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  • Turn events into platforms for the player to jump/walk on it.
  • Set holes with region/terrain Ids.
  • Play a common event when the player falls into a hole.
  • You can make fixed, moving, carrying, or fixed falling platforms!

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AuthorHakuen Studio
Made withRPG Maker
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Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this RPG Maker Plugin you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

MZ - Platform Event Pro 5.2.1 5 kB
MZ - Platform Event Project.zip 4 MB
MV - Platform Event Pro 5.2.0 (UNSUPPORTED) 5 kB
MV - Platform Event Project.zip (UNSUPPORTED) 7 MB

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Hello, is it possible for platforms to carry events?  Or would I need to edit the js to make that happen?

Hi there!

You can do that by eventing. But not automatically like it does to the player. You can check if the event is on the same position X Y  of a platform, and then use a move route for both go into the same path.

This is a great plugin! Thank you

Thanks friend!!! :D

:D Happy to see all your new creations. I finally have some time to go back to creating my game.

Hey buddy, me again.

Got a wonderfully weird one for you once more. 

Any reason i go through other events when stood on a normal platform?

Hi there!

Give me more details. 

1 You are on a normal platform, 

2 But where is the event? The event is on the hole tile?

3 Are you sure the event or the player has not the through ON?A

4 Are you sure the event has the same priority as the player?

(3 edits) (+1)

Video time :)

1 You are on a normal platform, - yup on a normal platform

2 But where is the event? The event is on the hole tile? - the event that is acting as a blocker is not on a hole region, however the event that is the platform is on the hole region

3 Are you sure the event or the player has not the through ON? - through is off on the platform, blocker and player

4 Are you sure the event has the same priority as the player? - The platform event i've attempted both below and same as character, the blockade event i've also tried same and below character. Same issue.

I've made a workaround, seeing as I walk through all events while on a platform... I've just turned it into fire and on player touch it kills the player :) simple.

Nice! But I still will look into this and let you know when I have done!


Best of luck, if I can help in anyway let me know.

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hey, sorry for asking. but, do you have another site or platform where I can buy this plugin? i want to buy it, but i don't have any paypal or any other paying method that is compatible. 

I've been looking for this plugin everywhere but I can't find them except here. also, is this plugin compatible with mv? i read the download option, but the mv part written with unsupported. is it mean i can't use it or something?

Hi there!

The MV version is still up to date. But if perhaps I made a big change on the plugin and it is too troublesome to port for MV, then I will leave MV behind.

But for now, it is still working and up to date.

The only method I have to receive payment is from PayPal. So even outside Itch Io, I will not able to sell you the plugin because of my only method to receive money. Unless you are Brazilian, then we can use the PIX.

But as far as I know, Itch io also accepts credit cards, right? Does that not work for you?


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Hey buddy, love the new plugin. A lot of new fun features for me to play with. I'm having a little difficulty getting my player off the bridge, where they're happy to step back the way they came, but not onto the platform they're trying to get too. Any ideas?

I have since built a workaround, where I copy and paste the bridge event and change the image to be the same as the tile of the platform they're trying to step onto, but thought you'd like to look at it anyways.

Doesn't seem to happen on any of my other identical bridge events, so i'm going to assume it's based on whether or not it's the same tile that the player stepped off of?

Hi there!

Well, I tried to replicate the issue but it seems fine here for me.

  1. I see on your video when you open the event it has two pages. What is on the second page?
  2. If it does not happen on any of your bridge events, maybe is something related to the tileset passibility? 
  3. If you set the player Through ON, it manages to cross the bridge?
(1 edit)

Haha sorry you're getting a lot of attention from me this month.

I've found a weird issue, i purposefully fall to test out the falling and then once i've gone through the fallen common event,  I attempt to walk on the fall event again and it doesn't work.

Haha! Don't worry, keep sending! ^^

As I can see in your video, you should also set the region on the tiles the event is.

Also, how do you set up the events? Can you show to me a screenshot of them?

After they fall, if you don't restore them, you need to move them to another coordinate. See the screenshots of an example of a falling platform that is restored.

If you don't want to restore the platform, you can change the event location on Page 3, or just erase the event.

(4 edits)

Setup the plugin so every time the player steps on region 3, common event 2 should occur

Currently permadeath is off, so all the common event should do is teleport the player to the entrance of the map.

My understanding of the plugin is if this normal platform is in the way then it doesn't matter if the player is on region 3 they'll be able to walk across safely. the bridge is currently setup that the player needs to push a switch before they appear.

Currently it doesn't matter if the event bridge is there or not, the player still falls on the first time they walk on a region 3 tile. 

If the player walks on a region 3 tile again after falling, nothing happens.

Hope this is helpful :)

I had the same issue in 5.1.0 and 5.1.1

I did manage to replicate the issue and I fixed it. Please, download version 5.1.2.

Thanks for the report! :D

That is amazing, it does appear though that if the  platform event has a switch condition to make it appear then the player still treats the event as a hole after appearing

hahahahah loved the thumbs up/down hahaha

I fixed the problem! But ending up creating some new stuff with the plugin, and I still need to test one more time and update the help file. I'm planning to upload it tomorrow!

Deleted 88 days ago
Deleted 88 days ago

If I remember well, my plugin already does this, at least when a platform is carrying the player.

But why do you want to do this? There is a specific situation?

Deleted 88 days ago

Not sure if I understand. Did you try to mess with the settings I provided you before?

The platform and event will only synchronize their positions when the event is a "CarryPlatform". Otherwise, they are both free to move. The purpose of the carrier platform is to take the player from one place to another, so the player is not supposed to move.

On the Normal Platform, the player needs to control his position, otherwise, the platform will move, and the player will fall.

