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This plugin lets you use a background image for your game and center the game canvas on the screen.

This feature can be found in retro games like Castlevania.


  • Add a background/frame image for your game!

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Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

In order to download this RPG Maker Plugin you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $8 USD. You will get access to the following files:

MV - Game Frame Pro 5.1.0 4 kB
MZ - Game Frame Pro 5.1.0 4 kB

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Hello, sir. I am considering the purchase of your Game Frame plugin, but before I spend what is a lot of money in my currency (cries in BRL), I wanted to know if the frames/backgrounds ignore effects such as fading, screen shaking and such?

I embedded a picture of how my game looks like at the end of this comment. You can that the gameplay itself takes place within the screen/box in the middle of the picture. I am not using any plugins for that, it is just a parallax background. It looks great, but the problem is the outside of the screen/box is supposed to be "outside" of the game's world, and as such, when I call a fade in or fade out effect, I don't want the outside of the screen/box to fade as well. The same goes for screen shaking, only the inside of the box should shake. 

So I was just checking your plugins library, since I used your font manager and about three or four other plugins, and I found this. I wonder if what I want is possible with your plugin? I'd replace the parallax backgrounds with game frames and such. It is easy enough to replace screen-wide fade effects with fading in/out a picture exactly the size of the playable area, but I haven't found a way to force screen shaking to only shake a specific area of the screen.

Thank you!

Hi there!

Yes, the Game Frame will not be affected by any in-game effects, such as fade, tint or shake screen. :)

Thank you! I will be grabbing your plugin once my credit card bill comes around!

Você é brasileiro, certo? Me adiciona aí no discord antes de você comprar!


Sou brasileira! Acabei comprando antes de ver a mensagem, e vir aqui dizer que funciona perfeitamente! Vou te adicionar, de todo modo.


Another brilliant plugin by Hakuen Studios. Happy New Years buddy and God bless you! :)

Thank you, friend!! Have a nice new year too! :D