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For one of the stats in my game I don't want random growth. I can set Min and Max both to 1, but then it increases every level, which I also don't want. Is there a way to accomplish this?

I tried entering something like "if (this.level = x) { 1}; if (this.level = y) { 0};" into both Min and Max but it still increases by 1 every level no matter what.



One thing is for sure, if you don't want random growth, you need to put the same value on both Min and Max.

Now, your formula is wrong. When doing comparison in java script you should use, on this case, "===" instead of just one "=". One "=" means that you are assign the right value to the left. So the right one would be:

if(this.level === X) {1}; if(this.level === Y ) {0}

But I need to understand better. You don't want random growth, but you want to choose specifically on what level the growth will happen?

Because you can set a fixed value per growth, but set a value for this parameter on the LIMIT argument, so regardless what amount it will raise per level, it will never pass that LIMIT. Another thing is to mess with the Growth Chance %

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Thanks for the quick response!

When I try your formula I get NaN. (I did change X and Y to numbers and put the formula in both Min and Max).

Yes, I want to choose specifically which levels growth will happen. I might just be misunderstanding this plugin a little. I don't want to use Growth Chance because I don't want any randomness. I don't think LIMIT will work for me because my main concern is not having stats grow too fast but I still need room for items and equips to raise stats beyond what their natural growth may be.

EDIT: I'm using custom params where I don't want random growth, otherwise I'd just use the default engine's curves.


I guess the formula was my bad. Try something like this:

this.level === X ? VALUE : this.level === Y ? VALUE : 0


The important following this, is that the last statement is just a }else{ alone, without the if.

This is the same as the If statement. But if I remember well, this formula field needs some adjusting for it to work properly... If still did not work, maybe you need to wait a bit until I release an update.

On that case, you should leave the Growth Chance to 100, and manipulate the min and max to control what levels their will have a value raised.

I think that's working! At first I thought it wasn't, but then I realized when putting "this.level === 2", the 2 is the level BEFORE they gained a level, not what level they become.

I only tested a few levels. It's going to be tedious entering them all one by one, but that's okay with me if it works like I want it to. I'll post back if there's a problem. I don't mind waiting on an update to the plugin.

Thanks for helping me with what is probably a very specific use case, you're the best.

Nice! Have fun! :)


Hi Hakuen! Always love your mods!! Thanks for the work!!

Unfortunatelly, this time I'm having a bit trouble implementing this one. I use the Book, EnemyClass, CustomParam and now the ClassCurves (in this order in the plugin list load, also with VisuStella basics all before yours).

When I open the game I get the Error: Cannot read property 'initial' of undefined.

I debbug some code and I'm thinking that's because my I must fill the middle parameter (Minimum custom status for all classes), am I right?

But I already tried to put a list of all my customParams with value 0, but no success... Should I put the name ou the shortName from CustomParams? I tried both, but maybe I'm doing something else wrong too...

Thanks in advance!

Hi there!

When using Visustella, I always prefer that the user make my plugins work without the Visu plugins first, then install the Visu plugins after. Just for us to make sure is not a compatibility problem.

Also, make sure you are not trying to load a save game that previously do not have my plugins installed.

But, it seems to me, that the number of custom parameters you created, is not the same as the number of custom parameters set on the Class Curves. Take a look at the screenshots:

If you are using the Presets on the class curve, make sure they also have the same amount of custom parameters you created on the custom parameter plugin:

You don't need to fill in the name or short name on the class curves plugin parameters. They are being identified by their order.

Otherwise, when the error happens again, press F12 or F8, a browser will open. Go to the CONSOLE tab, and send me a screenshot of the error trace that will show there.

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Yeah!! It worked! Thank you Hakuen, for the fastest repply ever also!

But I might got stumble in another thing... now, when I try to change my class midgame, the XP curve vanishes, all XP to next level goes to 0. When I start the game with a Preset class, works fine... 

As far as understand, your plugin doesn't change de XP curve, does it?

Nice it worked! ^^

No, my plugin does not change the XP curve =/

Even if you mark the "Save EXP" box, it still set the exp to 0?

Or are you talking about, the character can't earn exp anymore, or all the next levels do not have any exp to go to one after another?

Did this also happen only with my plugins installed?

Ah! Nevermind... it was in fact one interference for another plugin I didn't expected, because when you change classes, the engine resets to lvl 0 then apply the xp again. There was another plugin dealing with level up function, hence the problem. Solved now! Thx!


Let me know about your project when you have a demo or something like that! ^^

Hi! This plugin sounds incredible - exactly what I was looking for. However, I keep getting this error (MV version) and it doesn't activate. This happens even when all other plugins are disabled/deleted.

Hi there!

You need to have my core plugin anywhere above it(Eli Book).

"Cannot read property 'clamp' of undefined"

this is the error I get.

