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Sometimes to test a game, we have to restart the playtest several times to transfer from one map to another. Or create events on each map to perform the transfer.
This plugin solves this problem by creating a map selection scene, where you can choose to transfer the player to the map you want!
It can also be used as a fast travel mechanic!


• Creates a map selection scene.
• Add an image for each map.
• Choose to use on-screen buttons or not.
• Help window for the description of each map.
• You can add new maps within the game!

How to use

● Create a new folder in your img folder: "map_select"  (Without quotes, all lower case). You will store the map select preview images there.

● You can add as many maps as you like using the plugin parameters. I believe that all are very explanatory, however, the "Condition Type" requires clarification.

● There are conditions to show/hide the map commands on the map select scene.

And there are conditions that can enable/disable these commands. 

The difference is, that when a command is disabled, it will still show on the command window, but the player will not be able to select it.

● You can also add new maps using plugin commands.

Update Log

Terms of use 5.0.0 and higher

Terms of use(Old)


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

MZ - Map Select 5.0.2 6 kB
MV - Map Select 5.0.2 6 kB
MZ - MapSelect 3.2.1 8 kB

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I've been looking since forever but can't find where all the documentations for the parameters are. I don't know what to put in there to make them selections show up in-game

What do you by documentation? The help file of the plugin is both on the plugin itself and on this itch io page.

What RPG Maker Version are you using?

You are using the proper Eli Book according to your RPG Maker version?


Hi! Thanks for making this plugin. One question: is there a way for the BGM to not stop whenever the playes teleports to a different map?


Currently not. But you can edit the plugin to do that.

MZ version Line 652 | MV version line 515

Replace the "this.fadeOutAll()" line, according to the plugin version you are using, with this one:



It worked! Thank you so much!


Have fun!


Hello. First of all I want to thank you for all your awesome plugins. Now my question: Is there a way to display the map names in different colors? Or mark different names with different icons in front of them?

Hi there!

Yes, there is it! You can use escape codes on the Map names inside the plugin parameters:

But you will need my other plugin for that. It enables you to use escape codes on every window.


(1 edit)

I think I´m doing something wrong. I already tried escape codes, but it shows the following

edit: using the same code for help-text works.

Even using the Global Text plugin?

Thank you very much. This works.



Hi there, is there a way to use a plugin command for the map selection scene instead of the gamepad and keyboard buttons? It's like Waypoints/


Hi there!

Yes, I forgot to put it on the help file. Use the plugin command on MV:


On MZ, you just need to find the plugin on the plugin command list that there is also a plugin command for it.


Got it, THANKS!

Cannot read property 'mapSelect' of undefined
Confused I just added the maps in the command list through the plugin parameters but this pops up when the map select menu is triggered to open in an event.

HI there!

Sorry about that. I forgot to include that you need my core plugin for it to work.


(1 edit)

yeah I have Eli MZ 5.0.9 in my plugin list already it's listed right above Map Select and it is beneath the Visustella list of plugins

does this conflict with the Visustella Core Engine plugins to your knowledge?

**I should note that I am calling it with a script call and adding new maps using switches as the appear condition.

When the script call triggers to open the menu the bug happens. Playtest runs fine with the script in the plugin list though. Issue only occurs when the menu script is called.

Hi there!

I don't think it has any conflict with the Visustella Core Engine plugin. Because I already made some tests with it and everything works fine.

The thing is, I believe the problem is here:

On $eliData.mapSelect

For some reason, it does not recognize the $eliData, and it is returning undefined. That object is what holds all the saved data of all my plugins. And it is created on the Eli Book plugin. So it is something related to saving files.

So, you are trying to do this by loading a saved game? If yes, can you try a new game to see if it will work?

Another option would be to change the Eli Book position on your plugin manager, but still, let it be somewhere above the Eli map select.

Also, you said you are using script calls. Can you show me how you are doing this? Did you try the plugin command instead of the script call?

If nothing works, I will have to ask you to build a tiny sample project replicating the error, upload it somewhere, and send it to me, so I can take a look.

(1 edit)

That didn't occur to me. Yes, I am testing this on a saved file.

I'll make some test maps and try it on a new game file and see if that changes anything. (at work right now though)

I'm also using a script call command to call the menu.

I'm using Eli.MapSelect.callScene()

I'm only using plugin commands when adding new maps. This bug still happens when calling the menu through a script call in an event when there are innate maps set up in the plug in parameters.


Ok, friend! Let me know the results of your test :)

(1 edit)

Hi, I bought this, but the plugin doesn't work.

as initial setting, Title, KeyBoardbutton.. (tool is MV)

Is there something mandatory in the plugin parameters?

(1 edit)

Excuse me. Is it possible to create an event to enter map select scene without using buttons?

Hi there!

Yes it is! Use the script call:


I'll give it a try. Thanks!

Hello. I wanted to ask is there an option to create empty map during the game, I mean the map that is not already in the editor.

Hi there!

No, with this plugin this is not possible. This plugin doesn't create new maps, it just pops up an interface for the player/user to transfer to existing maps inside the game.

So, you need to create the map in the editor to be able to insert it on the Map Select menu and transfer to him.


I see. Thank you so much.

Hey there,

I was just wondering if there was any way to remove the title screen option for this plugin.

Hi there!

Did it right now! Please download the new version :)



Thank you! Love this plugin!

thank you for always being quick to respond and putting up with these requests haha, I appreciate it at least.

Nice! It's my pleasure :D

Hello sir,

I like this plugin, but I have MV.

So can you do MV?

Hi friend!

Unfortunally, it only works for MZ. I don't know if I'm going to make an MV version :(

Will you "translate" your MV's Plugins to MZ? Because they're awesome! 

Hi friend!

I'm glad you like it!

They are all for MZ! There is some of them that are only for MZ and not MV.

My MZ plugins are the most updated. ^^