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We all know that the default timer is pretty basic. This plugin aims to add to it some new features that give you more control over your timer.


  • Pause/Resume timer.
  • Start timer paused.
  • Add/Remove seconds and minutes.
  • You can change it to count upwards(1, 2, 3, 4...) instead of default count down.
  • Turn on a switch when the timer is working.
  • Change the text color and outline color of the timer.
  • Add hours and milliseconds.
  • Optionally change the format of the timer text to show:00:00:00:00 (Hours:Minutes:Seconds:Milliseconds)

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AuthorHakuen Studio
Made withRPG Maker
Tagseliaquim, hakuen-studio, rmmv, rmmz, RPG Maker, RPG Maker MV, RPG Maker MZ, rpg-maker-plugin, timer


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MZ - Timer 5.2.1 3 kB
MV - Timer 5.2.1 3 kB

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Hi there, and thanks for this useful plugin! Is there any chance to change the x and y coordinates of the timer, so that it doesn't appear in the center, but on the left or on the right? 

Hi there!

Currently not. But I do plan to add that feature someday ^^


Thanks for your fast response! I'm looking forward to that and will keep my eyes on this. Keep up the good job :)



You need to have Eli Book installed somewhere above the timer plugin. Eli Book is my core plugin.

Thx but I have a question after time end can we add an event to transfer player

Yes. Check the timer value, put on a conditional branch to see if it's value is 0. If it is, you transfer the player 

i don't get it i'm newbe pls send the pictures?


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Would there be anyway you could implement toggling the visibility of the timer?

I'm creating an event to where if you hold an item too long, you die. But variable based timers don't work with common events, which common events would assure that the timer stays on when you move maps (I think anyway)

I'd prefer the time left be communicated with different on-screen warnings. Which I have figured out how to do. I'm an absolute beginner to this software and am unaware of it's limitations.

Thank you for taking the time to read this <3

Hi there!

I can take a look at this visibility toggling feature! Should be easy to implement!

When you mean, variable-based timers, do you mean using the default variable as a timer? Like, raise +1 variable value every 60 frames? This for sure will work with parallel common events, and across different maps too.

I should warn you that if I release an update, will be only for the MZ version, not MV.

Also, some piece of advice: If you are really new to the software, forget about plugins for now. Learn the engine first, understand how everything works, and every event command. When you are feeling confident that you learned it well, then you move on to use plugins. 

Hey thank you so much! 

And yes that's exactly what I mean, it just seems very difficult to implement on common events. I tried using a parallel comment event, using repeating "if" statements. But it just doesn't work for some reason, I might have to recreate it and play with it more.

But I'm using mz so that's perfect.

But again thank you, I really appreciate the advice. I will do my absolute best to learn this, I also might get into scripting later so these issues will be irrelevant. And to help people like me ofc 😭

Here is an example of using the parallel common event and a variable as a timer:

A switch must be on for the parallel event to work. And as long as it is ON, the common event will work across different maps.

So when you want to start your timer, just flip the switch to ON. When you want to interrupt, just flip it to OFF.

I just figured out my mistake, the plug-in I was trying to activate was turned off 😭

Everything else was perfect lol, thank you so much for confirming my code was right.

Ohh nice you found the problem!

Have fun!! ^^

Hey, me again.

I've been having some fun with this timer and i've been able to make a leaderboard in SQL using the data I've pulled from it.

I think however SQL formats it's timer HH:MM:SS.milliseconds

is it possible to format this timer to do the same?

Very best from an adoring fan. :)

Hey :)
Nice, you are liking it!
If I remember well, you can make the timer work in that format. It has a gif with it:

These is the adjustments on the plugin parameter:

Is that what you are looking for?

For it to work there needs to be a full stop between seconds and milliseconds rather than a colon.

Sorry, I don't get it. 

For it to work the way you want, you need to remove the ":" between the numbers?

Just between seconds and milliseconds, which keeping the colon between hours and minutes and minutes and seconds...

Major pain in the bottom i know.

Are you using MZ or MV version?

I see what I can do

Hey buddy, me again.

Found out that your timer hates, Events and Movement Core VisuStella MZ http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Events_and_Movement_Core_VisuStella_MZ

Wondered if you had a solution???


Fixed, order of plugins to resolve;

Dunno why, just is :)

Glad you fixed :)


It's really cool to see BRs doing plugins to RPG Maker too :D

Thank you, Gabriel! :D

How do you remove the timer?  If you add negative values it breaks the timer & won't disappear. 

Thanks for the report! I have updated the plugin and fixed the negative numbers issue. Please download the new version 2.0.1

The timer will disappear when you use the default event command "stop timer".

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Having difficulty getting the timer to actually start... Is there a demo project or tutorial video? Chances are I'm just overcomplicating things but I'm getting frustrated and I tend to do that. Also is there a way to hide the timer for this, but still have it active? Sorry to be a bother...

Ok got it started -_-; I was an idiot who had it start paused

haha! Nice, but this also happen to me when I was testing the plugin haha xD

XD well I don’t feel as bad now ^_^

Exactly what I'm looking for :-) Is it planned to port it to MZ?

Hi! Thanks ^^
Yes I will! I'm just finishing releasing my MV plugins and go straight to MZ :)

Awesome - thanks for your hard work!

Ported to MZ! ^^