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When using pictures, sometimes you may want to show or move them in a more complex way. 
But the only place you can be free is changing/setting the x and y position through variables.

This plugin adds an enhanced show/move pictures command where you can do complex things with all properties!


● New command for show and move pictures, letting you use formulas and variables for positions, scale, and opacity.

● New shorter commands for a quick show and move pictures.

● Fade picture command.

● Erase a lot of pictures at once

● Multiple origin points( instead of just UpperLeft and center)

MV Commands

How to use (MV-MZ)

Update Log

Terms of use 5.0.0 and higher

Terms of use(Old)


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MZ - Enhanced Pictures 5.0.3 4 kB
MV - Enhanced Pictures 5.0.3 4 kB

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Always solving all my troubles.

Thanks!! ^^

Might not've figured it out right. But, I'm trying to move a group of pictures at once with 'move picture' command, it seems I can only set a new x/y for all the images together. I would like to instead add/sub to their original x/y values.

Unless there's possibly another way to do it that'll cut down from having to do 100+ move picture commands, it's apart of my picture menus. Thanks in advance.


Hi there!

On that case, is best if you use a script call:

const pictureIds = [1, 2, 3, 4]
for(const id of pictureIds){
    const picture = $gameScreen.picture(id)

        picture._x += value
        picture._y += value

Inside the brackets on the first line, you can put every picture ID you want


Ooooh, I was wondering how to do something like this and couldn't find any reliable info. Thanks a lot.


As you can see in the image, I love this plugin a lot!

Unfortunately I tried to put origin point into the variable number 3 ( \v[3] )

And tried : 


 as well as :

but it does move the image to some incorrect place!

It doesn't really bother me because I'm fine using all pictures with Origin as "Center" without having to modify it with variables but maybe it is a bug? 


Hi there!

Will take a look at this! Only the Origin argument that does not work with variables, right?


Fixed it! Version 5.0.3! Thanks for pointing that out!


I had trouble figuring why it was crashing in my project while it was working in your demo!

The most recent version uploaded here is 2.3.0 while in the demo it is 2.3.1 and it fixes the crash!

Thanks for letting me know!!! I updated the new version on the plugin page! ^^

Hello Eli, would it be possible to port this plugin to the MV?

MV project is an ABS using the Cross engine and Mog Chrono Engine, so unfortunately there is no way for me to switch to MZ, if possible I want to use your wonderful plugin to create the hp bar over the events, instead of static on the screen as it is the system default , anyway , thank you very much !

Hi there!

Unfortunately not. The MZ plugin command structure is too complex to port to MV.

You can either try the fossil plugin to see if it will work on MV, or you can try to do this another way. It is just a matter of setting the picture position equal to the event screen position.


Ok, well.... Thank you ! 


I'm trying to show a picture with an ID based on a variable but it does not work, in addition, if I go back and try to edit the field, it changes to 0. It looks like variables are not supported for pic ID.


Hi there!

Thanks for the report, I have updated the plugin to version 2.1.0. Now you can use formulas or the escape character \v[id].

But keep in mind that \v[0003] it will not work. You have to put \v[3]. Don't need to use the zero :)

Let me know if it is working ^^

That's awesome! it works now. However I might have found another issue, I'm trying to insert a number in the file name, say I want to show picture Actor2_3.png, I enter Actor2_\v[3] (variable 0003 value is 3), but It does not get displayed, but when I get back to edit the field, the character / has been changed to \ (as if it was a path). Am I doing something wrong?


Yes, this is a behavior with the plugin command from the MZ editor, there is no much I can do about it.

But try to download the plugin again, I have added the feature to use formulas and \v[id] in the filenames too. Also a new plugin command for erasing pictures that let you erase more than one picture at once and also being able to use \v[id] and formulas too.

But to use the \v[id] in the filenames, you have to use the text field in the "Parameter" tab:

And yes, if you try to edit the name parameter again, it will mess with the "\" and you have to edit it in the text field again. But as long as you don't edit it again, it will not change and will work fine.

Great! It's so much better than the default picture system, it's a shame they didn't even implemented variables for the IDs. I wonder if it would be possible to erase pictures in a determinate intervall (from Id – to Id), or just "All" pictures.


Hi there! Sorry for the late answer. I've added the change you asked for. Now you can erase pictures in two ways:

As for erasing all pictures, you can use a script call: