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Hi Hakuen!

I tried running the MZ demo (Hakuen Sample Project 01/24), but it says: TypeError str.replaceAll is not a function

(And I somehow couldn't open the console when pressing F8)

I tried turning off all plugins in the plugin manager, except EliMZ_book (5.4.15), and then tried running it again. Another error popped up: TypeError Cannot read property 'clamp' of undefined

Here is the console:

Is there any way to fix this?

Hi there!

Just to confirm, you got this error using my sample project, without making any changes? You just did what you said. Right?

Yes, I just did what I said

ok! Will take a look into it!

You must be doing something different. I tested it in two ways, and none of them got me into any errors:

1 - Downloaded the sample project opened it and hit playtest. No errors.

2 - Set all plugins to OFF on the plugin manager. Set EliMZ_Book to ON. Hit playtest, no errors.

You need to tell me exactly what you are doing so I can replicate the error and see what is the problem. I'm using RPG Maker MZ with the latest updates.


Where can I post a commission request with all the details about a plugin I would like to modify?

Hi there!

I guess my discord is the best place: 

  • hakuenstudio

I'm very new to this but I'm trying to get the party map settings plugin to work but every time i install and turn on the party map settings plugin, the game crashes as soon as I start a new game. The Eli_Book plugin on it's own doesn't seem to break anything though, only the party map settings. I made sure both were MV, not MZ, and that Eli_Book is installed on top. But i still get this:

Hi there!

Thanks for the explanation! The error is happening here:

This code is suppose to run when you have a "LeaderScript" note tag on an actor note. Can you see if you have any LeaderScript note tag on your actors database, and take a screenshot for me? I believe the error is on the formula inside this note tag.

Oh my god, that was the issue-- script calls and just any complicated script is really new to me and beyond my element. I literally did the full rpgmaker mv tutorials 2 days ago, and thought that making a character speed mechanic would be a simple first task on my own LOL. Anyways I did some googling and guessing, and found what I think is the leader script call that was supposed to go there, and it seems to have fixed the game crash issue.

Does this look right? Is there anything else I should do with that?

Your script is doing nothing. $gameParty.leader returns the function "body". It will not trigger an error, but it will do nothing.

  • <LeaderCEvent: ID> will also do nothing. You need to replace the ID with a number that represents a common event ID.

You only need to put the note tags you want to use. It's not mandatory to have them all on your actor note tag. You said you want to do a speed mechanic, why don't you use the common event for that? You can change the player's speed by using the movement route commands.

But, just a heads up for you(don't need to follow if you don't want to): If you just started with RPG Maker, forget about plugins. Go learn the engine first. When you feel confident that you have learned the engine defaults, move on to plugins. Almost all plugins are created for advanced users. So focus on the default of the engine: the event commands.

hi, i am also struggling with the only 'save' and 'exit' plugin, everytime i test it says 'eli manager is not defined' or something like that, i have the EliMZ book first and then the plugin, and it is not working, idk what to do

This plugin was made specifically for someone that request it on a forum thread. Is not an official plugin of mine.

Therefore, I'm not supporting it. I don't even have the code anymore.

Hey so i was looking for a way to only have a 'save' and 'exit' button on the menu and i found a thread and downloaded one of your plugins. I dowloaded the EliMZ book and added them both, however everytime i try to playtest is says the plugin manager isnt defined? not sure how to fix this

Hi there!

It can be a lot of reasons. Best if you send me the link to that thread. 

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Cannot read property 'createParameters' of undefined

how can i  fix it ? i already have EliMZ book 5.4.3 but still error

Hi there!

First, you need to make sure that you are using the proper plugin version for your rpg maker version.

  • EliMZ_ is for RPG MAKER MZ
  • Eli_ is for RPG Maker MV

This error usually happen because there is another eli plugin trying to parse his plugin parameters.

