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Anyone else having an issue with the idle character no being animated? I created an Idle pose and the character just keeps one frame.

Hi there!

Did you try the Sample Project to see if you did everything right? There are examples there. Otherwise, I will need more information about how are you doing this.

Hey there! Love this plugin so far :-) but I am having a random error that happens from time to time and stops the game. The type error is "cannot read property "isOnIdlePose" of undefined". I have a common event that is calling for idle animation if the character is not moving, but other than that I do not know what can be causing the problem

Hi there!

When the error happens again, press F8 or F12, and send me a screenshot of what is showing on the CONSOLE tab of the browser that will be opened. This will help me figure that out.

Is this what you mean?


By the way, there are two errors there. The Eli Window Skin error is related to the plugin parameters. You probably just need to go into the plugin parameters and refresh them: See if everything is filled properly.

I will check here the Character Pose error.

Sorry for the long delay in talking back to you, I had some tough weeks in between and very little time for RPG Maker. Thanks a lot for your help, Eli Window Skin error is solved! I am still having troubles with the "cannot read property "isOnIdlePose" of undefined" error, I realize it always happens when the player interacts with a character event that also has idle character pose but at the time of the interaction is not in the idle pose but moving around. Probably this doesn´t make sense, but is there a way to provide a null value to the isOnIdlePose so is always defined even though is not in the idle pose? Thanks a lot for your support

Hi there!

No worries! I made an attempt to fix the character pose issue. It was hard to debug the error, I'm still not sure why this is happening.

Please, take a look into the new version 2.0.2 and let me know if the error happens again.

Hi I just wanted to throw an idea out there :) I think it would be amazing if there was an option to "hold" the first frame longer, especially for idle poses. For instance, you could have an idle animation where the character is still for 300 frames, then blinks once. Instead of having to create a character sheet that repeats the still pose multiple times, you could have 1 still and 1 blinking, and set the still frame to last 5 seconds (or maybe even a random duration). Right now I'm using your Character Frames plugin to add extra frames to my idle animations, but it makes very large character sheets ^^'

Hi there! ^^

I guess that is the way it already works. You can adjust a delay for the character to enter in the idle frame:

You can adjust the Idle delay for what you want. So when a character stop moving or anything, it will take 60 frames before enter in the idle pose.

Or I misunderstood what you mean?

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply! You're always so kind, it really is appreciated :)

I'm actually a bit confused, because I've ran some tests by adjusting the Idle Delay like you showed me, but the animation is not behaving like I'm expecting it to. Here's what I tried:

- I have two character sheets: $char.png (a 2 frames idle animation - 1st frame is not blinking and 2nd frame is blinking ) and $char_walk.png (an 8 frames walking animation)

- I set them up in the Character Frames plugin parameters as 2,2,2,2 and 8,8,8,8

- I set them up in the Character Poses plugin parameters so that they would be linked

- I tried this setup with no Idle Delay. The walking animation works perfectly! However, when I stop moving my character, only the first frame (not blinking) is shown. No matter how long I wait, the second frame (blinking) never appears. I tried to play around with the Animation Wait Method formula in the Character Frames plugin, but I can't seem to get it to work. Could it be because my character isn't moving, so this.realMoveSpeed is 0, which messes up the formula? Or maybe this is normal behavior, and the plugin doesn't support multiple frames for idle poses?

- I also tried the same setup with Idle Delay. From what I understand, it adds the delay before the character sheet is changed? In my test, the character stopped moving, but the last frame of the walking animation is shown during the idle delay. What I was trying to achieve is make the idle pose appear straight away, but instead of each frame lasting the same duration, it would stay longer everytime it's on Frame 1. So my character would go: Frame 1 (not blinking for ~ 100 frames), Frame 2 (blinking for ~ 20 frames). In this example, I could achieve the same result with a 6 frames character sheet where Frames 1 to 5 would be not blinking and Frame 6 would be blinking, this way they would have the same duration but the character sheet would have to be much bigger.

I hope my explanation is a bit clearer ^^' English is not my first language, so let me know if anything isn't clear. In any case my idea won't work if I can't get the idle animation to run at all >.< I would really appreciate your input on this! If you need me to, I can also send a sample project :)

Hmm. I think I understood what you want. But the plugin does not work that way.

It currently works like that:

  1. Character is walking.
  2. Character stops walking.
  3. Checks for how many frames the character is not moving.
  4. If that amount of frames is higher or equal than the Idle Delay, it will change to the Idle pose.

