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*If you use a resolution not divisible by 48, you may have graphic glitches.

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• Inspired by the game Fatal Labyrinth for Mega Drive, I have created this plugin that can cover a map and let the player reveal it as he moves!


• Cover the tiles marked by regions with a 48x48 image of your preference.
• Can choose neutral regions that won't be covered by default.
• Player can reveal these tiles as he moves!
• Set the range, in tiles, that the player is able to reveal when he moves(trough a variable value!).
• Set the revealing type to square, diamond, linear, or region!
• There is a special reveal type "OneRegion" That only reveals the player's region! All other ones stay covered!
• Can reveal or hide regions at once.
• Can hide and reveal tiles by coordinates too!

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Please, see the help file.

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MZ - Map Reveal 5.0.0 5 kB
MV - Map Reveal 5.0.0 5 kB
MZ - MapReveal 3.0.0 6 kB
MV - Map Reveal 1.6.0 6 kB

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Deleted 143 days ago

Hi there!

I manage to make it work here, but indeed it does have some problems due to my recent updates of the Eli Book plugin. So I will have to fix these first. I let you know when I manage to finish it.

I don't understand how it works ? 

Is there a way to enable it?

Hi there!

Of course, that is a way to enable. It is on the plugin help file. 

Read the help file and tell me what is written there that you do not understand. Also make sure you are using my core plugin "Eli Book".

Hello, I've been using this plugin for months with no problems.  I took some time off for a new job, and came back to my game after a two month break.  While playing the game, it crashed due to this plugin on a map that previously had worked.  I'm not sure what is going on, nor how to fix it.  Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.  Here is the error code I'm getting:

Hi there!

It could be a plugin conflict, on a long shot.

But I believe that maybe, is something related to the current map and save file.

Meaning that before, on a previous save file, this map used to have that coordinate, and now it does not have any more. Because the plugin is trying to execute a function to change a tile status(Either trying to cover it or reveal it). And the argument passed to the function(the coordinate) maybe does not exist anymore.

  1. Did you change your map size? 
  2. Or are you trying to load a previous save file? 
  3. If you try it on a new game, does it still cause the error?
  4. The error is showing as soon as you enter the map? 
  5. Or when you are calling a plugin command? 
  6. Did you add any new plugins to the project?

Thanks for your thorough reply.  To answer your questions:

1. No
2. No
3. Yes
4. Yes
5. As soon as I enter the map
6. Tbh, idk... I've certainly added plugins, but I didn't notice a specific one causing a problem.  I use your map reveal on the World Map, and that is working fine, so I don't think there is a conflict with other plugins, but I really don't know.  

Any additional help you can provide would really be appreciated.

Thanks for replying!

I could take a look at it if you manage to replicate the problem on a sample project. Then upload that project for me on any cloud system(google, one drive, Dropbox etc...)

Or you could try disable one plugin, test again. Until the error does not trigger anymore. Then the last plugin is the one responsable for that error.

I did the plugin test, and it didn't solve the problem.  I tried making a sample project, but it doesn't crash in the sample.  Is there a way I can just send you my project so you can see the exact error as it happens???


Yeah, if it does not crash on the sample project it can be plugin compatibility since you already said that you are not trying to load a save file.

Yes, you can send me your project. But send it via PM on the forums:


Hi, sir. I used the MV version of this plugin. When i tested it on my game, it doesn't cover everything! I don't know what's wrong with my settings. As far as i know, all of my settings were correct. I have set cover regions, i have the cover image and i have added  <CoverMap> on Note. Did i missed something? Here's the screencaps:

Hi there!

I will only be able to test this after the IGMC game jam.

Did you test on a clean project? I see that you note tags has other things. Maybe it's a compatibility issue.

Are you using my core plugin above it? ELI Book?

MV version is 1.6.1 or higher?

Oh, Nevermind, It Worked! I forgot to install ELI Book on my Project!


(1 edit)

Hi I've been trying for a while to get this to work but I just can't seem to figure out how to hide regions. I currently have this triggered by an action button $fogSystem.coverRegion(2, true) It properly reveals region 2 when set to false, but doesn't re-hide when set to true. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

Hi there!

Since you are using script calls, I presume you are using MV right?