Also make sure all other Eli Plugins are below Eli Book.

ok thanks you~~~

The problem was solved?

yes I solved it☺️ 

Nice! Have fun!

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After some diagnosis, I found what was causing an issue that I encountered with the 5.x version of this plugin (at least on MV): If the plugin is compiled to binary (either by using the included nwjc tool or my own compiler), the JSON file in the script is either malformed or broken. This would crash the game.

Patching out the JSON file would fix this.

Hi there!

Thanks for letting me know! But I did not quite understand. The JSON file in the script? On my script?

Meaning, I need to do something in my way to fix this? If yes, can you guide me ?

Yep. The JSON file in the plugin.

At the moment, the only workaround is removing the JSON and replacing it with variables.

Can you show this JSON? I'm having trouble understanding this. I do not understand what you mean by "The JSON file in the plugin". 

 Inside my .js file?  Or perhaps you mean a template string  `my string ${here}`?

I didn't remember any JSON file inside my plugin code, but I take a look just in case, and I didn't find anything, including on the Bump and Anime frameworks that I put inside my plugin.

Looking at the plugin, lines 909 and 914 in Eli_Book.js cause the bug (in the initParameters() method).



I believe it must be some sort of error on the default value for the plugin parameters I put on the plugin. I will try to clean up it and lets you know!

Hello, I don't know if you still take a look here sometimes but, for some reason my RPG Maker MV says at start that Eli_Book isn't installed, for which I'm sure it is. I also use with it the MessageActions and ItemSounds.

Messages and Book are the ones that doesn't work, it's probably due to compatibility issue with some other Plugins but I still want to know more about that.

Hi there!

I believe it is because you are using the plugins for MZ on RPG Maker MV.

I have plugins for both MV and MZ:

  • Eli_PluginName = For RPG Maker MV
  • EliMZ_PluginName = For  RPG Maker MZ

I can see on your error screenshot, that you are using the EliMZ_MessageActions. And you should use the Eli_MessageActions instead.

I thought of that, so I tried to follow the link with MV (NOT WORKING0) or something similar, but it didn't work too. You know the old link under the MZ one.

Do you have a direct link of the updated MV plugin link for both the plugins?

Did you mean the link not worked? I'm managing to download it here just fine. 

Did you try this one, right?

Can you show to me a screenshot of your plugin manager?

Yes this one, I downloaded it but it simply didn't work.

I don't see Eli Book on your plugin manager. And I also see that you didn't understand one of my answers.

  • If you are using RPG MAKER MV, you need to use my plugins that only start with "Eli_".
  • The plugins that start with "EliMZ_" are made for RPG MAKER MZ.

On your plugin list, I can see only this plugins of mine, and still, it is the MZ version, not MV:

So please, install the MV version of my plugin on your project, and send me a screenshot of them again so I can check. 

All my plugins need the Eli Book to work properly.

Hello, I decided to test out the self variables plugin to see if it would work that way or not as mentioned in the other comment. But I had to update my eli book, but after updating, it shows Reference Error, anime is not defined. But when I switch back to the old eli book, it works normal again (ignoring that self variables wants me to update).


Hi there!

That error can happen if you are using a not updated version of some of my plugins. Probably, you are using another plugin of mine that relies on my Old Eli Book, which uses anime.js to make some animation movement.

If you update the Eli Book, you will probably need to update these plugins too. If you can show to me a screenshot of your plugin manager, listing all my plugins, I can tell to you what is that you need to update. Something like the below:

The disable effeseeker function appears to stop play animation on event from working.

Hi there!

That is the intended behavior, at least when you are trying to play the default MZ animations(effeseeker). When disabling this, only MV animations will play.

Or are you saying that even MV animations are not playing?

Ooh I don't know... I will test :)

But I think I was probably being stupid :D

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EDIT: For anybody reading this later, please see the rest of the thread. This behaviour is actually caused by a bug in vanilla RPG maker itself, as pointed out by Hakuen below. Thanks!

