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Thank you for creating this plugin. this plugin is great and I'm also using your custom parameters plugin too! I'm am probably just missing something but i cant figure out what escape code to display Enemy custom parameters. I had no trouble displaying actor custom stats in text window but i am not seeing anything in the plugin to display custom stats for enemies. Any help is appreciated, thank you.

Hi there!

Yeah, I believe I didn't implement it. I will do the next update after the IGMC contest.

But there is another way to get it, you can use the eval escape code:

=| your formula here |=

$gameTroop.members()[Enemy Index].cparam(C Param Id)

If you want to find an enemy through it's id, and not his battler index:

$gameTroop.members().find(enemy => enemy.enemyId() === ID)

-Replace ID with he id of the enemy you want to find.


thanks, i should have thought of that because i used a similar function to get an enemy's evasion rate.

Hi Hakuen, just wanted to thank you for all the plugins you've made! There's a problem with this one, though, as every time I download the MZ version it triggers a (false) alarm with my virus scanner, effectively disallowing the use of the plugin. For some reason, the MV version does not trigger the alarm.

The description of the alarm can be found here. Just thought I'd bring it up.

Hi there!

Well, I tested the file with the windows defender here, and it seems fine. I don't know what is causing this for you, but you are the first one with this issue. I think that is probably only your anti-virus since Javascript files can trigger some "alarms". Like, every JS file that I download with chrome, says that it can be potential harm for my computer, but it ends on nothing. Either way, I will try to upload it again to see if can solve your problem.

Is there anyway to show skill description?

Hi! ^^
I believe there is no specific escape code for that(will add it on the next update). But you can use this for now:

Change the "1" for the id of the skill you want.

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Thank you so much man! Worked!

But, can i ask if you know the code to write skill description from a battler member?


Nice, it worked! Well, is almost the same as the previous one. A skill description is a skill description, no matter if it is from a battle member or not. You just need to get the ID of the skill you want and replace the "1" with it.

Maybe you are trying to do something else? If so, can you explain better?

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Im trying to make a battle based on events and a need to show a skills and skills description from right battle member.

I mean something like that: show skill and skill description from first battle member.

Well, then you already have your answer. Get the skill id from the battle member, and replace it with the script call that I send it before.

Just replace 1 with the skill id that your battle member has.

Hey there - it strikes me that this could use your Custom Parameters system.  Would the EVAL be used for that, or is there part of that already in the code?

The eval will work!


But hey, why didn't I put escape codes for custom parameters? =O

Will do it today! ^^

Hi friend! I have added specific escape codes for the custom parameters into the plugin. Thanks for reminding me ^^

There appears to be some sort of issue with some of the escape codes.

When using \AcNk[ID] or \MbNk[Index] when the codes are used in normal text boxes it just put out a number

For example

    Hello \AcNk[2]

    Hello [1]

but if I use that same escape code in the name box for the text box it works

For example

Name: \AcNk[2]

Name: [Whatever the actual nickname for that character is]

Hi there!

In case you are using MZ:
I made tests here and both escape codes work fine on the text box and name box. Are you using another plugin that adds escape codes or something like that? If yes, can I take a look at your plugin manager list?

In case you are using MV:
Indeed was a bug for these escape codes. So I made a fix and posted an update(version 1.3). See if it is working ok for you. But you also said, a name box, so I believe you are using a plugin for this. Can you send me your plugin manager list for me to see what plugin and what order do you put it?

I think I know the other plugin that messes with the escape codes, it's Cae_FaceOnRight, it's a plugin that allows for the positioning of portraits but it uses escape codes, I still don't see how it could be conflicting because Cae_FaceOnRight only adds \FacePos[Pos] and \FaceMirror[Direction]. Then again I may be wrong, i'm not super familiar with Javascript, and I really don't know how RPGmaker has it's code base set up.

Well, the most certain way of know if it is a plugin conflict, is to turn all the plugins off and turn them on one by one:

  • Turn one plugin on.
  • Test the game.
  • If everything works fine, repeat the process.
  • If not, you find the plugin with compatibility issues, then I can take a look at it.

I actually tried an iterative approach by turning on this plugin first, testing, then adding another plugin, then testing (all in a new project) My findings actually show that with just the 2 plugins (This plugin and Eli's book) it still yields the same result without any other plugin even listed

Got it. Well, I made the same tests here, and it's working for me. Can you upload a sample project with only Eli Book and Eli Escape codes for me to take a look at? Because I'm not being able to replicate the issue on this side. So I was wondering if you can upload this new project replicating the issue, so I can track down the error. Can you do that for me?