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By default, RPG Maker MZ comes with zoom functions in his code. But it doesn't seem to have an event command for that.
This plugin adds plugin commands to use the default zoom with some nice options!


● Zoom in events, players, or followers.
● Zoom in a screen position.

How to use

Just use the plugin commands.
NOTE¹: If you are using ELIMZ_FindIdByName you can also use the event names in the target field of the zoom plugin commands.

Update Log

Terms of use 5.0.0 and higher

Terms of use(Old)

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AuthorHakuen Studio
Made withRPG Maker
Tagseliaquim, hakuen-studio, rmmv, rmmz, RPG Maker, RPG Maker MV, RPG Maker MZ, rpg-maker-plugin, zoom
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MZ - Zoom 5.0.0 1 kB
MV - Zoom 5.0.0 1 kB
MZ - Zoom 3.0.1 2 kB

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If I try to use it, it gives me this error:


Hi there!

Sorry about that! I forgot to add a warning. The error is because it needs Eli Books(my core plugin) to be installed above it.

Please download it and put somewhere above the zoom plugin.

Ah! Thay explains it. I had EliBooks bellow it. Thank you so much!

I need to ask, does it affect pictures ? I'm having a massive problem with my game because it zooms into pictures and just breaks the game really.

Yeah, it affects everything on the screen. This plugin just provide an interface via plugin commands to use the default zoom functions RPG Maker has by default.

Thank you. I'm trying to find one that doesn't affect pictures. My game is being heavily reliant on it.


I will make sure to credit you with this plugin.

Thank you!! ^^


Thank you for this plugin Hakuen Studio.

Glad you liked! :D

Deleted 2 years ago


Sorry didn't understand your ccomment.Do you mean, why you need another plugin for use this one?

Why it requests EliMZ_Book? Do I need any core plugin? ._.

Is it possible to add a setting to "Zoom in events, players, or followers" to adjust the coordinates a bit?

The "Zoom in a screen position" is not executed permanently, only once unfortunately and that in a parallel process :/
I would like to use the position from the hero, but not so high.


Do you mean like an offset to the coordinates?

The "Zoom in a screen position" is not executed permanently, only once unfortunately and that in a parallel process :/
Don't know if I get it... do you mean, like when entering the menu and close, the zoom goes backs to normal? "Zoom in a screen position" is the same as using the "Zoom in events, players, or followers" the difference is that you can put any coordinates instead of getting the ones from events, players, etc...

Yes, something like that.

I have attached two pictures. One shows your MZ plugin and the other is the old build of my game. The game was made with the MV.

In both cases I use the coordinates of the hero.

I execute an event with a parallel process and this creates a kind of "loop". While the event specific things are executed over and over again and so the camera follows the hero, the screen query is executed only once, while the event remains the same.

What I also noticed is that when the camera follows the event, the whole thing falters a bit.

Here are two gif's for comparison. The event is the same in both variants, only the plugins are different. In the MZ yours and in the MV another.

Oh, and one more thing. I forgot, if I use "0" for "This Event" I get an error.
"Cannot read property 'screenX' of undefined"


Oh, and one more thing. I forgot, if I use "0" for "This Event" I get an error.
- About that, I believe this is already fixed, but I forgot to update the plugin here on itch io. I will post it here later.

And about the other stuff, I will make some tests here and see what I can do. But I believe this plugin may not cover that. My intention was only to let the developer use the default function of the zoom of the RPG maker. I believe what you want will run out a little of this scope. But I will try for sure, maybe it's easy to fix. But I think the Galv Camera Plugin will do this better for you.

Okay, looking forward to the update :D

By the way, I discovered the error. That it falters was not the plugin, but how the event was moved.
Now it fits, but the zoom is unfortunately not centered :(
And what I also noticed, if you zoom in and then go into the menu, then leave this again, the zoom is gone and executes again.
Looks a little strange ^^


Yeah, by default, when RPG Maker changes the scene it resets the zoom. I believe the zoom is executed again because of your parallel event. But I can make a parameter in the plugin command to let the zoom permanent or not. And also will add the offset feature.