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Terms of use / Termos de uso


We already know that we can type \V[ID] to get a variable value to show on the message window. So if we want to show a custom information thats not covered by the default escape codes, we can simply put it on the variable and show on
the message. But, this process can be tedious sometimes.
So, this plugin add new Escape codes that can show a lot of game information inside any window that process escape characters.


Add several escape codes to windows that can show a lot of game information!

How to use

Almost plug and play!
All you need to know is the escape codes. But first I will give you a list to help you memorize what every escape codes mean:

AC      = Refers to actor
MB      = Refers to a party member
CL      = Refers to class
NK      = Nickname
NM = Name
LV      = Level
XP      = Current Xp
XP?     = Next required Exp
PR      = Default parameters
PRX     = X parameters
PRS     = Special parameters
PRO     = Profile
SK      = Skills
EQ      = Equipments
MT      = Meta
IC      = Icon
IT      = Item
WE      = Weapon
AR      = Armor
EN      = Enemy
ST      = State
MAP     = Map
DN      = Display name
EV      = Event
QT      = Quantity
OBJ     = Refers to a property of the current object
BTNUM   = Battles Fought
BTWIN   = Battles Win
BTESC   = Battles escape
GMTLT   = Game title
STEP    = Step numbers
ALMB    = Alive members
PRTSZ   = Party Size
PLTM    = Play Time
EVAL    = Formula. Can be any valid javascript code.

Knowing that will help you using the plugin. Below contains how you can use the escape codes in the windows and every possible combination of them.

You will be able to show almost anything through escape codes. I did my best to cover all the database/game information. But if I miss some, you can stil use the \EVAL[formula] and replace formula for any valid javascript code.

Please, download the plugin to see all the possible combinations in the help file. 


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EliMZ_EscapeCodes for MZ 25 kB
Eli_EscapeCodes for MV 29 kB

Development log


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There appears to be some sort of issue with some of the escape codes.

When using \AcNk[ID] or \MbNk[Index] when the codes are used in normal text boxes it just put out a number

For example

    Hello \AcNk[2]

    Hello [1]

but if I use that same escape code in the name box for the text box it works

For example

Name: \AcNk[2]

Name: [Whatever the actual nickname for that character is]

Hi there!

In case you are using MZ:
I made tests here and both escape codes work fine on the text box and name box. Are you using another plugin that adds escape codes or something like that? If yes, can I take a look at your plugin manager list?

In case you are using MV:
Indeed was a bug for these escape codes. So I made a fix and posted an update(version 1.3). See if it is working ok for you. But you also said, a name box, so I believe you are using a plugin for this. Can you send me your plugin manager list for me to see what plugin and what order do you put it?

I think I know the other plugin that messes with the escape codes, it's Cae_FaceOnRight, it's a plugin that allows for the positioning of portraits but it uses escape codes, I still don't see how it could be conflicting because Cae_FaceOnRight only adds \FacePos[Pos] and \FaceMirror[Direction]. Then again I may be wrong, i'm not super familiar with Javascript, and I really don't know how RPGmaker has it's code base set up.

Well, the most certain way of know if it is a plugin conflict, is to turn all the plugins off and turn them on one by one:

  • Turn one plugin on.
  • Test the game.
  • If everything works fine, repeat the process.
  • If not, you find the plugin with compatibility issues, then I can take a look at it.

I actually tried an iterative approach by turning on this plugin first, testing, then adding another plugin, then testing (all in a new project) My findings actually show that with just the 2 plugins (This plugin and Eli's book) it still yields the same result without any other plugin even listed

Got it. Well, I made the same tests here, and it's working for me. Can you upload a sample project with only Eli Book and Eli Escape codes for me to take a look at? Because I'm not being able to replicate the issue on this side. So I was wondering if you can upload this new project replicating the issue, so I can track down the error. Can you do that for me?