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• Sometimes is hard to keep an organized database. Because we can make a list of all kinds of swords and after that a list of shields. But during the development, maybe we can add a new kind of sword. So we have to add it to the bottom of the list, or push all shields to the bottom and clear some 
space for the new sword. Or, you can do what most people do, leaving a free space in the list and put separators:

Middle Sword
Long Sword
Wooden Shield

• This plugin, provide a method for you to build your game that you don't have to worry about these anymore!
• You can set your database and organize it anytime you want, without worry about the list order that affects in-game references!


• Assigning values by name: Adds a method of assigning, returning, and checking values of various data/objects of the Rpg maker MV/MZ through their names and not just by ID.

• Currently supported: Actors, switches, variables, classes, items, weapons, armors, skills, enemies, troops,  equipment types, states, common events, armor types, weapon types, skill types, maps, and events.
NOTE: For now, access to events id by their names, are only supported in the current map.

• You can better organize your database using these methods since you can rearrange them in the list without worrying about their id. It means this is not affecting your game at all since you will don't need to change the in-game references.

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Please see the help section on the plugin file ^^

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MZ - Find Id By Name 5.0.0 4 kB
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MZ - Find Id By Name 3.0.0 5 kB
MV - Find Id By Name 1.2.0 7 kB

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...and just when I thought nothing can surprise me anymore :) great plugin and great options the solve a problem many Dev have, It's a reason why I sign your emails as 'importiont' haha ;)

Hi friend!

Thank you so much! ^^

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No problem,  I will add this to the following post, let me know if  that ok.

Yes it's ok! :D

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OMG! You, my friend, are a lifesaver!!

Ive been waiting for a plugin like this one for soooo long! There was one for Ace but not for MV. Thank you thank you THANK YOU!! Thank you sooo much for making such a great plugin!! Please keep up the good work! :D


haha! Glad you find useful! I will still work on updates for it, like be able to use escape characters in the message windows too, and add plugin commands.

Thank you for your support ^^

This is MORE than useful! A plugin like this one should have been integrated in MV from the very beginning! But anyway, I look forward to the next updates. ✦.✦

Thanks again for making this great plugin!