I was using EliMZ_Book.js (Version 5.3.0) in combination with EliMZ_Zoom.js and I found that your override of the reloadGame function in EliMZ_Book.js appears to cause a bug on reload (e.g. via the F5 button), where event sprites and pictures that were on the screen when the game was restarted don't appear at first after reload (They reappear if a menu is opened and closed, so I suspect pushing and popping a scene triggers some refresh that causes them to come back). This also occurs with the title screen image if F5 is pressed on the title screen, as an example.

Not sure of the root cause, but commenting out the following section of code (Lines 2180-2187 in the version I have) seems to be a workaround in my case, so I will work with that for now:

Alias.SceneManager_reloadGame = SceneManager.reloadGame

SceneManager.reloadGame = function() {

    if(Eli.Book.playtest().quickRestart && Utils.isNwjs()){





The bug occurs even if I include only EliMZ_Book.js.

Sorry I didn't spend time to debug to help locate the root cause. I may come back to it if I find time later.

Hope that is helpful to you.


Hi there!

Thanks so much for this feedback! But that problem of the sprites not loading does not come from my plugin. That is happening since the last RM MZ updates. You can find more detail on the link below:

About the reloadGame function, the thing is, by default, RM MZ will kinda close and reopen both the game window and the dev tools window when you press F5.

If you enable the quick restart plugin parameter, it will change that behavior to one that RM MV used, which is faster for debugging, because it does not close the game window.

If you do not want this feature, just set this parameter to false.

Let me know if I manage to help you with that answer! ^^

Hmmm... This is interesting and I will investigate further when I am back at my computer later. The thing is, it's only occurred for me so far when I had the plugin enabled, and I have failed to recreate it so far with the plugin disabled or when running vanilla rpg maker. I suppose I should check the section of code mentioned on the page you linked to see what it looks like in my project, and try hitting the refresh key a few times with the dev tools open and plugins turned off. Thanks!


Yes, if you try to replicate the instructions of the forum thread I sent to you, on a clean project, you will see the error happening.

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Yup, it looks like this is just a vanilla RPG maker problem. It happens if I keep opening the DevTools while refreshing, but I haven't seen it yet without opening the dev window. Strange bug. I thought it went away after I commented your code because, by coincidence, I must also have not had the dev window open when I tested at that time. Hope they fix it in future as it will make debugging somewhat frustrating at times. Maybe I should just go deeper myself and include an override of the method in question in my own code, if I can get around it that way. Thanks for your help!


i'm using "Eli's book" plugin and "Eli_Balloon Position" in combination with Alpha ABS made by KageDesu, i have an issue with "Eli's Book", when the plugin is ON and i'm trying to close the inventory by click the "X" button, i'm getting this error:

Hi there!

I will take a look at this when I can, but only after the IGMC(August 4th).

I believe it's an easy fix on my side, I guess it is just conflicting with the function names.


Thank you for your reply, i'm looking forward for the update.


Do you have time to look into this error!

Thank you,

Hi there!

See if that patch will work!!Ak26Cghab3NhhpFboF_uwEhj3pne1Q?e=7nBsAo

If not, try switching the plugin order on the plugin manager. Put mine above the Kagedesu plugin or above it etc. And let me know.

Hey there!

Have you checked the patch?


See you on discord.

Thank you,

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Found something bad. This core plugin and MV font manager conflict. I thought this was a core problem, but as a result of creating a vanilla project, I found out that your two plugins are conflicting. When I ran each one, there was no problem at all.

Hi there!

What conflict is happening? It triggers an error? Or simply nothing work?

Can you send me a screenshot of your plugin manager with both plugins installed(Eli Book and Eli Font Manager)?

If an error happens, press F12 and send me a screenshot of your console log.

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I’ve got a following error message. Failed to load resource: net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND 

Honestly, I can't get over the think that I'm using something wrong with this plugin. If something is wrong, please correct it. Sorry.

