plugin in MV, which helped this animation goes in 60fps. I believe your plugin works the same? If it is supposed to do so, unfortunately, it doesn't work on my project. :(  As you can see, the animation playspeed is really slow.


I got it. i was taking more tests here and it seems that I just implemented more MV animation features, but in a way to replicate the MV style. And that parameter for Animation Playspeed is just for the flashes. I will have to take a look at this again to fix some things and maybe set this as a different plugin.
But, I think you can disable the MV animations on my Eli Book and instead use this plugin from Theo:

Deleted 36 days ago


What is broken? Can you explain me better?

O meu diz: Uncaught TypeError: this.animationSpritesMz is not iterable.

Alguma ideia do que fazer?


Quando que isso acontece? Tem como você enviar uma captura de tela do erro?

Quando o erro aparecer, aperta F12 ou F8 e manda uma captura de tela do console.

Fixed by myself, but if you want to check for future users, the plugins brokes with the MOG_BattleHud (MZ) when the game plays a MV animation. (even if that parameter is disabled)

TypeError: Cannot read property 'find' of undefined

what i did was remove those functions from the MOG plugin's js, but again, you MAY want to check because MOG plugins are used a lot.

ALSO: are you up to plugin commissions? i would like to see what are the prices and stuff.


Thanks for the report! I will check it out!! :D
Yes, I do plugin commissions! Talk to me on discord: Hakuen Studio#5661
or in any of my social media (You can find the links on the plugin help file)

I believe I have fixed this problem in this new version 4.1.3! Let me know ^^

I  can't get this to work i keep getting this error called

Cannot read property 'createParameters' of undefined

Hi there!

What version of the Eli book you are using?

Are you using MV or MZ engine? Becuase the plugin has two versions one for each engine.

It will also be helpful if you press f8 or f12 and send a screenshot of the console log.

I'm having an issue where when I try to do something an error pops up with "cannot read 'note' undefined" or something a long those lines. I highly doubt this will be seen though because it seems to be a plugin that isn't updated too often

Hi there!

Well, this is too little information for me to be able to find a fix. When the error pops up again, press F8 or F12 and send me a screenshot of the console tab. Then we can track down the error ^^

Looking back on here I see that it's an incompatibility with GALV's event spawner (this only happens when I try to spawn an event into a map) I've already contacted the developer for that plugin and they don't know how to solve this (for some reason Spawning an event using this plug in wants to call the init command in Eli's book)


I will give it a try to fix this compatibility. I let you know if I manage it!
But please, can you send me the order you put the plugins in your plugin manager? Like, The galv one is above or below mine?

the order doesn't actually matter, I did some testing in another project. It seemed to only error out when the "spawn event" command was used in the event spawner

I put a patch on my plugin. At least here is working, see if it will work for you. Version 2.3.1.

I downloaded and I can see the current version 1.7, not the new one


I just forgot to update the version number. But did you made the test and see if it's working?

No, it's not working, you need to update.

ok! I will try another thing!

Hi there!

I tested with the mog chrono engine demo, and it seems everything is working.

Put my plugin above and below the mog plugins, and everything work so far.

Please download the 1.8 version

It's working now, thank you so much, I will put your name in my project.

Thank you! Glad it work! 

Good luck with your project ^^

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I have a problem about this plugin, I want to use Mog's Chrono Engine, but It shows me error messages. Here is my image

Thanks for the reply! I will take a look :)

(1 edit)

Hey there!

Can you download the plugin again and give it a try?

I'm trying to use this plugin with Mog's Chrono Engine and other related plugins. But the error message keeps coming up. Any idea on how to get past that.

Hi there!

Sorry fr being late. You have to send me a screenshot of the error. When it happens press f8 or f12 and take a screenshot and send to me :)

Solved the issue myself so don't worry about it.