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The passive is that if you aren't in a fight, the actors heal their resources over time. However, when I enable the plugin, it crashes. Because I haven't set a min value and a max value... but the state doesn't have one- why could that be? and if so where would I put it?

So, yeah I need help on how to fix this? is there something I'm missing? 

Hi there!

Let me ask/talk about some things:

  1. You need to tell me what plugin you are using, that uses those note tags.
  2. That crash has nothing to do with a minimum and max value from a state. I guess this also does not exist ^^''
  3. Send me the full screenshot of the console error.
  4. Send me a screenshot of your plugin list, from the plugin manager.
  5. From what I can see on the error, the problem seems to me that the code is unable to get the default/current value of the parameter from the actor class. So, I believe you have either a plugin conflicting or you didn't set up my Class Curve plugin right. Open the plugin parameters, and make sure you created the class parameters correctly.
  6. Make sure you are using my core plugin, Eli Book.
  7. Try changing the plugin order, put my class curve plugin below Yanfly(it seems to me you are using them because of the note tag).
  8. If you did everything above and it did not work, send me a sample project so I can take a look.

1.The plugin I am using that uses those notetags is

2. I assumed, therefore I do not know thank you for clarification.

3. 'this is the full screenshot'


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Suggestion for this plug-in: allow NEGATIVE numbers for level growth returns.  I noticed that stat growth is only positive on level ups - negative numbers seem to do nothing.


I will try to take a look at this. It seems simple to implement. But just for curiosity: Why do you want to put negative numbers?

The plugin has a lot of ways to prevent the character from gaining points when leveling up. The growth chance, or with the formulas inside the Min and Max parameters.


I always like more functionality than less. But, I have always had in the back of my mind an RPG where you are overpowered to start, and for magic reasons, as you level up, you get weaker and weaker. Behemoths at the beginning of the game, and you're struggling against Imps at the end. :P


Holy smokes this cleaned up my event coding so, so, so nice!  I actually danced when my character's level 25 averages matched my theoretical math!



hahaha!!! Thank you for the comment!

Also, I'm very happy that this really helps you! Really!! :D

I got this error message when i leveled up. I didnt change any of the Plugin parameters.

I got another error when opening the Menu, I think this might have incompatibility issues with VisuStella Plugins. 

As I can see on the error log, it doesn't seem to be an incompatibility issue with visustella. But I will update this plugin today, maybe you can try the new version.

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Its working now, Thanks for fixing it so quickly. I will post my thoughts once I've used the plugin enough. 

Glad it is working! Thanks ^^


Awesome plugin! Totally recommend! Great to use with their Custom Params as well!

Thank you!! Glad you liked it! ^^

Hello! Thanks a lot for the awesome plugin! :D

There's two things I would like to ask.
My first question is: Is this plugin compatible with VisuStella's Core Engine plugin? There's a function in VisuStella's plugin that lets us change the level cap of actors with notetags. In other words, with VS's plugin, actors can reach level 100 and above.

My second question is: With your plugin, would it be possible to add a level range to the stats that an actor gain? For exemple, if I want my actors to gain... let's say, 50 HP each time they level up from level 1 to lvl 25 then starting from level 51 to level 95, they gain between 10 and 25 HP and finally, from level 96 to level 255, my actors would gain 5 HP. Would it be possible to do that with your plugin? If it is, could you please help me out? Thanks a bunch!

Hi! Thanks for enjoying the plugin! ^^

I don't know if it will be compatible or not, I think you have to take a test. But you said that this other plugin changes the max level cap, right? My plugin really doesn’t mess with that, so it should be fine(at least by my side)!

And for your second question, yes it is possible! Because you can use formulas to determine how much a parameter will raise. So you can put inside the formula an if statement to check the current level of the actor. If it is less than 51, then raise something. Otherwise, raise something else.

If(this._level <= 51){ 50}else{Math.randomInt(15) + 10}

But hold on, that plugin is getting a lot of improvements. Hopefully, it will be released this week ^^

Thanks for the quick reply!

I see. Thanks for letting me know! If it works on your side, then it should work on mine too but like you suggested, I'll test it. If everything works well with VisuStella's plugin, I'll write it here.

Your formula is gonna be a huge help. I had a hunch that it would be doable with formulas but sadly, I really sock at making them. Haha

When you say "that plugin", did you mean yours? If you did, then I'll be looking forward to the update. I hope you'll be able to release it this week too! ✦.✦

Thanks a LOT for all your hard work and please, keep it up! Have a good day. :)

Yes, when I say "that plugin" I was talking about mine xD

Thank you! Have a good day too ^^

Sorry for bothering you again. I finally had a chance to try your plugin, but I encountered an error. :(
Every time an actor levels up, this message appears:

Cannot Read property 'Replace' of undefined

and this is the message that appears on the console:


Hi there!

Hold on because I have not updated it yet. ^^'' When I do I let you know. :)

Hi friend!

Any luck with the updated version?