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When we make an introduction before the title screen using a map we have to place the player to start on that introduction map. 

Usually, for this reason, we can no longer use the standard title screen, since the new game command takes us back to the intro map. This plugin makes it take you to another map of your choice, executing the same new game command, except for the destination map.


  • Make the new game command on the title screen transfer the player to another map set on the plugin parameters.
  • Skip the title screen when the game boots.

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AuthorHakuen Studio
Made withRPG Maker
Tagseliaquim, hakuen-studio, plugin, rmmv, rmmz, RPG Maker
Average sessionA few seconds
LanguagesEnglish, Portuguese (Brazil)


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MZ - Custom New Game 1.4.2 1 kB
MV - Custom New Game 5.0.1(Unsupported) 1 kB

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Incompatible with Galv_CamControlMZ.

Do you have any plugins that can replace them?

Hi there!

What is going on between those two plugins? Maybe I can fix the compatibility issue.

If an error triggers, press f8 or f12. A browser window will open. Go to the CONSOLE tab and send me a screenshot of what is in there. If no error is happening, and the plugins just does not work, send me a sample project replicating the issue that I will take a look :)

I do have a Camera Plugin, but it is paid and does not handle zoom functions. The zoom functions are in another plugin of mine.

(1 edit) (+1)

The character will be locked at the edge of the camera.

Your  Camera Plugin  solved my problem.

I don't care about GALV now, just reporting as a potential risk


Glad you managed to solve it then ^^

(1 edit)

Looks great, thanks for another useful futures.

Glad to help! ^^