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Terms of use / Termos de uso


This simple plugin adds a way to limit the amount of each item the player can have.


Limit the maximum amount of each item/weapon/armor the player can have through the item note tag using numbers or variable value.

How to use

To assign a maximum quantity for each item, put in the notes field:
    <MaxAmount: yy> * It is case sensitive
Replace 'yy' with the amount you want.
You can also use \v[id] to se a max value from a variable value.


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MZ - Max Items 3.1.3 2 kB
MV - Max Items 1.1.0 1 kB
MZ - Max Items Versions 13 kB

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this could be used for a weight system coulndnt it?

Yes it could! Although is not that straithforward. The thing is that you can use a game variable to set a limit for the item. So you can raise this variable value the way you want. But I'm already working on a weight system too :)