So, on my understanding, you want a Carry Platform that lets the player change its direction while above it and also jump? Is that it?

Deleted 88 days ago

It's fine to edit the plugin ^^

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Very excited for this pro version, I found that if I line up platforms one cell apart from one another I can run across them to the other side without falling. 
Is there a way around this?

Hi there!

Do you mean if you line up platforms with 1 tile of distance between them?

By default, the higher the event's move speed, the faster the player can fall when they leave that platform. So, even if you created static platforms, you can increase their movement speed so that the player can fall faster. Or you can change the parameter below, that is the one that controls this pattern:

Hi! Having a weird glitch with the plugin. When I exit a platform, I can go through a solid wall. Here's what I mean: 

So 1 = Player allowed, 9 = All forbid, 7 = hole. Everything works fine if I try to move into a 9 space from a 1 space (excuse my sloppy markup, I'm drawing with a mouse):

But if I move into that space from a platform, I can pass right through it. 

I've checked my tilesets, and the type of terrain doesn't make a difference. Is there anything else I can try?


Hi there!

Thanks for the feedback! I will take a look into this after the IGMC.

  • But just to make sure, this region possibility is set by another plugin, right? If so, when removing it, does the possibility work properly?
  • Does the same error happen on a clean project? Only Eli Book and Eli Platform?

Hey, thanks for getting back to me! I just tested it out in the sample project that only has the Eli Book and Eli Platform plugins, and the glitch appears there as well. I put down some tiles that are set to no passage, and I was able to move through them if I started on one of the platforms.

I have the Visustella event core plugin installed on the other project. I turned it off and I got the same glitch.

Thanks, and hope IGMC goes well!

Thanks for the reply! I will let you know when I manage to take a look at this!

Hi there!

I just want to say that I didn't forget! Planning on doing this as soon as I can ^^

Thank you!!!

Hi there!

I found the problem. I guess I fixed it. Try the 5.1.1 version! ^^

Hello! Is it compatible with the library of Visustella and OCram? I would love to use this plugin in my project, but i want to be sure that it works before buying :) Thank you!

Hi there!

Unfortunately, there is no way for any plugin maker to know if his plugins are compatible with an entire library of other authors. So, I can't say for sure(especially with Visustella because of their obfuscated code.). So, your options are:

  • Wait for me to release a free version of this plugin if I ever do...
  • Send me a sample project with these plugins from both authors, so I can insert mine and test it here
  • Find another plugin to help you =/

how can i send you a sample? I will take this option :)


You can upload a .zip file on Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, etc. And send me the link here.

Hi! Love the plugin. Here's the problem I'm having: I need the platforms to stop if they collide with each other, but even if I set through to false, they still pass through each other. It's weird, because when the plugin is turned off, they stop if they run into each other. Any suggestions?

Hi there!

Why do you need the platforms to collide with each other? 

The way I thought when making this, is that you just need to add the move route into the platform in a way that it does not collide with each other.

Like these ones on the sample project. They are two events on the editor, but I have set a move route that is "synced" with both events, so they don't collide.

Something like that will solve your problem? If not, can you tell me a specific situation you are having so I can think of something?

(1 edit)

Thanks for responding! Okay, so basically what I'm trying to do is create a series of puzzles that are all about creating a bridge over a hole. So far so good. What I need to make the puzzles is for the platforms to alter each other's paths. 

For example (simplest version of this kind of puzzle; the rusty metal floor represents a hole in this case):

Platforms B and C move horizontally when you hit a switch. Platform A moves vertically when you hit a different switch. Your goal is to get to the path north of the player character.

The solution is to move B and C to where they are above and THEN move platform A. Otherwise, platform A will go too far and you won't have a bridge to the north.

Yes, for this particular example, I could use some conditional branches to make platform A stop at the right point when B and C are in place. However, I'm making a lot of these puzzles, and if I could instead just set the platforms to stop when they touch another platform, that would save me loads of time. 

Thanks for your help! 

Got it!

I will implement it today then! Will leave a message here for you when it's done!

Hi there!

I updated the plugin (5.1.0)and added a way for platforms to collide. I also added the below into the help file, explaining how to use it:

Collider Platforms

Collider platforms are ones that can collide with other platforms. This is an additional note tag. This means that any other platform can also be a collider. But honestly, I think it will only play well with the Normal Platforms. And also, be sure to also check the “skip if cannot move” box of movement routes for them.

To apply the Collision feature, just add the event note tag:


It is case-sensitive.

You're the best!!! Thanks so much!!!

Nice! Happy RPG Making! :D

I feel like this is a bit overpriced...

(1 edit)

Hi there!

What is the things you saw that make you think that?

I think $10 is a fair price, considering:

  • There are plugins for both engines: MV and MZ. 
  • Sample projects for the two engines: MV and MZ.
  • Most of the plugin creators here on itch Io, either only does a version for one engine or do two versions but charge separately for each one. Here you take all for just one price.
  • Itch Io takes 30% from the sale, which left only $7 for me to get.
  • My code is open, meaning you can make changes and compatibility patches.
  • My terms of use allow you to ask other people to do compatibility, without they need to buying the plugin too.

Even if you think: "Hey I can do that all by events(which I doubt will be easy and quicky to setup and reuse as with my plugin)"

Don't you think that if another people did a sample project with an event system like that, with no plugins, $10 will be overpriced for the time they will spend doing a sample project for both engines?

It's good and I am really happy you made, but I think you need to update since I saw your video demo

Check this video, you might need to fix it

Hi there!

I didn't understand what you are saying. This video you showed me is another plugin, from another engine, from another creator. What should I need to fix?


Very nice!

Thanks! ^^