P.S. I had the same problem when with a ttf file other than gamefont.css. It cannot read the font.


There is nothing wrong with the plugin. You are setup it wrong.

First, ".css" is not a valid font format.

And the Font File must have the file extension.

The Font Face does not have file extension. It's just work like an ID to access the font inside game.

So, on Font File put: myFont.ttf

And on Font Face put: myFont

If still does not work, show me the error again and also a screenshot of your font folder.

sorry but not work... I don't know what happenned... same bug came out. 

Please, as I asked in my two previous comments:

  • Send me a screenshot of your plugin manager, showing me that you are using the Eli Book and Eli Font manager.
  • Send me a screenshot of your font folder so that I can take a look at your font files.

There is a compatibility issue with getspriteID and Visutella Furniture plugin mz

Hi there!

Thanks for the report! Can you show a screenshot of the error? When the error happens:

  • Press F12.
  • A browser window will open. 
  • Go to the CONSOLE tab.
  • Take a screenshot and send it to me.

Also, what is the version of EliMZ Book you are using?

And when exactly the error happens? When you use a plugin command?  Or when you start the game?

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I'm using 5.2.1 MZ and it does it when I hit start new game but when I turn off furniture it works

Hi there! Thanks for the screenshot! :D

So, put that little patch below the Eli Book plugin and see if it will work:!Ak26Cghab3Nhhf4C3X5zkyWOJjjeUw?e=RtB2Pp

If yes, then I will add it to the Eli Book. If not, show me the screenshot of the new error.

It appears to do the same error again, I appreciate you trying to find a fix even if I just need to give up on furniture if no fix can be done

Ops, my bad. Delete this last patch I have sent to you, replace the EliMZ book with this one, and see if it solves:!Ak26Cghab3Nhhf4DuOzWzWRxooe45Q?e=grUtsv

Hi Hakuen Studio, there appears to be a bug when trying to open up a shop scene through an NPC. I get the error 'setTextWrap' of  null. I'm using RPG Maker MV and have the latest updates. I've even turned OFF and ON the plugins I'm using but still no luck. It worked fine before but something seems off and I'm not sure what. Hmm.

Hi there!

Can you show me a screenshot of your plugin manager?

Also when the error happens, press F12 go to the console tab, and show a screenshot of the error.


Ok, I'll PM you on the RPG Maker web forums. 

When trying to use this, even by itself I get :


Cannot read property 'addChild' of undefined

Hi there!

What RPG Maker you are using? MV or MZ?

WHen the error happens, press F8 or F12 and go to the CONSOLE tab. Take a screenshot and send it here so I can take a look .

What version of the plugin you are using? 5.0.9?

Sorry for the lack of info. It's MZ and I'm using 5.09


The problem is that you are using Eli_Book for MV.

You need to use the EliMZ_Book, which is for MZ.

oof i'm an idiot, sorry and thanks

No need to be sorry! Have fun :D

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Oi! Baixei seu plugin no meu projeto, mas não está funcionando, eu faço como mostra o exemplo, mas não funciona. Estou usando o RMMZ. Baixei os arquivos corretamente. Baixei também o "Book", organizei da forma correta, mas não funciona, simplesmente nada acontece. Pode me ajudar?

Olá amigo!

Tu pode me mostrar um screenshot do seu Plugin Manager? Essa tela aqui:

Esse é o projeto principal, mas testei em outro projeto sem nenhum plugin e também não funcionou =(

Maybe I encountered a problem with version 5.0.6, an incompatibility?

the error occurs when i start a battle:

I also have version 4.1.8 and with this the error does not occur

hi there! I will make some tests with the mog test project.

But what is your version of the mog plugin?

They are up to date, from the Mog 3.8 demo

Hi there!

I uploaded a new version 5.0.7, I hope it fixes the issue!

But, I have to say, I tested on the Mog Sample project, and I didn't manage to trigger the issue.