  • So, can you show me the event pages you are using to hide/show the regions?
  • The problem also happens on a blank map, with no other events rather than the one you are using to hide/show the cover?
  • What are your plugin parameter settings for the "Reveal Form"?

Thank you for the quick reply! Yeah I'm using mv. For testing purposes, the events only have the script call:  The map has other action triggered events. The reveal form is set to coverRegion in the parameters.

Hi there!

Sorry about that. It was indeed an issue. I was worried about performance and did a thing on code, but it does have a side effect that is this that you are experiencing.

I will not fix this now, because I wrote that code a long time ago, and it needs a revision.

But I find a temporary solution for you. Open the plugin file with any text editor, go to line 248 and delete everything inside this red circle:

That did the trick! I also wanted to note that I had to turn off fade in the parameters for it to work, but I can live without it. Thank you so much for your help and goodluck on that revision whenever that happens! Will be keeping my eyes out for your future stuff.

Thank you! Nice, it worked friend!

I will let you know when I manage to update it!

Just a curiosity or an observation: Some weeks ago I made a little game that is just a cutscene. And the name of this game is "Dear Hamona".

So when I first saw your comment here on the itch notifications, I thought: "What is that my own game is commenting on something?"  xD Because your nickname is almost the same "dearmona". Then I saw that it is different haha!

Good luck with your project ^^

cover or reveal can be 1 for cover and 0 for reveal?

Hi there!

If I understand you right, you are talking about the plugin commands/script calls, right?

If so, you need to replace the arguments with true or false. 

Otherwise, could you be more specific about your question?

hi ,What happens is that the plugin instructions do not specify with what values I should replace the word reveal, for example in $fogSystem.coverDiamond(x,y,range,reveal) I understand that x and y are the coordinates of the event but I did not know what values I should replace the word reveal. later I realized that I could put 1 or 0

Oh, got it!

But I guess you maybe miss that part of the help file?


IT WAS JUST THAT THANK YOU Your work is great

Hahaha! Thank you! ^^

Any way I can get a project file? I have read all through the comments and I can't figure it out. I can't even figure out what questions I need to ask lol. Projects are always instant solutions because I can just copy from it even if I don't know how it works. Thanks for any help. 

Hi there!

You have two ways to access a sample project where I build all my plugins:

  • Buy my Sample Project, where I test all the plugins I make.
  • Supporting me on Patreon, on the Tier that gives you access to the sample project.

Otherwise, there is no mystery. Follow the help file, line by line, if you don't understand something you have to ask me here. But I really need to know what you are not understanding, otherwise I will not be able to help you =/

Great, though the only thing it lacks is an ability for regions to block line of sight, so the squares behind the wall won't be revealed. (Or at least I don't know how to do it)


I don't know if I will implement this.  But I will take a look.

For now, if you don't want the player to reveal what is behind a wall, you must build a map with this in mind and set the player line of sight to a value that can fit your specifications.


THIS! This is a great contribution.

Thank you!! Glad you liked! :D

i have suggestion and i would gladly collaborate. What about making the revealed part slowly covered again.
this will make dungeon exploration more exciting and maze is more punishing.

note: if the code is already made, im sorry for not reading too careful. Im also trying my best to make the mod for this plugin and ill share it with you when im done.

Hi there!

If you are making a mod, let me know if you have any trouble. But I will just let you know that this plugin will have an update in this month or next. If you are not in a hurry, maybe you can wait for the update for you to make your mod?

Anyway,I believe this option already exists:(did you try that?)

oh no, not fading. but the map isn't revealed anymore.
anyway, after i done with taking shower, im also done with the mod. Should i put the extra here or just email you the whole new plugin

Hmm maybe I didn't get what you are terying to say. You can e-mail-me the plugin for me to take a look. Maybe I get what you are trying to say looking at the plugin.

I though that was something like when you walk you reveal a part of the map. But when you walk again the previous part is covered again and another one is revelead. Like that? 

My e-mail and social media contacts are on the plugin help file.

i can't quite dm you  on twitter but i link the updated version below EliiMZ_MapReveal
It's like having light on dungeon. No offense but your oneRegion cover only usable on room situation and need multiple of region to be used in maze.

Ok, got it! I will test it and implement in the plugin or add it as an expansion. How can I put your name on the credit? Can I use XenoG too?

This is so great work you are doing.

Would this work with parallax backgrounds?