While on a pose, the plugin will not give you a way to wait specific amount of frames to change each pattern inside that pose. The idle delay only works for the transition moment. Meaning, while walking, then stops, wait for the delay, then change.

On the "No Idle Delay" setup the second pattern is not appearing because probably the character does not have the Step Animation ON. So the patterns only changes if he is moving.

You can use the pose common event to set the Step Animation ON when the character is entering on the idle pose. See my sample project for details.

Another way would be manually change the pattern of the character using my Character Manager plugin. When entering on the idle pose, you could make the common event wait x amount of frames, then change pattern using plugin commands.


Thank you for your explanation, that makes sense :)

I tested your method and it works great! I'm still debating on whether to change patterns manually through common events or just use bigger sprite sheets. It might be better for the performance to have a few extra poses in my sprite sheets instead of calling for common events every time I want a character to blink. But thanks to you, I can actually choose which method I prefer!

Also I hadn't noticed your Character Manager plugin, so thanks for pointing it out. It has some very useful features so I'll be sure to download it!

Nice you manage to make it work!

If that specific animation will only work for the player and followers, you shouldn't worry about performance with the pose common event :)

But glad now you have two ways to achieve what you want ^^

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Hey there! First of all thank you so much for all your plugins, they are absolutely amazing! I'm having a bit of an issue with this one, which is that I cannot set a move route for events when this plugin is enabled. This happens whether or not I use one of the character images I have set up poses for in the plugin parameters.

I have sample project (I will figure out a way to send it to you privately [Edit: I sent the link by DM on the RPG Maker forums]) that shows the issue: two events have move routes set on the starting map. Turn on the plugin, they stay still; turn it off, they move normally. The project only has Eli Book and Character Poses set up, so I know it"s not another plugin interfering. Maybe it's a bug or maybe I'm doing something wrong while setting up the plugin.

In any case, I would really appreciate your input on this. Thank you for your time!

Hi there!

Thanks for the DM on the forum! I will take a look at this issue and answer you  back! ^^

That's very kind of you, I really appreciate you taking the time to look into this! :)


I forgot to answer you here, but I fixed the problem already! Please download the latest version ^^

And thank you again for report! :D

can you make events dash with this?

Hi there!

Technically, the player dash feature is when a condition is met(user is holding down shift), the player has a +1 value on their movement speed. So, to make events dashing, you just need to increase + 1 on their default speed and put up a condition to raise that speed. As so, you can change their default image according to that condition. The thing is, there is no default condition for an event to dash. So they will not have a dashing image unless you change it yourself.

But events can be idle and jump, so those poses will work for them.

Answering your question, no. This plugin only adds poses, automatically, according to certain conditions: Dashing, Jumping, idle...

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I tried learn it not works. Don't read I don't understand what do it say. Show me video beginner tutorial how to

Hi there!

I did not understand you well. But you need to give me more explanation. How it did not work? What does is happening for it not work?

1 - Check if you have the Eli Book above it somewhere.

2 - Press F12 to open the dev tools and go to the Console tab. Send me a screenshot of it.

What did you already did? 

There is no video tutorial, only the help file and the sample project. You can take a look on the sample project and see how it works.


thank you for this demo i need

Hay I'm getting an Error saying I need "Eli Book 5.4.0 or higher" but for RPG Maker MV there is no 5.4.0...

Can you help with this?

Hi there!

This plugin was not made for MV. It was made for MZ.

But maybe, JUST MAYBE, it can work with MV if you remove the warning from the plugin(deleting these lines). But I don't think it will.

I'll try that

It didn't work. Can you recommend any plugins like this one for Mv?

I guess Galv or MogHunter maybe have something like that:


is this compatible with San_AnalogueMove and San_AnalogueStick? Is it compatible with your character frames plugin as well? I want the functionality in RPG Maker MV.

Hi there!

  • For now, there is only an MZ version of both Character Frames and Character Poses, and they are compatible with each other.
  • I don't know if they are compatible with SAN Analogue Move, but I don't see a reason for not. If you could provide me a link for these plugins I can test it.

Can you add more frames to the characters or does it have to be 3 still?


This plugin does not provide more frames to the characters, only the poses. 

But it is compatible with another plugin of mine that does add more frames for the characters:


It's all good thank you! Was just making sure :D


Nice! :)