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Terms of use / Termos de uso


We all know that the default timer is pretty basic. This plugin aims to add to it some new features that gives you more control over your timer.


• Pause/Resume timer.
• Start timer paused.
• Add/Remove seconds and minutes.
• You can change it to count upwards(1, 2, 3, 4...) instead of default count down.
• Turn on a switch when timer is working.

How to use

(MV has a different help file. Take a look inside the JS file)

The plugin parameters are self explanatory.
If you choose to count up, you can still use the default timer command in the event tab.

Script Calls

• $gameTimer.flow() - Will return 'Up' or 'Down', according to the flow of the timer.
• $gameTimer.isPaused() - Returns true if the timer is paused.
• $gameTimer.minutes() - Return the current minutes count.
• $gameTimer.maxSeconds() or maxMinutes() - Returns the max value that timer has when it started or it will have when it finishes.

Plugin Commands:

• Start / Add / Remove - If the timer is not active, it will Start the timer. Otherwise, it will add or remove(if you use negative values).
• Pause Timer
• Resume Timer
• Change timer flow (count up or count down)

You can use \v[id] in some plugin commands.


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

MZ - Timer 3.0.1 3 kB
MV - Timer 1.1.0 3 kB
MZ - Timer Versions 10 kB

Development log


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It's really cool to see BRs doing plugins to RPG Maker too :D

Thank you, Gabriel! :D

How do you remove the timer?  If you add negative values it breaks the timer & won't disappear. 

Thanks for the report! I have updated the plugin and fixed the negative numbers issue. Please download the new version 2.0.1

The timer will disappear when you use the default event command "stop timer".

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Having difficulty getting the timer to actually start... Is there a demo project or tutorial video? Chances are I'm just overcomplicating things but I'm getting frustrated and I tend to do that. Also is there a way to hide the timer for this, but still have it active? Sorry to be a bother...

Ok got it started -_-; I was an idiot who had it start paused

haha! Nice, but this also happen to me when I was testing the plugin haha xD

XD well I don’t feel as bad now ^_^

Exactly what I'm looking for :-) Is it planned to port it to MZ?

Hi! Thanks ^^
Yes I will! I'm just finishing releasing my MV plugins and go straight to MZ :)

Awesome - thanks for your hard work!

Ported to MZ! ^^