Thank you! =)

I believe so! Because the sprites used to cover the map are on a layer above the parallax ^^

(3 edits) (+1)

Hi. This is a truly awesome plugin. But i cannot seem to get it to work. Not sure where it goes wrong. When playing the game it just does not show any coverage. What could/should be standard values that should work? I set regions, and added an IMG to the syst folder. 

Hi there! 

Can you send me a screenshot of your plugin parameter?

  • Did you paint the map with the regions specified on the plugin parameter?
  • Did you add the map note tag, into the map note field? (<CoverMap>)

Hi. It was the wrong spelling of the map note tag. It works now. I appreciate the plugin and support! this is truly awesome!


Glad you liked! Have fun :)

What do I have to do so that the "Range" does not always reveal 2 tiles?
I want only 1 tile to be revealed in front of the hero at a time.


Hmm.. I believe that I put a  function on the plugin to reveal the minimum of two, but forgot to remove it... I will do it in the next update. But for now, you can change the JS file:

Go to line 630:
return Math.max(2, this.value(Plugin.param().rangeId));

And replace it with this:
return this.value(Plugin.param().rangeId);

Okay, that solves the problem with the display. Thanks already for that :D

Now for my 2nd problem, which probably came with the solution.
When you start the game, only the tile on which the hero is standing is revealed.

Only after the hero makes a move, the surrounding one is revealed.

Of course, it may well be that I just set something wrong :)

Yes, you are right, it's because when the map starts and made the first reveal, the variable Id has not been set a value yet. 

I will release an update to let the user select a minimum value for the reveal range when the variable has not been set any value! And this will fix the issue.

Thanks, looking forward to it! :D

This is an awesome concept!  I love the idea, but I cannot get the MV version to work.  I downloaded and activated this and Eli's Book MV, placing Eli'sBook as the first plugin.  I created the 48x48 cover image and have it in the System folder.  I paint a map with regions.  I have the notetag covermap on the map itself.  However, when I run the game, nothing gets covered on the map.

I also downloaded the MZ version, but haven't tried it yet to see if it works.  I really want to use MV to make a game because I'm just not satisfied with MZ yet.  

Hi there!

Did you make sure that the region number you used to paint the map is not a neutral one?


I did, I set the neutral region to a higher (I used 10)

I painted the map into regions (using each region to designate a 'room'.

I do have the Eli'sBook plugin above the Map Reveal and I have the image 'coverImage' placed in the game's system folder.  When I test the game, nothing in the map is covered.  


Thanks for the great explanation!

It was indeed an issue using CoverOneRegion together with the Fade Visibility mode.

I've made an update of the plugin, try to check it out and see if it will work for you. But heads up, I believe the fade visibility mode will not work well with the cover one region. =/
At least not for now.

I downloaded the v1.5 plugin.  You are correct, the fade visibility didn't quite work out.  In fact, it kind of did the opposite...it covered the region the player is in and revealed everything else.  However, when I turn the fade off everything works perfectly!  I really appreciate the help and the updates!  

If you have ever played Dragon Quest 3 for the SNES/iOS/android, the cave/dungeon exploration is what I am trying to emulate.  Your plugin does the trick!  

Nice! Glad everything is working now! I will take a look at this Dragon Quest! Already want to play it for so long... xD

(2 edits)

Nice plugin! i sew your post about it, seems like a lot of work, not sure if possible with the plugin code but i wonder is a way to make the reveal big circle instead  of small squares (more neutral)?

Pherhaps I could make a attempt with a circle too, in a future update. I will see what I can do. But for now only with squares :)

(1 edit)

No worries, it is a great plugin.


The circle type is a better look, but I wonder if the block can be broken down to smaller squares and have the block reveal some of the squares and you move. Or make the big squares with shading. So the closer squares are revealed and the squares a small distance away is a little opaque, the next more opaque and then black.

Otherwise I'm loving the idea. This idea has always been a rpg fan fav, I think.

I look forward to the day I move to MZ and then I'll be sure to make a contribution to your efforts.

Hi there!

Broken the squares in small squares is not an option at the moment, unfortunally. But sire is a thing I can try someday ^^

About the distance/opaque feature maybe I can give it a try and see how it goes on performance!

Thank you for your comment and your kind words!

Very cool man! Congratulatios!

Muito legal! Parabéns!

Obrigado amigo! :)