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Provides advanced switch operations.

There are many conditions that, by default, the event tabs do not have commands to check. 

As an example, if the game is being played on an android device, iPhone, computer or check the current weather (rain, storm, or snow).

Instead of use the script calls:

$gameScreen.weatherType() === 'rain'

This plugin facilitates this and other processes by automatically activating a switch of your choice based on a predefined condition in plugin parameters.


● Global switches that have his values working across save files.

● Advanced plugin command to manage switches.

● Optionally, automatically turns the specified switches on and off 

according to the conditions below:

  • Is in Test mode (Whether in battle, event, or normal).
  • If the game is running on a mobile device.
  • If the game is running from a Desktop.
  • If the game is running on an android.
  • If the game is running on an iPhone.
  • If the game has any saved files.
  • If the player is in any vehicle.
  • If the player is on an airship.
  • If the player is in a boat.
  • If the player is on a ship.
  • If there is any change in the weather.
  • If it is raining.
  • If it is snowing.
  • If it is raining heavily (storm).
  • If the player is on a tile that inflicts damage.¹
  • If the player is running.
  • If the player is in a bush.¹
  • If the player is on a ladder.¹
  • If the player is in motion.
  • If the message window is open.
  • If the choice window is open.
  • If the number entry window is open.
  • If the item selection window is open (from the map).
  • If the timer is active.²

¹ It is necessary to configure the tileset.

² When it reaches zero, the switch turns off.

How to use

♦ Global Switches ♦

• You can set regular switches to have their values persistent across save files.  To do that, you just need to insert "GD:", without quotes, not case-sensitive, on the switch name. GD means GLOBAL DATA.

♦ Plugin parameters ♦

● Update Method → There are two ways for the plugin to work:

• Update as needed → The switches are turned on and off automatically only when something related to them happens. For example, when entering a vehicle the plugin will identify which vehicle it is and activate the switch for that vehicle. And when you leave it, the switch will turn off.

• Always update → At each time interval (frames) specified in the "Update interval" parameter, the plugin will check all switches and turn on or off each one depending on the condition of each one.

For example, regardless of whether the player enters or exits the vehicle, the plugin will be updating the corresponding switches at each time interval.

• None → It will do nothing. Will not auto-update the switches in any way.

If you happen to experience any incompatibility with other plugins, try switching between versions.

♦ Plugin Commands ♦

Operations → Let you manage switches in a more advanced way.

You can toggle values, change more than one switch, or even a range of switches ids.

Can set a delay to change the value of switches.


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MZ - Switches 3.2.0 6 kB
MV - Switches 1.6.0 6 kB
MZ - Switches Versions 34 kB
MV - Switches Versions 6 kB

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