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Hakuen Studio Sample Project MV(Unsupported) and MZ

This is a project where I build all my plugins. So, you can expect to find a lot of maps where I test the functionality of each plugin. Most of the events have comments explaining how the commands work. 

Although it has maps testing my Paid plugins, it does not include any paid plugins. Only the free ones.

The sample project maps are divided into 4 parts: Plugin Test, On development, Tutorials, and Sample Maps

  • Sample Maps - Just the default sample maps of the engine.
  • Plugin Test - A collection of maps, in alphabetical order, each one reserved to test a plugin functionality. You can go to each one from the map select scene.

  • On development - Plugins that are being currently developed.
  • Tutorials - Some tutorials that I made using my plugins or not.


I will give my best to make a new update per month, regarding the plugins. But if I made a new tutorial, I will update it too.


Feel free to suggest any tutorial you want! ^^

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Buy Now$25.00 USD or more

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MZ - Hakuen Sample Project - 08/2022 125 MB
MV - Hakuen Sample Project- 07/2022(UNSUPPORTED) 95 MB

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I wanted this for so long!


Thank you!!!

Let me know if you miss something!! ^^