I believe that maybe you downloaded the project from somewhere else, or Mog updated the project and forgot to change the version number. 

I'm saying that because I downloaded his project, and your plugin was not the same as the one in the sample project.

I know that because on your error log it says on the second line:

"at Spriteset_BattleHudBase.isAnimationPlaying" on line 2153

But, on that line, there is nothing but this "};"

So maybe you can try download that sample project again and updating your MOG plugins ^^

Anyway, hope it helps! :D

I have been testing with Dragonbones animated sprites in my MZ game and noticed that when the Pixel Perfect is enabled it causes the animations to become jerky and move the character frequently a small amount along the x and/or y axis. So far I have only noticed this on some pixel art but not others. I took one sprite and tested base size (48x48), 2x, 3x and 4x. Only the 3x glitched, and then I tested another 3x which also glitched. Just wanted to bring this up since I noticed it.


Must be something with the resize tool on lospec. If I instead use Dragonbones scale setting to set the size in RPG maker all the animations look perfect no matter what I do. That Pixel Perfect setting really is amazing. Exactly what I needed to maintain that perfect upscale. Now I just need to fix blurry fonts and remove the outlines...

Hi there!

Yeah, glad the scale settings of the Dragonboones worked for you! RPG Maker is strange sometimes, is best if you do everything from "inside him". If Dragoonbones has this option, go for it!

I think there are some plugins to fix the blur and remove the outline of the fonts. Try to search on the Sigma Succour spreadsheet. I tested some on MV a while ago, but it didn't fix my issue. I just manage to get a pixel-perfect font it using a Bitmap Font plugin, and by the way, I have one.

But I also know that someone else did other. It's on the  Sigma Succour spreadsheet too!

I found an error, the battle starts normal, but when I attack an enemy the game stops and shows an incompatibility problem with Mog_BattleHud version 1.0, and my EliMZ_Book version is 4.1.7<img src="">

Thanks for the report! I will take a look at this as soon as I can!

But first, did you try swapping the plugin positions to see if this solves the problem?

Yes, I tried to change the position but it still shows the same error

Hi there!

I try to make a fix with the new Book version. Please try now the 4.1.8.

But I have to say, I tested it with the Mog Sample project, with all his plugins, and I didn't manage to replicate the error. 

I see that you use the MOG Battle Hud 1.0. The sample project I tried, has version 1.1. So I believe it is best if you update your Mog plugins.

the 4.1.8 update solved it without needing to update the Mog plugin, you answered me very quickly, thank you

Nice to hear that!

Have fun! :D

After upgrade book to new version i got info: "EliPluginManager is undefined"

Hi there!

Are you using MV or MZ ? Either one, make sure you have the right Eli Book version for your RPG Maker version.

When the error pops up in RPG Maker, press F8 or F12(a window will pop up), go to the console tab, take a screenshot, and send it here for me to see the error.

I was using the correct version for MZ, it turned out that I had the old version of Eli_Max_Items and when I updated it the bug fixed.

Thank you :)

Nice!! :)

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Every time I use the plugin it says: this.animationSpritesMz

Could someone help me with this?

Edit: I figured out how to fix it, but I don't know if it interferes with something (I just deleted everything that had MZ)

Hi there!

Can you please tell me in what situation the error has been triggered?

Or send me a screenshot of the console log? (Press F12 or F8 when the error pops up and send a print of the console tab)

So with the new MZ update, which is 1.4.0, they brought back the Animation spritesheet system from MV to MZ. The default framerate was so slow tho so I tried the Book plugin but even with the parameter setting to 1, it still doesn't make any changes. :(

Hi there!

I didn't test the plugin with the new version 1.4.0. I will test it and see what I can do :)

Hi there!

I'm sorry, I didn't manage to replicate the issue. Both animations for MZ and MV seem to work just fine here, regardless of how the plugin parameters are set up. Can you try to explain to me a little bit more what is happening and when? Maybe with a sample project?

