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This is a simple plugin that adds a pause scene with a background image of your choice when you press a button on Scene_Map.


• Pause the game by pressing a button when you are at the scene map(This also stops the $gameSystem.playTime()).

• Choose an image to show when the game is paused.

• It saves the current playTime(Graphics.frameCount/$gameSystem.playTime()) before you pause, and restore it after you leave the pause scene.

• Adds a screen button to be able to pause the game too.

• Play a common event when leaving the pause scene and return to the map.

How to use

To pause the game you can press the keyboard button you choose or the button on the screen.

To unpause the game, you can either press the keyboard button again or click/touch the screen.

The image of the on-screen button has to be a specific format that follows this aspect ratio:

  • Width: 1 | Height: 2


  • Width: 100 | Height: 200

You can use the plugin command to pause the game manually too.

For MV you can use Eli.PauseGame.pauseGame()

Here is a list of the default keys of RPG Maker(Keyboard/Gamepad):

  • "tab",      ■ Keyboard: tab
  • "ok",       ■ Keyboard: enter, space, Z ■ Gamepad: A
  • "shift",    ■ Keyboard: shift ■ Gamepad: X
  • "control",  ■ Keyboard: control, alt
  • "escape",   ■ Keyboard: escape, numpad0, insert, x
  • "pageup",   ■ Keyboard: Q, pageup ■ Gamepad: LB
  • "pagedown", ■ Keyboard: W, pagedown ■ Gamepad: RB
  • "left",     ■ Keyboard: left arrow, numpad4 ■ Gamepad: D-pad left
  • "up",       ■ Keyboard: up arrow, numpad8 ■ Gamepad: D-pad up
  • "right",    ■ Keyboard: right arrow, numpad6 ■ Gamepad: D-pad right
  • "down",     ■ Keyboard: down arrow, numpad2 ■ Gamepad: D-pad down
  • "debug"     ■ Keyboard: F9
  • "cancel"    ■ Gamepad: B
  • "menu"      ■ Gamepad: Y

Update Log

Terms of use 5.0.0 and higher

Terms of use(Old)

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AuthorHakuen Studio
Made withRPG Maker
Tagseliaquim, hakuen-studio, pause-game, rmmv, rmmz, RPG Maker, rpg-maker-mv, rpg-maker-mz, rpg-maker-plugin
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionA few seconds


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MZ - Pause Game 5.0.1 4 kB
MV - Pause Game 5.0.1 4 kB
MZ - Pause Game 3.1.1 5 kB
MV - Pause Game 1.4.0 2 kB

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is there a way i can put 2 or 3 inputs ? 

No :/

will there be an update that will make putting 2 or 3 inputs possible ?

Unfortunately not. I do plan to make another plugin that will handle all key configurations. When I do that, I will make it that way. So you can assign different keys to do the same thing.

This is great but it would be great if you could set a plugin command to turn pause off & not just only turn it on.  In order to turn it off you have to touch the original key or a mouse click but I am using a game controller.  So having to touch the keyboard or mouse doesn't work for me.


It's not possible to implement a plugin command, because the pause scene is another scene. It's like the menu(events don't work there).

But did you try the game controller and it not work? Because it is supposed to work. I will take a look! Are you using MV or MZ?

I'm using MZ & an 8bitdo gamepad controller.  using the start button as a common event to pause the game works but then when you press the same button it doesn't unpause the game.  I'm guessing because it's calling no the same common event that is only set to pause the game.  if you could unpause the game I'd just have a conditional branch and switches to see wether it's on or off but I don't think that's how this plugin works.

I'm also using button common events.


Hi there!
I have updated the pause game and button common events plugin. Take a look at them now.
You will also need the new Eli Book 3.3.0.

(1 edit)

With this plugin would it be possible to pause the game but run common events? for example, if I want to make a "on-map" menu with pictures, can I pause the game and run the pause game event (so to allow navigation)?


Hi friend!

Unfortunately, it's not possible to do this, because the pause Scene is another scene, different from the map scene.

The best way you can achieve that is by using an autorun event(to make sure that the player doesn't move) and made your picture menu.

Ahhh I didn't knew it! I guess autorun is the only option then, like in the old RM2K3 days XD

Yes, I believe it is the best way ^^