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For those who use custom graphics, using black fade-out/in can be a problem.
This plugin will solve this inconvenience!


• Change the fade-out/in colors when transferring the map.
• Change the duration of the fade-out/in when transfer map.

How to use

Configure the plugin parameters to define a default color for the fade and duration when performing the map transfer.

● Fade for map transfer

You can define a color for the fade transfer on each map, through the note field.

<FadeColor: myColor> *It is case sensitive!

You can use RGB, hex, or Html colors:
<FadeColor: 0,30,85> (RGB)
<FadeColor: #ffffff> (HEX)
<FadeColor: red> (HTML)

So, if you set up a color "blue" for map 1, when you perform a transfer, if the next map doesn't have a note tag for the color, it will stay always blue (until the player goes to a map that has another fade color note tag).

● Fade plugin command

You can also use colorful fades in/out in the event via plugin commands.
There, you can always customize a different color and duration if you want.
If you leave it blank, it will take the default color and duration in plugin parameters. But the only reason I see for using that is if you want to cover pictures on the screen because the tint screen does not cover them.

Note: This does not work like the default fade-out/in from the event commands. If you change the scene while faded out when you return back the fade will be gone.

Update Log

Terms of use 5.0.0 and higher

Terms of use(Old)


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MZ - Fade Colors 5.0.1 2 kB
MV - Fade Colors 5.0.1 2 kB
MZ - FadeColors 3.0.1 2 kB

Development log


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Hello. I'm having trouble figuring out how to use this plugin. I believe I've done everything the help section said to do but before the game even starts in test play, it immediately says


Eli.ColorManager.getRgb is not a function

Can you please tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Hi there!

Are you using my core plugin? Eli Book?

If not try downloading it and putting it anywhere on your plugin manager, above this plugin.

If you are already using it, tell me what version of the RPG Maker you are using.

Yes, I'm using the Core plugin. I use MZ

I believe you may not have the latest version of my plugins.

Make sure the EliMZ Book is on version 5.4.3 and Fade Colors on 5.0.1.

Otherwise, trigger the error again and send me a screenshot of the console tab by pressing F12 when the error happens.

I do have the lastest version of the plugin. Here's that screenshot.

This error happens when you don't have the EliMZ_Book.

Please, show a screenshot of your Plugin manager, listing all your plugins.