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So here is the animation. It runs fine with the Animation Framerate plugin in MV, which helped this animation goes in 60fps. I believe your plugin works the same? If it is supposed to do so, unfortunately, it doesn't work on my project. :(  As you can see, the animation playspeed is really slow.


I got it. i was taking more tests here and it seems that I just implemented more MV animation features, but in a way to replicate the MV style. And that parameter for Animation Playspeed is just for the flashes. I will have to take a look at this again to fix some things and maybe set this as a different plugin.
But, I think you can disable the MV animations on my Eli Book and instead use this plugin from Theo:

Deleted 2 years ago


What is broken? Can you explain me better?

O meu diz: Uncaught TypeError: this.animationSpritesMz is not iterable.

Alguma ideia do que fazer?


Quando que isso acontece? Tem como você enviar uma captura de tela do erro?

Quando o erro aparecer, aperta F12 ou F8 e manda uma captura de tela do console.

Fixed by myself, but if you want to check for future users, the plugins brokes with the MOG_BattleHud (MZ) when the game plays a MV animation. (even if that parameter is disabled)

TypeError: Cannot read property 'find' of undefined

what i did was remove those functions from the MOG plugin's js, but again, you MAY want to check because MOG plugins are used a lot.

ALSO: are you up to plugin commissions? i would like to see what are the prices and stuff.


Thanks for the report! I will check it out!! :D
Yes, I do plugin commissions! Talk to me on discord: Hakuen Studio#5661
or in any of my social media (You can find the links on the plugin help file)

I believe I have fixed this problem in this new version 4.1.3! Let me know ^^

I  can't get this to work i keep getting this error called

Cannot read property 'createParameters' of undefined

Hi there!

What version of the Eli book you are using?

Are you using MV or MZ engine? Becuase the plugin has two versions one for each engine.

It will also be helpful if you press f8 or f12 and send a screenshot of the console log.

I'm having an issue where when I try to do something an error pops up with "cannot read 'note' undefined" or something a long those lines. I highly doubt this will be seen though because it seems to be a plugin that isn't updated too often

Hi there!

Well, this is too little information for me to be able to find a fix. When the error pops up again, press F8 or F12 and send me a screenshot of the console tab. Then we can track down the error ^^

Looking back on here I see that it's an incompatibility with GALV's event spawner (this only happens when I try to spawn an event into a map) I've already contacted the developer for that plugin and they don't know how to solve this (for some reason Spawning an event using this plug in wants to call the init command in Eli's book)


I will give it a try to fix this compatibility. I let you know if I manage it!
But please, can you send me the order you put the plugins in your plugin manager? Like, The galv one is above or below mine?

the order doesn't actually matter, I did some testing in another project. It seemed to only error out when the "spawn event" command was used in the event spawner

I put a patch on my plugin. At least here is working, see if it will work for you. Version 2.3.1.

I downloaded and I can see the current version 1.7, not the new one


I just forgot to update the version number. But did you made the test and see if it's working?

No, it's not working, you need to update.

ok! I will try another thing!

Hi there!

I tested with the mog chrono engine demo, and it seems everything is working.

Put my plugin above and below the mog plugins, and everything work so far.

Please download the 1.8 version

It's working now, thank you so much, I will put your name in my project.

Thank you! Glad it work! 

Good luck with your project ^^

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I have a problem about this plugin, I want to use Mog's Chrono Engine, but It shows me error messages. Here is my image

Thanks for the reply! I will take a look :)

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Hey there!

Can you download the plugin again and give it a try?

I'm trying to use this plugin with Mog's Chrono Engine and other related plugins. But the error message keeps coming up. Any idea on how to get past that.

Hi there!

Sorry fr being late. You have to send me a screenshot of the error. When it happens press f8 or f12 and take a screenshot and send to me :)

Solved the issue myself so don't worry about it.