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Check Eli_CheckPointWindow too! It's an extension that adds cool windows to show when autosaving/loading!


An autosave or checkpoint system is something that many games today use. 
This plugin makes this type of system possible in Rpg Maker Mv with some extra things.


    • Autosave / autoload
    • Autoload option after game over
    • Run a common event after autoload
    • It is not possible to save manually in the auto slot

How to use

Terms of use 5.0.0 and higher

Updated 25 days ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorHakuen Studio
Made withRPG Maker
Tagsasset, autosave, checkpoint, eliaquim, javascript, plugin, rmmz, RPG Maker, rpgmakermv, rpgmaker-mv-plugin
Average sessionA few seconds
LanguagesEnglish, Portuguese (Brazil)


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MZ - Check Point 5.0.3 2 kB
MV - Check Point 5.0.0 (UNSUPPORTED) 2 kB

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Might you help me :( ? 

 The plugin for some reason doesn't work when I call it by command or script. This creates an empty save file.

Hi there!

Let's try :)

  • You are using my core plugin(Eli_Book or EliMZ_Book) above this plugin?
  • Can you show me a screenshot of your plugin manager?
  • Can you show me a screenshot of your event command?

Thanks for reply, i am using EliMZ_Book


I will take a look. But I will only be able to after the IGMC contest.

I made some updates!

See if it is working now!

Thanks for fixing the plugin!
Thanks to your fix, the text is now displayed properly.
I am very grateful.

I am sorry if it is rude or inappropriate to you, since I use the online translation site.

Thank you for the wonderful plugin!
I am using "RPG Maker MV" in a Japanese environment.

After installing this plugin, the "Continue" screen displays the incorrect text "Save to which file?".
I want to display the text "Load which file?".
Can you repair it?


Thanks for reporting the issue! I have fixed it!

Please, download the new version: 1.4.1

Great edition, specially the 'Run a common event after auto-load' option, thanks.

Yes, this feature of common event is really useful for a lot of reasons! ^^